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Are you thinking of opening your own sports equipment store, launching your own exclusive brand, or making considerable savings by buying direct from the factories? Trust DocShipper to guide you every step of the way.

Service d'approvisionnement équipement sport et fitness

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Are you in the sports and fitness industry and looking to get ahead in an increasingly competitive market? Imagine having access to innovative, high-quality equipment that your local competitors simply can't match. All at unbeatable prices, thanks to direct sourcing from specialist factories around the world. From the search for the ideal supplier to delivery to your warehouse, and rigorous quality control, DocShipper manages everything for you. Forget costly middlemen and low margins; with us, you have access to an optimized supply chain, from design to delivery.

Is this you? You've come to the right place


You're thinking of setting up your own gym or upgrading your existing equipment.


You want to set up your own online sports and fitness store and are looking to buy quality equipment directly from the factory?

Wholesaler & Retailer

You sell sports equipments and want to expand your offer while optimizing your margins.

Procurement manager

You are in charge of procurement for a chain of specialized sports and fitness retail outlets.

Facing specific challenges? We have specific solutions.

We'll take care of everything, so you don't have to lift a finger.

Assessing your project needs

Before diving into the technical details, our first step is to understand your specific exercice and fitness machines and accessories requirements (such as type of equipment, materials, quantity needed, your budget, etc.).

Shortlisting potential suppliers

Once we have clearly defined your needs, we mobilize our network of specialist sports and fitness equipment suppliers to offer you a personalized selection.

Negotiating and sending samples

Once we've identified potential manufacturers, we handle negotiations on your behalf to secure the best possible terms and conditions. In addition, we coordinate the shipment of samples for you to see and test with your own eyes.

Manufacturing and order tracking

Once samples have been approved, we supervise production to ensure conformity and quality. We keep a close watch on orders to meet your deadlines and product specifications.

Quality control and compliance

Quality is of the utmost importance, especially in the sports and fitness industry where the safety and durability of equipment are crucial. That's why we carry out rigorous quality controls to ensure that all the manufacturer's sports equipment complies with current standards and regulations.

International shipping

The last and most important stage involves managing international transport and customs formalities. We take care of the entire logistics process, so you can be sure of trouble-free delivery.

We help you source...


Weight training requires specific equipment that is both robust and safe. By sourcing directly from manufacturers, you'll not only have access to quality equipment, but you'll also be able to customize it to suit your needs, at costs well below those on the local market.

 Olympic Bars and Short Bars
 Weightlifting Gloves and Hooks
 Dumbbells and Racks
 Weight Benches
 Pulling Accessories
 Strength Training Machines

Approvisionnement matériel de musculation
Approvisionnement matériel de fitness


Furnishing a gym or fitness store goes beyond dumbbells and treadmills. It's about offering items that meet the specific needs of your clientele. From workout accessories to modern gadgets, we'll find you suppliers who offer a wide range of options to help you personalize your offering while benefiting from attractive pricing.

 Resistance and Elastic Bands
 Yoga and Exercise Mats
 Water Bottles and Flasks
 Sports Bags

 Wrist Protectors and Lumbar Belts
 Balance Wheels and Balls
 Fitness Accessories


In a market saturated with similar offerings, standing out is crucial. Whether you're looking to resell high-quality sportswear as-is or create a customized range, our extensive supplier network offers varied options tailored to your needs. You'll gain access to a broad range of products, from t-shirts to accessories, all while benefiting from competitive costs due to direct factory sourcing.

 Men's and Women's Sports T-shirts
 Leggings and Sports Pants
 Sports Bras and Training Tops
 Swimwear and Bikinis
 Women's Fitness Apparel
 Fitness Accessories

Approvisionnement vêtements de sport


Whether it's boxing, yoga, or any other sport, each discipline has its own equipment requirements. With our assistance, you can find suppliers offering customizable options for niche equipment. This will allow you to stand out while providing items that perfectly match the needs of your target market.

 Gloves and protections for boxing
 Target and striking equipment
 Wrestling equipment and training dummies
 Balls and reaction objects

Martial Arts Equipment
Specialized Training Mats and Surfaces
Nets and Equipment for Racket Sports
Roller Skates

Create your own brand
of gym and fitness equipment

With DocShipper, creating your own line of sports and fitness equipment is a breeze. We connect you with reliable manufacturers who can provide white-label products. From negotiation to delivery, we take care of everything to ensure you quality and profitability.

  • Supplier Search: Identification of partners that meet your quality and cost criteria.
  • Negotiation: We advocate for your interests to guarantee you the best terms.
  • Design: Coordination with manufacturers to customize products according to your brand.
  • Samples: Quality validation before mass production.
  • Production Quality Control: Close monitoring to ensure compliance and quality.

Thanks to our expertise and well-placed supply networks in Asia and Eastern Europe, you can offer your clients high-quality products at unbeatable prices.

Marque privée pour produits de construction et BTP
Fabriquer nouveau produit BTP

Bring your fitness product to life

With an innovative idea for sports or fitness equipment, turn your vision into a marketable product with our assistance. We guide you from concept to production, maximizing your profitability at every stage.

  • Design: Work closely with our team of experts to refine your concept.
  • Supplier Search: We identify manufacturers best suited for your unique project.
  • Negotiation: We work to get the most competitive rates, thus maximizing your profitability.
  • Samples: Before moving on to mass production, receive samples to approve the final product.
  • Quality Control: We ensure rigorous quality monitoring throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Customization: Apply your logo and customize the packaging to make these products an extension of your brand.
  • Global Delivery: We handle all logistics to ship your products worldwide.

Turn your ideas into market-leading products, backed by our expertise every step of the way.

A network of 5,000 verified manufacturers
In Over 20 Countries

  • Treadmills
  • Dumbbells and Kettlebells
  • Men's and Women's Sportswear
  • Yoga Equipment
  • Boxing Equipment
  • Water Bottles and Shakers
  • Resistance Bands and Accessories
  • Fitness Gloves and Supports
  • Balls and Rehabilitation Accessories
  • Sports Bags
  • Protective Equipment
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