improve the supply chain global performance

How can the ETA improve the supply chain global performance

How frequently do you have to hold out for your shipment. In business, time is more important than anything else.

What about the logistics business, you frequently have to link numerous people and procedures to an accurate sequence of functions, the cost of delays is absurdly high and also the importance of correct preparation is immeasurable. Simply as an example, remember Suez Canal blockage getting obstructed through the Ever Given container ship found March 2021? As a shipper, it is difficult to foresee your product's estimated time of arrival. It is a moving target, unforeseen things like climate as well as port congestion, that comes with capacity limitations and tools shortages, significantly affect each arrival time. Across your supply chain, every move the product makes could present a possible delay. In this article we will discuss the difference between ETD and ETA, how you can calculate them and the way to stay away from fraudulent ETA. 

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