Top 50 Sellers on Amazon in January 2021

Top 50 Sellers on Amazon in January 2021

50 Top Best Sellers of January 2021

50 Top bestsellers on Amazon is a series of articles which Sourcing Docshipper publishes to introduce the top 50 products of the month. These articles can benefit both sellers and purchasers at the same time. If you are a seller, by following this series of articles you will be informed about those trending products on the Amazon platform and you can start competing with other sellers and may get good fortune by selling those products.

On the other hand, if you are a purchaser, by reading and following this series of articles you will be informed about the best sellers on the platform. And the advantage of knowing the best sellers on the e-commerce platforms such as Amazon is the fact that these products are the best product also for customers. And most of the time that's one of the reasons a product becomes the best-seller.

In this article for the first month of the year January 2021, we present you the top 50 best sellers in the categories of Automotive, Computer & Accessories last but not least Camera & Photo during the month of January 2021.



Top Automotive best sellers on Amazon

The first category of the top 50 sellers on Amazon is the Automotive category with 20 products under four subcategories and they are as follow.

Top Care Care best sellers on Amazon

The five Car Care best sellers on Amazon for January 2021 are as follow:


Product Name: Car Vacuum Cleaner This Worx for

Product Description: A portable car vacuum cleaner that is easy to carry and clean your car. It's high power corded with 16-foot cable 12V.

Price range: From $34.99


Product name : UV protection Gold Eagle C. 

Product Description : This product helps your car look newyer and stay cleaner and longer. It prevents fading, discoloration and cracking from harmful UV rays.

Price range : From $14.75


Product name : Windshield Cleaner X XINDELL

Product Description : This product can help you clean easily the interior and exterior of your windshield. It has been made with the extra extension to help you reach all the parts of your car's window. It can remove fog and moisture without lifting any scratch on your shield.

Price range : From $12.59


Product name : Cleaning Gel for Car Ticrave

Product Description : This is a unique product for cleaning the nooks and crannies in the car. It can remove dust and pet hair from gaps and cavities in the car easily.

Price range : From $8.39


Product name : Igloo Ice Makers

Product Description : It's a good spray that can clean your car very easily. It avoids sleet, snow, ice, bugs, and road spray from your car's glass.


Price range : From $10.99

Top Exterior Accessories best sellers on Amazon

The top 5 sellers on Amazon in the subcategory of Exterior Accessories for the Jan 2021 are as follow:


Product Name: Blind Spot Mirror Ampper 

Product Description: Blind spot mirror helps give you a wide angle view in the car and eliminates the blind spot. It's a very important piece on your mirror and can prevent fall off from the side mirror. The size of this mirror is 48 mm*48 mm and it's easy to install and costs less.

Price range: From $7.97


Product name : Tire Chian Security Chian. 

Product Description : The product is adaptable for cars, pickups, and SUVs and easy to install without moving your car. The security chain is compatible with anti-lock, traction control, all-wheel drive, and other electronic systems.

Price range : From $33.85


Product name : Snow brush SUPERJAR

Product Description : The product can clean up the snow and clear the water on the car. It's very effective in cleaning the snow and in the meantime, it's soft so it won't scratch your car.

Price range : From $25.86


Product name : Truck Mount Rack Allen Sports

Product Description : The default design is compatible with sedans, hatchbacks, minivans and SUVs however, you can contact the manufacturer about other vehicles. It's the best tool to carry your bicycles safely and securely. It can carry up to 70 pounds packaging and it can be installed easily.

Price range : From $39.83


Product name : Car Cover Kayme 

Product Description : Kayme car cover is a waterproof cover made of cotton which is specific designs based on your car model. It has got 6pcs reflective stripes to make your car visible during the night. it's mirror pockets make it more suitable it has also got door zipper on the left to provide easy access.

Price range : From $10.99

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Top Interior Accessories best sellers on Amazon

In this subcategory, we talk about 5 best sellers on Amazon for the month of January of 2021.


Product Name: Baby Car Mirror SHYNERK 

Product Description: This product makes your driving safe and comfortable as it allows you to watch your baby in the backseat of your car easily. It's easy to install and use and it fits with any model of car. The mirror is designed with shatterproof, made from Acrylic Safety Glass, covered by a black plastic frame to guaranty your baby's safety in the case of accidents.

Price range: From $16.99


Product name : Windshield Sun Shade EcouNour  

Product Description : Windshield Sun Shade EcouNour Company helps your stay cool and the product is compatible with the various types of cars. In case the standard windshield sunshade doesn't fit your vehicle you can contact the manufacturers to get other 5 custom size sunshades which are Classic, Standard, Large, and XL.

Price range : From $14.96


Product name : Steering Wheel Cover CHULIAN 

Product Description : Steering wheel cover crafted with diamond and PU Leather. They are mainly for girls and women and can fit most vehicles with a steering wheel 37-38 cm/14.15 inch in Diameters. The product can be installed easily and it's a perfect gift for women and girls.

Price range : From $15.99


Product name : Cleaning Gel for Car Ticrave

Product Description : The disk can be attached to your vehicle's steering wheel and you put your laptop, tablet, or your meal on it. It's very light to carry but enough strong to support your laptop or meal on it. It can be installed very easily and the lightweight of the product allows you to store it easily in the back of your car. The size of product is 28cm*2cm/11 inch*16.5inch*0.79inch.

Price range : From $14.99


Product name : Car Garbage Can KMMOTORS 

Product Description : KMMOTORS car garbage can keeps your car clean and tidy and it has big capacity to store your garbage.  You can place it anywhere in the car and it's compatible with any car model. It's a multifunctional product since you can use the can not only for storing garbage but also for storing toys, drinks, or even your documents.

Price range : From $9.99

Top Performance Parts & Accessories best sellers on Amazon

There are five best sellers on Amazon in the subcategory of Cars performance parts for the month of January 2021. 


Product Name: Exhaust Heat Wrap DESIGN ENGINEERING 

Product Description: The exhaust heat wrap is made out of Titanium and it's a very strong product. It can withstand 1800 degrees Fahrenheit heat and 2500 degrees of intermittent heat. It boosts increased flow for better performance and decreases temperature and vibration breakdown.


Price range: From $14.95


Product name : Oil filter K&N 

Product Description : The perfect product that helps your engine have a consistent flow of oil. The product has passed through extensive laboratory tests to ensure its efficiency in filtering harmful contaminants. The manufacturer gives you one year of warranty for the products.


Price range : From $5.53


Product name : RedTop Starting Battery OPTIMA

Product Description : Optima Batteries 8020-16435 RedTop Starting Battery is one of the top best sellers of January the year 2021 in the Automotive category. It's a 12-Volt, 720 Cold Cranking Amps which measures 9.38*7.69*6.75 inches and weighs 31.7 pounds. It's the perfect battery for starting a car even in bad weather.


Price range : From $199.99


Product name : Air Filter Cleaner and Degreaser K&N

Product Description : K&N air filter cleaner and degreaser is a perfect product that cleans oils and greases on the oil filter and makes the filter new again.


Price range : From $30.94


Product name : NGK Spark Plug 

Product Description : NGK 7090 spark plug has got 4.7 stars in the customer review which indicates a high rate of customer satisfaction. Don't forget to check warranty and support issues with the manufacturer.

Price range : From $6.94

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Top Camera & Photo best sellers on Amazon

The second category of the top 50 sellers on Amazon is taken by Camera & Photo category with 20 products under four subcategories and they are as follow.

Top Camera & Accessories best sellers on Amazon

The five best sellers in Camera & Accessories subcategory for January 2021 are as follow:


Product Name: HDMI Amazon Basics 

Product Description: A practical HDMI High Speed 4K 6 feet male to male cable that can support Ethernet, 3D, 4K video and ARC is offered by Amazon Basics. It can connect Blu-ray players, Fire TV, Apple TV, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Computers and other devices equipped with HDMI.


Price range: From $8.19


Product name : SanDisk 64GB Memory Card  

Product Description : SanDisk is one of the leading companies when it comes to memory cards. SanDisk memory cards start from 16 GB to 512GB with this big capacity it allows you to store more photos and record 4k videos. This memory card is also fast in transferring data as it transfers up to 100mb/s and you can transfer 1k photo in a minute.


Price range : From $12.49


Product name : Tripod UBeesize 

Product Description : A perfect phone tripod from UBeesize company accompanied with a remote control and compatible with several smartphones such as IPhone 7 plus, IPhone XR, IPhone XS Max, GoPro and other similar smartphones. The product was upgraded in 2019 to become 80% stronger and durable than its previous version.

Price range : From $13.99


Product name : CR2025 Battery Energizer 

Product Description : Energizer 2025 battery is compatible with heart remote monitors, remotes, keyless entry systems, Glucose monitors devices and more. It can store the power up to 10 years and you can use your devices that are abandoned for many years if they are equipped with this battery. It weighs 6 grams and it has 0.18*1.75*3.5 inches dimensions.


Price range : From $25.99


Product name : 256 GB EVO memory card SAMSUNG 

Product Description : This Samsung memory card with 256 GB capacity can transfer 100mb/s data. It can be used for high res photos, gaming, music, tablets, laptops, cameras, drones, smartphones such as S20 5G, S20+ 5g, S20 Ultra 5G, S10, S10+, S10e, S9 , S9+ and other android devices.

Price range : From $32.99

Top Binoculars & Scopes best sellers on Amazon

The  five best sellers in Binoculars & Scopes subcategory for January 2021 are as follow:



Product Description: This is a perfect camcorder for youtubers since it can record full HD 1080p video and 24MP photo. Meanwhile this product is very light which makes it easier to carry anywhere you go. It has a remote control and external microphone and it can record videos in great quality even in the dark places.


Price range: From $69.99


Product name : Camcorder Kickteck 

Product Description : This digital video recorder shoots full HD video and 24mp images. It can function as webcam video camera. One of the good functionality of this digital camera is its recording while charging characteristic. This digital camera comes with two batteries and each can long for 60 to 90 minute and you can record even while charging.

Price range : From $54.39


Product name : 4K video Camera Lincom Tech

Product Description : This camcorder is also equipped with two batteries and supports charging while recording. It shoots 4k Ultra HD videos and 48MP images. It can be connected to WIFI and it has a remote control.

Price range : From $139.99


Product name : Video Camera Kimire

Product Description : It's a perfect camera for shooting pictures and sharing them on Youtube. It's a multifunction camera and it be used as web came camera if you connect it to a computer. This camera also supports charging while recording.


Price range : From $63.99


Product name : Camcorder Aasonida 

Product Description : Aasonida Camcorder is upgraded with newest chip and it can shoot 1080p/30fps video and 24mp photos. It's equipped with advanced high sensitive CMOS sensor and presents clear and stable photos even in the dark situations.

Price range : From $89.99

Top Scopes & accessories best sellers on Amazon

The  five best sellers in Scopes & accessories subcategory for January 2021 are as follow:


Product Name: Kids Telescope GSKYER

Product Description: Equipped with quality optics 400mm(f/5.7) focal length and 70 mm aperture is qualified as the best telescope for atomic enthusiasts.  It has an adjustable tripod that can stand in different viewing positions. The telescope has a remote control and can adapt with  phone. For providing better customer services the manufacturer provide lifetime maintenance.


Price range: From $99.99


Product name : Ear Wax Removal ANYKIT  

Product Description : Ear wax removal by Anykit is a perfect tool for locating and removing wax from ears. It's compatible with Android, MacBook, Windows PC except for IPhone and IPAD. It can take clear page and record video and it's safe and comfortable to use.


Price range : From $39.09


Product name : Pocket Microscope CARSON 

Product Description : It's a light and portable microscope which makes it very practical. It includes 4 units of the MicroBrite plus 60*-120*. The manufacturer offers purchasers Carson's limited lifetime warranty.

Price range : From $19.51


Product name : Ear Wax removal endoscope Highdas 

Product Description : This endoscope by Highdas has a 1080p FHD camera which helps you locate wax in the ear accurately and remove it safely. The product is very light to carry, easy to use and it can light up your ear without hurting thanks to it's constant temperature system.



Price range : From $41.99

Product name : Binoculars 12*25  OCCER 

Product Description : This binoculars produced by Occer is the ideal product for bird watching, outdoor hunting, travel and sightseeing. It provides you with clear low light vision and it's waterproof. It can be a perfect gift on Father's day and Children's day.

Price range : From $35.99

Top Lenses best sellers on Amazon

The  five best sellers in Lenses subcategory for January 2021 are as follow:


Product Name: 52MM 0.43 lens Aultra Photo 

Product Description: This Altura photo professional HD wide angle lens is compatible with Sony, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Fuji. Make sure the size and compatibility of the lens with your camera before purchasing.


Price range: From $34.99


Product name : RF50mm F1.8 STM CANON 

Product Description :  Compact and light to carry lens with fixed 50mm length. It has got large F/1.8 aperture for capturing in low-light and stepping motor that help the lens have smooth and quite AF during recording video and taking photo.

Price range : From $199.09


Product name : EFS24mm lens CANON 

Product Description : This lens is compatible with Canon EF-S, make sure the lens fits by entering your model number. It is the slimmest and lightest lens in the EF S series. The product is compatible to all non full frame Canon EOS digital SLRs.

Price range : From $128.88


Product name : AF-S 50mm f/1.8G lens Nikon 

Product Description : This lens produced by Nikon has focal length of 50 mm and minimum focus distance of 1.48 feet. It's upgraded with aspherical lens element and special Nikon silent wave motor and it's not zoomable.



Price range : From $168.00


Product name : EF/EFs*20 lens FOTODIOX

Product Description : This lens doubles the focal length of a canon EF however, it is not compatible with all EF cameras. It has auto focus, auto iris and image stabilization. However, auto focus does not function well in low light places.

Price range : From $139.00

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Top Computer & Accessories best sellers on Amazon

The third category of the top 50 sellers on Amazon is taken by Computers & Accessories with 10 products under two subcategories and they are as follow.

Top Laptops best sellers on Amazon

In this subcategory, we present the five laptops best sellers on Amazon for January 2021.


Product Name: Aspire 5 Slim Laptop ACER 

Product Description: Aspire 5 slim laptop from Acer brand has got 15.6 inches full HD IPS screen, $GB RAM, and 128 GB storage. The laptop supports maximum power supply wattage of 66 watts. Windows 10 operating system is installed on this laptop.


Price range: From $349.99


Product name : MacBook Air latest model Apple

Product Description :  New Apple MackBook Air comes with M1 Chip 8 GB RAM and 256/512 SSD Storage. The operating system functioning on this model is also Mac OS and it has got 13.3 inches display size.

Price range : From $1129.09


Product name : Laptop L2010 ASUS 

Product Description : This laptop is way cheaper than other laptops with the same characteristics. It has got 11.6 HD display, Intel Celeron N2020 processor, 4GB RAM, 64 GB Storage, and Windows 10 as its operating system.

Price range : From $240.00


Product name : Flex 5 14 laptop Lenovo 

Product Description : This laptop from Lenovo brand has a 14.0 Full HD touch display, 16 GB RAM, and 256GB hard desk storage. The product is thin, light, stylish and it weighs only 3.64 pounds. The operating system installed on this laptop is windows and its battery can last up to 10 hours.



Price range : From $699.00


Product name : 15 Laptop HP 

Product Description : This laptop is from the HP brand and it has got 15.6 Full HD display and 11th Gen Intel Core i5 processor. Its hard desk has 256 GB of storage and the Windows operating system is working on this laptop.

Price range : From Un available


Top Tablets best sellers on Amazon

The  five best sellers in Tablets subcategory for January 2021 are as follow:


Product Name: Fire 7 tablet Amazon  

Product Description: This table from the Amazon brand is available in 16GB/32GB storage capacity and can be added up to 512 GB microSD. It has got a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor and it's battery supports 7 hours of reading, browsing, and watching the video.


Price range: From $unavailable


Product name : Ipad 8th Generation Apple 

Product Description :  The new Apple iPad 8th generation is in 10.2-inch screen and it's the latest iPad model. It comes in 32GB and 128GB space storage and gold, silver, and space gray colors. The product has 8MP back camera and 1.2 Face Time HD front camera with a stereo speaker.

Price range : From $unavailable



Product name : Fire HD 8 Kids Amazon  

Product Description : This tablet is the kids version with HD display and 32 GB digital storage space. It comes in blu, Blue, Pink, Blue pink, Purple, and blue-purple colors. It has two years of guarantee and the manufacturer replace you with a new one if the product breaks down.

Price range: From $unabailable


Product name : Galaxy Tab A 8.0 SAMSUNG  

Product Description : This tablet from the Samsung brand has 8 inches of screen and 32 GB of space storage. You can read, browse and watch videos for up to 13 hours on this table. You can expand the storage of this tablet with a Micro SD card for up to 512 GB.



Price range : From $149.99


Product name : iPad Air 4th Generation Apple  

Product Description : This iPad is the latest model of the 4th generation with 10.9 inches screen and 64GB/256GB digital space storage. It has 12MP back camera and 7MP Face Time HD front camera and equipped with touch ID. The iPad is available in Silver, Space Gray, Rose Gold, Green and sky blue colors.

Price range: From Unavailable


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