Who are we ?

DocShipper Sourcing is a company initially launched in Asia: China, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam ... Today, we cover more than 40 countries around the world. DocShipper was originally what is called an "international freight forwarder". As our activities progressed, we set ourselves apart from traditional logistics companies, indeed we are very far from it. Our team is breaking the codes of a multi-billion dollar industry! DocShipper was founded with a clear objective and mission which is to "redefine international logistics for SMEs and individuals". We decided to "shake up" the logistics and supply industry and set "new standards" based on technology and dedicated customer service.

DOC Shipper logo

Tailor-made service

Our experts assist you on all operations: sample, production, quality control, upgrading to standards and international logistics

Guarantee your purchases

Avoid scams, false suppliers, defective products, license problems and other common disputes ... Your purchases, our responsibility!

French quality

Information gathering, organization, negotiation, first order, it's all made under french (professional) process!

No hidden fees

No surprise from purchase to delivery. Fully control your budget to finally maximize your margin during the sale!

Asian network

Access a supplier network (verified) in all Asian countries: China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia ...

Our partners