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How does Alibaba work? is the largest online wholesale marketplace all over the world when it comes to global trade. It is a professional B2B e-commerce platform which enables the Small-middle size business to find their suppliers on Alibaba directly.

How does Alibaba make profit?

Alibaba doesn't charge any commission fees like Amazon, the main source of yields is from the membership the suppliers pay for. There 2 types of it.
• First: Gold Supplier, basically the supplies have to pay 4500 USD/year.
• Second: Verified supplier, for this one, it charges 10000 USD/year, while it actually means more exposures and opportunities

Check the following charts we draw for you to make the distinctions of the main difference between the Gold supplier and the Verified supplier

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Step 1: Find suppliers - Tricks you need to know about suppliers

As we might know that, the most essential part when we find suppliers is the reliability of them. Good ones will undoubtedly increase your sales by steering you toward hot-selling items. Here in Alibaba, you have to be extremely careful about suppliers as well. This is a platform for international trading, but not like Amazon or AliExpress. When you purchasing from Alibaba, you have to buy large quantities and the suppliers don't have inventories, they will start to produce once you order. Furthermore, there are quite a lot of small tricks of suppliers that you would better avoid. So you might make good research about the suppliers before everything gets started. Now you could get some heads up from us.

What are the 3 types of suppliers on Amazon?

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How to search for suppliers?

Now that you have known about various suppliers, and made up your mind, go the next step: Search for suppliers with us, and we can introduce you to more tricks you must keep in mind.

Docshipper Tip : When you start to search products instead of according to the supplier, don't be cheated by the price tag it shows on the website. Alibaba is a rather competitive platform, that's just how the suppliers attract your attention, not a real price! If you have any other questions regarding finding suppliers or not clear about the above-mentioned steps, contact our professional teams for your assistance.

Step 2: Contact with suppliers - How to avoid scams when purchasing?

Now you might have already compiled your own lists of suppliers with possibilities to work with. You probably prepare to ask for the quotes and compare the prices, might check the available discounts or others. But don't just consider the terms! Investigate your prospective suppliers. DO MORE IN ADVANCE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN SMOOTHLY IN THE FUTURE!

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Step 3: Check samples - What matters most before you accept a quotation?

Now you have already checked all the certificates and started to focus on only a few suppliers who meet those criteria. Here comes the most important part of your business.


After the pictures, you might realize what we are talking about here, right, get a sample of your products! And make sure it's the same when you get in bulks. Here is the first option for you, you can demand the supplier to send you a sample by express, costing around $30 and 3 days. At least let them record a video for you. All in all, never judge the quality from the Sample Picture!

Step 4: Confirm the quotation - How does payment work in Alibaba?

What should the quotation include?

Once you get in contact with your suppliers, remember to check and confirm with him that the quotation he gives you including the Price of each; Quantity of the orders; Cost of a package of the product; Shipping cost. Make sure about every small step so that your business gets better.

How place order works in Alibaba?

If you have finished what has been mentioned above, now you need to know how the rules for payment works in Alibaba. Normally, when you place your order (make sure it's an acceptance of trade assurance supplier), you have to pay 30% of deposit in advance, then the 70% balance when this order has been completed.
Alibaba allows cards issued by Visa and MasterCard: debit cards or credit cards. However, you have to make a business which surpasses $50,000 when you pay through credit card.

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Step 5: Shipment - How to make it goes smoothly?

Here comes the last part of your purchasing, after your payment, you can start focusing on the shipment. Basically you have 3 types of shipment:

DocShipper Advice : Shipment plays a most essential part of your business. You have to know enough about the shipping rules that how your country regulates. And if your products are fragile or breakable, you have to make sure that they are taken really good care of during the whole shipment. You really should choose a professional company offering logistics service and having various experiences. We provide you Sea Freight, Airfreight as well as Railway Freight, and we are familiar with customs clearance and other documents you need to prepare, you should handle your business and let us handle your shipment.

How to manage your supplier successfully?

Congratulations! You've already understood the whole progress about buying on Alibaba and you can start on it. Here is the last suggestion for you: Manage your suppliers successfully! Are you aware that how important the supplier is in your whole operation of the business? The quality of their products will influence your customer's satisfaction and in the meantime decrease the number of returns, both of which finally add cash to your bank account. Their timely deliveries directly demonstrate your credibility to your customers. They can give you the most competitive price based on quality, reliability so that you will win in your fields.

If you can not find a very reliable supplier by yourself, or you are still afraid of scams you will most probably meet, or you are not familiar with all those etiquettes and cultural difference with people from another country, come to us, here we have staffs of Native French speaker/Native English speaker/ Native Chinese Speaker who can teach you about cooperation with them and even haggling over prices. We can provide our assistance in the case when any of the processes go wrong. We have already assisted tons of customers to find the most suitable supplier for their business, Docshipper will always offer you the best possible solutions for what you need. Find our sourcing service: Docshipper sourcing.

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