Procurements services
for the Lighting industry

Most lighting products in the USA and Europe are sourced abroad. Why should you have to pay the distributor's mark-up when you can access a wider range of models at advantageous prices straight from the factory? DocShipper is here to help.

Services d'approvisionnement pour la restauration

Pay less for the same equipment

Buy in bulk to increase your margins

Standard-compliant products

Bypass distributor mark-ups. Buy straight from the source.

DocShipper is your trusted partner for importing lighting products from reliable international sources. Whether you want to improve your margins by buying directly from the factory, introduce new products to the market, or create your own customized products, we identify manufacturers that match your criteria. We manage price negotiations and ordering processes with precision. What's more, we supervise production and implement strict quality controls to ensure that your products fully comply with current standards.

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Distributors and wholesalers

You're a distributor or wholesaler looking to maximize your margins by purchasing direct from the manufacturer.


You want to create a brand of lighting products without the constraints of investing in a factory.

Procurement Manager

You have projects and are looking to import large quantities of lighting products from abroad to optimize your costs.

Facing specific challenges? Discover our solutions.

We'll take care of everything, so you don't have to lift a finger.

Assessing your project needs

Before tackling the technical aspects, our first step is to understand your specific lighting requirements (such as type of equipment, quantity required, budget, etc.). This analysis guides us towards the ideal suppliers to meet your precise criteria.

Shortlisting potential suppliers

Once your requirements have been clearly defined, we mobilize our network of suppliers to offer you a tailor-made selection. Our multilingual sourcing agents negotiate with manufacturers all over the world to guarantee you the best possible price.

Negotiating and sending samples

Once we've identified potential suppliers, we handle negotiations on your behalf to secure the best possible terms and conditions. What's more, we coordinate the shipment of samples so you can see for yourself.

Manufacturing and order follow-up

Once samples have been validated, we supervise production to ensure conformity and quality. We keep a close watch on orders to meet your deadlines and product specifications.

Contrôle de la qualité et conformité

Quality is paramount, especially when it comes to lighting fixtures. That's why we carry out rigorous quality controls to ensure that all our products comply fully with current standards and regulations.

International shipping

The final and most important stage involves managing international transport and customs formalities. We take care of the entire logistical process, so you can be sure of worry-free delivery.

We help you source...


Interested in LED products but discouraged by prices and limited options in your local market? With a wider range of choices and the ability to buy in bulk, even considering transportation costs, you can achieve significant margins. DocShipper is your sourcing partner, helping you locate these manufacturers and manage the entire import process for LED lighting products.

LED Bulbs
LED Panels
LED Spotlights
LED Strips
LED Ceiling Lights
Stage Lighting
LED Projectors

Approvisionnement en LED
Approvisionnement d'éclairage intérieur


Are you in the lighting and indoor luminaire sector, looking for more cost-effective solutions to source quality products? Discover how DocShipper can be your indispensable ally. As experts in international sourcing, we take on the task of finding the most suitable manufacturers for you, often much more economical than in Europe, without compromising on quality.

Recessed Spotlights
Track Lighting
Pendant Lighting
Wall Lamp
Ceiling Light
Decorative Chandelier


Whether you're a Real Estate developer looking to equip multiple residential buildings or a retail chain needing to overhaul the outdoor lighting of your premises, importing or manufacturing abroad is a more cost-effective solution. We identify suitable manufacturers for you, often at much more competitive costs than in Europe. In addition to supplier sourcing, we oversee production and ensure compliance with quality standards.

Outdoor Wall Sconces
Outdoor Ceiling Lights
Garden Lighting
Pool Lighting
Pillar Lights

Bollard Lights

Accessoires d'éclairage


Whether you have a business specializing in lighting sales or you're a hotelier looking to create a unique ambiance, lighting accessories play a crucial role. Importing these items in large quantities from abroad can offer cost advantages and a variety of products. We take care of finding suppliers that meet your needs while ensuring product quality and compliance.

Distribution Boxes
Junction Box
Circuit Breakers
Cables and Connections
Dimmers and Controllers

Sell your own brand
of Lighting Products

Launch or expand your own lighting brand with our specialized international sourcing service. We find reliable manufacturers offering white-label solutions in the lighting industry, allowing you to market these products in France and Europe under your own brand.

  • Supplier Search: Identifying partners that meet your quality and cost criteria.
  • Negotiation: We advocate for your interests to ensure the best conditions.
  • Design: Coordinating with manufacturers to customize products under your brand.
  • Samples: Quality validation before mass production.
  • Production Quality Control: Close monitoring to ensure compliance and quality.

Moreover, thanks to our strategically positioned procurement zones, you can offer these products at competitive rates while maintaining higher quality standards.

Marque privée pour produits de construction et BTP
Fabriquer nouveau produit BTP

Bring Your Idea to Life
Design and Manufacture Your Own Product

Do you have a visionary idea for a lighting product that would be a first in the market? Let us help you turn that idea into reality. Collaborate with us to develop your innovative concepts, from the design phase to production, without the need to invest in your own factory or production line.

  • Design: Collaborate closely with our experts to bring your ideas to life.
  • Supplier Search: We find the manufacturers best suited for your project.
  • Negotiation: We negotiate the best rates to ensure optimal profitability.
  • Samples: Receive samples to validate the outcome before mass production.
  • Production Quality Control: We ensure strict quality control throughout production.
  • Customization: Put your logo and brand on these unique products.
  • Worldwide Delivery: We handle the shipping of your products on an international scale.

With our guidance, turn your lighting concepts into tangible products that stand out in the market, benefiting from our expertise at every step of the process.

A Network of 5000 Verified Manufacturers
In Over 20 Countries

  • LED Lighting
  • Indoor Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Pendant Lights
  • Table and Desk Lamps
  • Wall Sconces
  • Bathroom Lighting
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • Lighting Accessories
  • Custom Lighting Solutions
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