Top 50 Amazon best sellers July 2022

Top 50 Best Sellers Amazon [July 2022]

Here is the Top 50 Amazon best sellers for the month of July. This list will give you some businesses ideas for your import-export or e-commerce business.

Let's check what are the best sellers in July 2022 on Amazon.

Top Appliances bestsellers on Amazon

Appliances is the best category, with 25% of sales in July 2022 !

Top ice makers on Amazon 

Here are 5 products about ice makers subcategory.

FRIGIDAIRE silver compact Ice Maker

Product name: FRIGIDAIRE silver compact Ice Maker

Product description: Make your own ice in 6 minutes. You can control the process of making ice and also choose you ice size.


Price range:  from. $124.90

Portable Ice Maker

Product name: Portable Ice Maker

Product description: Make your ice from 5 to 8 minutes, its quiet, compact, portable and also its have a automatic cleaning function.


Price range: from $159.99

LERIZOM portable ice maker

Product name: LERIZOM portable ice maker

Product description: make your ice cubes in only 7 minutes ! Its easy to use, small and portable, there are two sizes of ices and also a self cleaning function.


Price range: from $119.99

Ecozy ice maker

Product name: Ecozy ice maker

Product description: 6 minutes fast ice making, included bags and an ice scoop. A self-cleaning function and indicators which guide you in the process of ice making. 2 ice cubes sizes.


Price range: from $99.99

Gevi Household Ice Maker

Product name: Gevi Household Ice Maker

Product description: Only  40db for this silent ice maker. Thanks to his self control panel its  easy to use. Its perfect for a family daily use. Its makes nine ice cubes in six-eight minutes. Gevi team provide 12-month warranty.


Price range: from $139.99

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Top Range Hoods on Amazon

There are 5 best Range Hoods products on Amazon

Product name: Broan-NuTone Convertible Range Hood 

Product description: A 3O inch Range Hoods that can be install vertically or horizontally. Light bulbs and metal grease filter included. This last one is dishwasher-safe. With a MAX 210 CFM and 6.5 Sones power, this Range Hoods cleans your home's air removing cooking odors.

Price range: from. $62.00

Product name: COSMO Range Hoods

Product description: this 30 inch range hood have a slim style is perfect for small spaces, it can be install against a wall or under a cabinet. There are a multi layer of aluminum filters, possibility to add a carbon filter. This Range Hood is efficient and quiet, perfect to clean your kitchen air.


Price range: from $129.99

Product name: COSMO Wall Mount Range Hood

Product description: with 2-watt LEDS, aluminum filters ( dishwasher-safe ), 65dB so its quiet, possibility to convert to a ductless range hoods with the carbon filter kit. There are three power level, coook easy with a fresh air.


Price range: from $257.67

Product name: COSMO Island Mount Range Hood

Product description: 30 inch range hood, with light LEDs, soft touches functions, easy to clean permanents filters, low noise and a glass protection. Powerfull with a 380 CFM, possibility  to convert to a ductless range hoods with the carbon filter kit.


Price range: from $382.21

Product name: Comfee Pyramid Range Hood

Product description: this Range Hood contains buttons control, a multiple aluminum layer filter that are dishwasher safe, a 450 CFM power aspiration, and three speed suction level. For a ductless version it is possible to purchase the Carbon filter kit separately. Provided 1 year manufacturer warranty.


Price range: from $199.99

Top Arts, Crafts and Sewing best sellers on Amazon

Arts, Crafts and Sewing has made 25% sales in July on Amazon. This category become so popular on internet, its perfect for handmade products.

Top Printing machine on Amazon

This subcategory increase with influencers and young business people for handmade products sales. Check below 5 Printing machine items.

Product name: Cricut EasyPress 2

Product description: this 9" x 9" small heat print machine is ideal to transfert text, photos and pictures on textiles items. There are adjustable temperature functions. The Cricut EasyPress 2 can print in 60 seconds to 2 minutes. With his insulated safety base and auto-shutoff function its perfect to make any DIY project.


Price range: from $99.00

Product name: Cricut EasyPress Mat

Product description: this 8"x10" resistant mat is perfect for small DIY projects. Its protects all surfaces and helps to a well transfert.


Price range: from  $10.49

Product name: Cricut EasyPress Mini

Product description: for small and uneven surfaces transfert projects. His handle gives a easy take. These small size gives the possibility to store and use it anywhere. Its safe to use thanks to the automatic shutoff.


Price range: from $43.04

Product name: Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink

Product description: theses vibrant colors inks are perfect for DIY and print projects. It is permanent and easy to use, its for wood, cardboards, fabrics surfaces. It is easy to clean before dry with water and soap.


Price range: from $11.99

Product name: Rubber Brayer Roller for Printmaking

Product description: this 5.9 x 3.9 inch roller is made for daily use, to set prints or to flatten paint blocks. Its easy to use and can be combine with ink/paint stamps.


Price range: from $6.99

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Top Sewing products on Amazon

Here are 5 sewing products.


Product name: Amazon Basics Multipurpose Office Scissors

Product description: 2 packs of scissors specially for fabrics projects.


Price range: from $6.10

Product name: Soft Tape Measure

Product description: 0 to 60 inches and 0 to 150 centimeters tape for body measures for sewing projects. Flexible, portable made with vinyl material.


Price range: from  $4.49

Product name: Cricut Mats

Product description: Set of 2 mats for cutting projects.


Price range: from $7.29

Product name: VELCRO Brand

Product description: 1 7/8in Stick-On Adhesive for every surfaces. Long lasting, waterproof product.


Price range: from $6.22

Product name: Mr. Pen- Safety Pins

Product description:Pack of 300 Safety Pins for sewing. 5 differents sizes from 2.5-cm (1 inch) to 5.5-cm (2 ¼ inch).


Price range: from $5.95

Top Automotive best sellers on Amazon

Automotive category increase up to 20% of July 2022. Automotive products are very appreciate on Amazon.

Top Wheels & tires on Amazon

Here are 5 Automotive products.

Product name: Air Compressor

Product description: portable air pump for cars tires. Included highlight indicators for the pressure desired, Replacement Fuse, Air Nozzle Cones, Needle Valve Adapter, Presta to Schrader Adapter, Extension Hose Coupling, Manual User.


Price range: from $25.99

Product nameAstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Product description: this small tire pressure gauge have LCD functions, buttons and light for a night use. Its permits to maintain a good tires pressure.


Price range: from $11.99

Product name: Chemical Guys Tire Kicker Sprayable Extra Glossy Tire Shine 

Product description: easy use gloss spray for tires, protects against sun for a lasting time.


Price range: from $24.99

Product name: 303 Automotive Protectant

Product description: UV protector for interiors cars surfaces. Its protects against, discoloration, fading, and also cracking.


Price range: from $12.65 

Product name: Explore Land Tire Covers

Product description: pack of 4 tires covers. It is adjustable for tire diameter up to: 23''-25.75''.


Price range: from $36.99

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Top Motorcycle & ATV on Amazon

Find here 5 Motorcycle & ATV products.


Product name: Roam Bike Phone Mount Adjustable Handlebar of Motorcycle Phone

Product description: this adjustable handlebar is compatible for smartphones up to 3.5″ wide, and for bicycle and motorcycle handlebars 7/8" - 1-1/4" in diameter. It is safe while riding bike.


Price range: from $16.99

Lamicall Motorcycle Handlebar

Product name: Lamicall Motorcycle Handlebar 

Product description: cell phone holder compatible with a lot of bikes bike for 4.7 and 6.8 inches with thickness up to 15mm (including phone protection). Protect against shocks. Easy to install and secure thanks to their side clamps.


Price range: from $14.99

Product name: K&N Performance+ Diesel Cetane Booster

Product description: clean dust from fuel system, its protects turbos and  boosts cetane.


Price range: from $9.99

Product name: Motorcycle Riding Glasses

Product description: set of 3 pairs of glasses for riding bike.UV protection and anti-dust.


Price range: from $11.99

Product name: TETON Sports Oasis 18L 

Product description: sport hydratation bag of 2 Liters

Price range: from $44.99

Top Baby best sellers on Amazon

The Baby category count 10% of sales in July 2022 on Amazon. 

Top Feeding on Amazon

Feeding supplies are very popular, here are 5 products.

Product name: Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier

Product description: pack of 30 sticks of liquid hydratation. One stick provides the same degree of hydratation that 3 water bottles. With a mix of vitamin theses sticks hydrates fast.


Price range: from $38.48

Product name: Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Baby Bottle Nipple

Product description: theses Slowest-flow nipple provides the same sensation of natural feeding, it's adapted for premature babies, newborns, or just for breastfed babies. Made of silicon, BPA free, it is a soft nipple which gives a regular flow rate. It is washable. They are compatible with all Dr. Brown’s Narrow bottles.


Price range: from $10.69

Product name: Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags

Product description: pack of 50 storage breastmilk bags. With their double strong zippers the breastmilk can be store,freeze with safety. It is possible to pump directely in the bag with the Lansinoh pump. Bags are presterilized,BPA and BPS free. Lansinoh is famous for their babies supplies.


Price range: from $9.99

Product name: Munchkin Tidy Dry Baby Bottle Drying Rack

Product description: Drying rack bottles and brushes for feeding bottles. Horizontal baskets for nipples. Airy structure to avoid moistures.


Price range: from $27.78

Product name: Bentgo® Kids Prints Lunch Bag 

Product description: lunch bag made of high quality, no toxic and water resistant materials.


Price range: from $24.99

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Top Pregnancy & Maternity products on Amazon

Check 5 Pregnancy & Maternity products in July 2022.


Product name: First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test

Product description: over 99% accurate, easy to read the result with the scan app.

Price range: from $12.99

Product name: PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

Product description: this pregnancy pillow help women to relieve body pregnancy pains. Sustain back, legs, knees and neck.


Price range: from $49.95

Product name: Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula

Product description: massage lotion to hydrate and avoid skin stretch marks.

Price range: from $5.69

Product name: Easy@Home Ovulation Test Strips

Product description: strips test that indicates women fertile days to help to get pregnant. Easy read results. Over 99% accurate.


Price range: from $8.99

Product name: My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow

Product description: comfortable breastfeeding pillow, to prevent bad posture.


Price range: from $49.99

Top Camera and Photo best sellers on Amazon

Camera and Photo products made 20% of sales on Amazon. It is obviously one of the most favorite category for Amazon consumers.

Top Bags & Cases on Amazon

Find below 5 products from Camera bags and cases subcategory.

Product name: FitStill Silicone Sleeve Case

Product description: theses lens cover, black  silicon cases and tempered glass are adapted for Go Pro Hero 10/9 Black camera. Its prevents fingerprints and reflective coatings.

Price range: from $14.95

Product name: MOSISO Camera Backpack

Product description: waterproof  leather hardshell with differents pockets to store cameras accessories. Padded intern coating to protect cameras items.


Price range: from $62.99

Product name: FOSOTO Waterproof Anti-shock Camera Case Bag

Product description: mini storage bag with zipper and detachable compartments to organize cameras accessories space. Included a rain protection.


Price range: from $17.99

Product name: Blue Jeans Camera Strap Real Denim Belt for All SLR Camera

Product description: adjustable and comfortable strap made of cotton. Compatible with a lot of popular cameras. Its modern design is elegant.


Price range: from $15.95

Product name: Hand Wrist Strap Lanyard

Product description: 6x8 inches hand wrist strap, made of nylon material. Compatible with cameras and popular phones. With its design its permits to recognize his cameras or phones easily. 5 kg load capacity.


Price range: from $6.69

Top Digital Picture Frames on Amazon

Here are 5 products from the Digital Picture Frames subcategory 


Product name: Skylight Frame

Product description: easy to use digital picture frame. To activate the Wi-fi touch the screen. Email's photos appear imediately sending photos on the frame's address. 10 inch frame with  1280x800 resolution.

Price range: from $159.99

Product name: Digital Photo Frame

Product description: this frame 10.1 Inch supply a wi-fi function with 1280*800 resolution, 8GB storage  compatible with an extension of 128GB sd card. There is a light adaptation of room's light. Its provides a slideshow, timer, zoom & crop, sleep mode. The App "AiMOR"  perrmits to share videos and photos on the frame.


Price range: from $79.99

Product name: Nixplay 10.1 inch Smart Digital Photo Frame

Product description: this digital picture frame provides a 1280x800 resolution. Its have Wi-fi and share funcntions via the Nixplay iOS or Android Mobile App, Instagram, Facebook Desktop Web App and Email. Nixplay furnish a cloud storage server to the consumer.

Price range: from $149.21

Product name: FRAMEO 10.1 Inch Smart WiFi Digital Photo Frame

Product description: this 1280x800 resolution frame have others functions like: an IPS LCD Touch Screen, an automatic rotation to be in Portrait or in Landscape, and provides a 16GB Memory.


Price range: from $129.00

Product name: Digital Photo Frame 

Product description: this 10.1 inch frame have an WiFi and IPS FHD functions, a slideshow mode and a 1280x800 resolution. With its APP and emails it is possible to share photos and video. Its supplies a Cloud Storage.


Price range: from $89.89

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