News international trade march 2021

International trade March 2021 News [Procurement – Logistics – Compliance]

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International trade February 2021 News [Procurement - Logistics - Compliance]

International trade February 2021 News [Procurement – Logistics – Compliance]

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Best ways to find a good supplier on Aliexpress

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The Amazon Efficient Sourcing/selling Strategy

The simple strategy of finding a product that has a good sell on Amazon, and ordering a generic version of it from China with your own label is the common and hot strategy nowadays on Amazon. This might look very simple and you might find lots of people following this strategy.

However, the number of sellers on Amazon following this strategy is to decrease. And they are not getting the good fortune which was promised by training courses, because this might not be the best strategy for a long-term business.

Considering the fact that there is a very intense competition between Amazon sellers finding a good product that has a well sell on Amazon is really difficult. Although there is another sourcing strategy that does not depends on importing neither on find the perfect product and it’s not easy for others to compete against you. If you would like to find about more about it, stay tuned.

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what is the procurement process

What is the procurement process?

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how to find the best supplier

How to find the best supplier?

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how to import e scooter China

How to find the best Electric Scooter supplier in china?

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