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Are you planning to open your own toy store, launch an exclusive range of entertainment products, or make significant savings by sourcing directly from manufacturers? Trust DocShipper to guide you through every step of international sourcing.

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Stop paying 3x more for the same products!

Create your own toy brand

Standard-compliant products

Skip the distributor markup. Buy straight from the source.

Looking for an extra edge in an increasingly competitive market? Offer trendy, high-quality toys and playthings that your local competitors simply can't match. And all at extremely competitive prices, thanks to sourcing directly from the factories that specialize in these products. From selecting the ideal supplier to rigorous quality control and delivery to your premises, DocShipper takes care of everything for you. Forget costly middlemen and low margins: with us, you benefit from a supply chain optimized for your profitability.

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You're thinking of launching an online toy store, and you want to buy straight from the source and offer custom-made toys.

Toy Retailer

Want to offer a new, trendy range of toys that are both high-quality and safe, while increasing your margins?

Procurement Manager

You manage procurement for a retail chain and are looking to boost your margins while buying the same products.

Facing specific challenges? We have specific solutions.

We'll take care of everything, so you don't have to lift a finger.

Assessing your needs

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty, we take the time to understand what you're looking for in the world of toys and leisure products. Whether it's the type of toy, the materials, the quantities or even your budget, we want to nail down every detail.

Shortlisting potential manufacturers

Once we know what you're looking for, we activate our network of suppliers specializing in toys and leisure products. We send you several product catalogs so that you can browse through the different product choices.

Negotiating and sending samples

Once we've identified potential manufacturers, we handle negotiations on your behalf to secure the best possible terms and conditions. In addition, we coordinate the shipment of samples for you to see and test with your own eyes.

Manufacturing and order tracking

Once you approve the samples, we supervise production to ensure conformity and quality. We keep a close watch on orders to meet your deadlines and product specifications.

Quality control and compliance

Quality is of paramount importance, especially in the toy industry where safety and durability of products are crucial. That's why we carry out rigorous quality controls to ensure that all our toys comply with current standards and regulations.

International shipping

The last and most important stage involves managing international transport and customs formalities. We take care of the entire logistics process, so you can be sure of trouble-free delivery.

We help you source...


Need a substantial batch of educational toys for girls and boys to stimulate learning and development? We connect you with expert manufacturers in this field. Moreover, if you have unique ideas, such as creating custom plush toys or other products based on drawings, we can turn your concepts into finished products.

+700 Montessori toys
Stuffed Animals
Remote-Controlled Toys
Electric Cars for Kids
Educational Puzzles
Science Kits
Building Games

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Do you run a chain of toy stores or an e-commerce business and you're constantly on the lookout for innovative outdoor playsets to grab all the attention of your customers? We connect you directly to international manufacturers of outdoor play equipment that goes beyond the simple slide. From complex play structures to children's sports equipment, we select suppliers who meet your rigorous quality criteria, while offering you unbeatable prices. Free yourself from costly middlemen and benefit from a simplified, cost-effective supply chain.


Gardening Kits for Kids
Bicycles and Tricycles
Toss and Catch Games


Are you looking to showcase a wide range of trendy board games and puzzles in your store or online platform? We simplify your bulk purchases by negotiating directly with manufacturers of games designed for both children and adults.

Magnetic Puzzle
Board Games
Strategy Games
Role-Playing Games
Quiz Games

Fitness Accessories

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Whether you're preparing for the festive season or looking to expand your offerings for specific events like Christmas, Halloween, or birthdays, we help you source specialized party items in significant quantities while ensuring compliance with quality and safety standards.

Christmas Decorations

Birthday Supplies
Easter Items
New Year's Decorations

Theme Party Accessories
Balloons and Confetti
Party Tableware and Cutlery

Create your own brand
of children's toys

With DocShipper, creating your own line of toys and leisure items is a breeze. We connect you with reliable manufacturers who specialize in white-label or custom production. From negotiation to delivery, every step is handled to ensure the quality and profitability of your investment.

  • Supplier Search: We identify partners that meet your specific requirements in terms of quality and cost.
  • Negotiation: Your profitability is our priority, and we negotiate on your behalf to secure the best possible terms.
  • Design: Need to customize educational toys or party items? We coordinate with manufacturers to ensure the products reflect your brand's identity.
  • Samples: Before mass production begins, we send you samples for quality validation.
  • Production Quality Control: We keep a watchful eye on the manufacturing process to ensure compliance with standards and the quality of the final product.

Thanks to our close relationships with suppliers in Asia and Eastern Europe, we can provide you with a range of high-quality products at competitive prices.

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Bring your Kids toy concept to life

Do you have an innovative idea for a toy or leisure item? Turn that vision into a real and marketable product with our support. From conception to market placement, we optimize your profitability at every step of the journey.

  • Design: Work closely with our team of experts to refine your concept.
  • Supplier Search: We identify manufacturers best suited for your unique project.
  • Negotiation: We work to secure the most competitive rates, maximizing your profitability.
  • Samples: Before moving to mass production, receive samples to approve the final product.
  • Quality Control: We ensure rigorous quality monitoring throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Customization: Add your logo and customize packaging to make these products an extension of your brand.
  • Worldwide Delivery: We handle all logistics to ship your products worldwide.

Turn your concepts into market-leading products, backed by our expertise every step of the way.

A network of 5,000 verified manufacturers
In Over 20 Countries

  • Educational Toys
  • Figurines and Dolls
  • Miniature Vehicles
  • Board Games
  • Party Supplies
  • Creative Hobbies
  • Outdoor Toys
  • Baby Toys
  • Plush Toys and Custom Products
  • Puzzles and Brain Teasers
  • Toy Accessories
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Our mission is to provide you with complete sourcing solutions. Whether you need to purchase products directly from the factory, customize children's toys or bring new ideas to life, our team is ready to work with you.