Since we are a part of the DocShipper group, we are present all over the world. As a result, we have a strong network in France to guide and support you with all purchasing and logistics transactions on the international markets. Import/export has never been any easier! Located in the hub of Europe, the location of the Republic is highly attractive, which means it has the greatest opportunities for global trading, whether through the air or sea freight, etc.

Our team of experts will be happy to assist you with all of your import and export needs.

DocShipper services in France

Ocean freight from/to France

Ocean shipping is the best way to dispatch high volumes of merchandise all over the world for a very reasonable cost and time. There are 2 possibilities for sending goods with Sea Cargo:

The whole Container (FCL)

 The whole vessel will be reserved for you. It will be locked from the time of departure until the arrival of the goods.

Sea Grouping (or LCL)

Gather all the goods in one container with other senders.

Sea freight

Air freight to/from France

Even if air shipments are expensive and harmful to the environment, they enable you to move merchandise efficiently and over long distances. A just several days transit is enough to transport a shipment anywhere on earth. You can select one of two formulas:

Using the available room in traditional air companies including American Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Air France…. This method is known as Standard air shipment.

Rapid air freight

When you have only a small quantity of cargo to ship - in most cases not more than 100 Kg - then we recommend that you use an Express Company like DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT to send your goods…

Air freight shipping


Road freight from/to France

Trucking is an indispensable freight transportation mode because it simply links all the different locations: from the office to the warehouse, to your residence, to departure and arrival destinations like ports, and airports, to the railway terminals, and so on.

For short distances, a truck is used for a straightforward door-to-door service. For instance, this concerns transboundary shipments.

Transportation by road

DocShipper Advice :

Do not hesitate to contact our experts for any other questions. They will be pleased to provide you with information about services.

Post-transport services in France

Our team offers a variety of logistical options for post transportation around France. Looking for space to stock your cargo, either for a shorter or for a longer duration? Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to rent a space in one of our warehouses.

We provide packing services as well. An important thing to take into consideration is that if you have packed everything appropriately, the rest of the procedure will be as expected.

In contrast, if you do not do this, you might face unpleasant situations.

Customs clearance services in France

It is a mandatory phase of international shipping. As soon as the shipments enter the territory of a foreign state or country, they must be checked and cleared by the Customs Authority before they can enter the local marketplace. It is then necessary for you to have the required documents completed in order to guarantee that the goods are in compliance with the regulations.

Procurement services in France

The Procurement Service is custom-made guidance during your supplying procedures. There is no more difficulty with finding the appropriate manufacturer of the desired components for a competitive rate: we can help you with the selection of the right supplier for your needs:

Product regulation

The products arriving from the Asian market may not comply with the regulations of your market, so this is an extremely delicate matter!

Control of Quality

Your load is evaluated on the basis of two major factors: The quantity of goods to be inspected and how deeply it should be tested.

Finding vendors

 We will find the appropriate manufacturers according to the requirements and needs of the project.

Negotiating costs

 Our expertise in importing/exporting enables our experts to work out prices on behalf of you.


 Do you want to test and evaluate the quality of the material before production begins? Let our staff schedule a sample shipment for you.

International logistics

 Of course, we manage the complete logistical processes all the way through to your storehouse.



DocShipper info :

With DocShipper, you will be guided through the entire procedure, shipped from Paris to your destination, and you can decide on the method of shipment for the goods

An operational presence and capacity in France

Logistical services in Paris

The city of Paris is the largest city of France with a population of approximately 2,175,601 inhabitants, called Parisians. It is located in the middle of France, in the Ile of France.

The city is divided by the River Seine and possesses two major international air terminals, the Charles de Gaulle Airport andOrly airport. Transportation of merchandise is preferable by air in Paris, as it is more accessible internationally by air. The cargo that arrives by ocean shipping passes first through the Port of Harve, the nearest International Trading port, and then continues across the seine to reach the autonomous port of Paris.

Logitics in Paris

Logistical services in Marseille

Being located in the Provence-Alpes-Cote-D'azur area, the city of Marseille is the second most populated city after Paris in France. Having a population of approximately 868,277 inhabitants in the year 2018, it has an overall area of 240.62 square kilometers.

Concerning shipping, the City of Marseilles hosts the International airport of Marseilles Province and the Seaport of FOS, which is very efficient for those who would like to export and import products directly to and from it. These two transportation methods are extremely effective for those looking to transport their merchandise from Marseilles to other countries or regions worldwide.

Logistical  services in Lyon

As the 3rd biggest city in France, Lyon is in the region of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. With an overall surface area of 47.87 km2, this city hosted up to 518,635 residents in the year 2018.

It has a commercial port, The Port of Lyon, that is separated into two different containers Terminals, the T1 and the T2. Together, both terminals have a capacity of handling around 450,000 TEU/yr. It also includes the International Airport of Lyon Saint-Exupéry, which is the 2nd largest cargo terminal of France, following Paris.

Import from Lyon

Logistics services in Toulouse

The City of Toulouse, commonly known as The City of Rose, is a major city in France. Covering a surface area of 118.30 km2, the city has an average population of over 486,828 residents and is located at the heart of Occitanie. In addition, the airport of Toulouse-Blanac receives deliveries daily from all the cities in the region.

Moreover, there is also the maritime Terminal in Toulouse, based around a 30 minutes drive away from the city of Grisolles, for all incoming as well as all outgoing cargo.


DocShipper info :

Our company provides importation & exportation as well as sourcing and logistical activities from Lyon's terminals.

 The transportation terminals of France

International ports in France

The Major Sea Port of Marseilles FOS

The Autonomous port has been created by the Government in 1996 and is historically an important fuel port.  Its name comes from being financially vital, as it used to be Marseille's economical center. After the economic downfall in 2008, the economic performance of the Port has struggled.

 Consequently, the Port was rebuilt, and the managers decided to expand the activities of the port so that it would be able to face the decline in activity for oil production without having to worry about the future growth of the port. Particularly by transporting cargo into containers and solid bulk, it became a key factor in the international business.

The Marseille Port FOS has the first place in the classification of the most powerful port in the country in 2016 by 81 Million tonnes of handled merchandise and number 43 according to worldwide classifications during the same period of time.

The terminal, covering an area of about 10,400 hectares, contains about 25 vessel transits each day. There are two different docks: first, the eastern basin (which is designed to accommodate cargo traffic and the handling of shipments), and secondly, there is the Western dock, dedicated to welcoming the world's biggest ships and dealing with intercontinental flows of traffic.

Port of Marseille

The Major maritime harbor of Le Havre

The port was established in 1517 by Francois the First King of France, in Normandy, at the same time holding a Fortress at the entrance to the river Seine. The city was built thanks to the port construction, which has also been the 1st major international trade and container port in the country ever since. All goods transferred to and from the City of Paris are shipped through the Have harbor along the Seine river, making it an ideal choice for companies seeking to develop their activities in the area. Because of its geographical strategic place, the harbor has an important relationship with over 650 ports in worldwide.

The Large Ports of Havre has the 2nd position in the classification of France's top largest harbors based on the amount of traffic with about 64 Million tones of handled freight in the year 2012, along with a number 56 of the world's rankings in 2017 with a quantity of 68 Million tons of treated material.

With container shipments reaching over 2.8 million TEUs during 2017, it ranks as the leading port in France. The terminal covering an area of more than 10,600 hectares is also certified by ISO 9001 as well as ISO 28000 and also holds the environmental label PERS (Port Environment Review Systel).

The big port of Havre


Great Port of Dunkerque

In the 11th Century, the Great Port Of Dunkirk started as a fishing port. It was only from 1350 that the harbor became a commercial business due to connections with England and The Netherlands. The strategic location allows Dunkerque to benefit from the proximity with Lille, in the center of three important cities, namely London, Paris, and Brussels.

Dunkerque ranked number three in the country for its entire traffic in 2019, handling around 53 Million Tons of freight, and came in 88th position worldwide the same year.

The container volume handled by the port of Dunkerque in 2019 was 450,000 tons TEU.

3 of the biggest capitals linked with lille

The International airports of France

Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris

The Airport of Charles de Gaulle, which is located about 25 kilometers away from the center of Paris, was first opened in the year 1974 with the Terminal 1 to deal with overcrowding in Orly Airport as well as in the nearby airport of Bourges. It is named in honor of the President of the French Republic, Charles de Gaulle, who was, at the time when the decision was taken to build the airport. Paris-Charles De Gaulle International airport was ranked as the 11th most used airport in terms of freight traffic, with a volume exceeding 2.2 million tons of goods shipped in 2019. It ranked as the first airport in France in that year.

With a total surface area of more than 3200 hectares, including 6 terminals dedicated to air freight planes entering or exiting the airport daily from over 119 countries, the Airport has an average number of take-offs and/or landings of about 108 flights per hour.

The international airport of Paris

Airport, Paris - Orly

Initially, this airfield used to be named port-Aviation was installed at Vitry-Châtillon. First opened on the 23rd May 1909, the actual area of the airport Paris-Orly was occupied with fields that were easily located and accessible during this period. This area has been used as an emergency landing zone for the allied aircraft.

The airport is located about 10 km away from the city of Paris and is named after the commune of Orly, of which it covers an area of 1,528 hectares.

The Orly International airport is ranked the 2nd busiest of all airports of France by cargo movements, with more than 2.2 million tonnes of goods transported and handled in the year 2017. With its same 2017 statistics, Orly is ranked number 10 in the world.

When it comes to air freight, the Paris-Orly Airport represented a total of 88,609 tons of goods.

The advantage of Air Freight

Airport Of Lyon Saint-Exupery (Lyon Saint-Exupéry)

The International airport of Lyon Opened on April 1975, the airport was originally known as the Lyon Satolas Airport. The construction decision was made after the saturation of the existing Lyon Bron Airport, located in the city and with insufficient length of its runways to serve long-distance flights. The Chamber of commerce of Lyons aimed to construct a new airport that would be in accordance with the growth of Lyon and its future international development objectives .


DocShipper info :

The DocShipper team will be pleased to provide you with all information needed for the import or export of products from the Grand Maritime port of Marseille Fosses.


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