Top 50 Best Sellers Alibaba [July 2022]

Top 50 Best Sellers Alibaba [July 2022]

Alibaba is THE B2B marketplace that lists thousands of Chinese suppliers and manufacturers in one place. Are you looking for the best trending products to buy on alibaba to resell and earn money? It's important to thoroughly research the market and choose a product that is in high demand and has good profit margins. Discover in this article the best selling items on Alibaba in July 2022.

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Best Selling Beauty and Personal Care items on Alibaba

Beauty products and care make up 10% of sales.

Top Baby Care products on Alibaba

Here are our selections of the best products to buy in bulk in the baby care subcategory.

baby serynge

Product name : Nose-washing syringe for baby

Product description : Nose-washing syringe, type 10 ml for baby.

Price : from 0.72$

baby toothbrush

Product name : Baby toothbrush 

Product description : Toothbrush and disposable sanitary tongue cleaner for baby.


Price : from 1.79$

baby care accessories

Product name : Baby care accessories

Product description : 8 pcs - Baby Care Accessories.


Price : from 4.85$

children diner board

Product name : Children's dinner board

Product description : Food Silicone baby products.


Price : from 2.58$ 


Product name : Baby bathtub chair 

Product description : Safe, non-slip bath chair for baby.


Price : from 3.47$

Top best fragrance and deodorant items on Alibaba

Here are our selections of the best products to wholesale in the fragrance and deodorant subcategory.

anti transpirant deodorant alibaba

Product name : Anti-transpiration deodorant 

Product description : 150 ml for the anti-transpirant body.


Price : from 0.53$

dove deodorant alibaba

Product name : Deodorant Dove 

Product description : Authentic deodorant sprayer.


Price : from 0.3964$ 

alum dedorant alibaba

Product name : Alum deodorant 

Product description : Crystal alum deodorant


Price : from 0.4955$

perfume love alibaba

Product name : Perfume of love

Product description : Perfume of love, natural and durable.


Price : from 1.24$ 

perfume alibaba

Product name : Perfume for girl 

Product description : High quality girl-style perfume


Price : from 1.39$

Who are we ? On Alibaba you will notice that the same product is "being sold " by several suppliers. But really, there is only one company that makes it, the rest are either resellers or scams. That's why a sourcing service is important. Tell us the product you want to buy, and we will find you the real supplier. Contact us today.

Best-selling electronic components items on Alibaba

You want to import computer or phone accessories from China to resell them? This category is for you

Top best selling computer hardware and software on Alibaba

Here are our selections of the best products to import in the computer and software subcategory.

Sandisk alibaba

Product name : SanDisk CZ50 USB Flash Drive

Product description : USB (16GB/32GB/128GB)

Price : from 3.66$

hard disk alibaba

Product name : Hard Disk HDD 2.5

Product description : External hard drive 2,5 inch (1TB/2TB/4TB/ 5TB) for laptop.


Price : from 37.50$

gaming mouse alibaba

Product name : Gaming mouse 6400 DPI 

Product description :  Essential gaming mouse 6400 DPI for computer.


Price : from 1.58$

usb pc alibaba

Product name : Desktop computer usb

Product description : Desktop computer usb,  converter 9700 chip.


Price : from 1.39$

geforce pc alibaba

Product name : Geforce Rtx 3090 3060 3070 3080 ti Rtx Non LHR

Product description : Geforce Rtx (3090 3060 3070 3080 tiTx) for Gaming GPU


Price : from 295.05$

Info Docshipper : Docshipper helps you procure products/suppliers, compliance and quality control. If you would like to know, please contact our experts.

Top accessories and parts on Alibaba

Here are our selections of the best products in the accessories and parts subcategory.

support mobile phone alibaba

Product name : Support Mobile Phone Accessories 

Product description : Support OEM for phone wireless charger car.


Price : from 2.84$

phone charger amazon alibaba

Product name : Phone charger 

Product description : Phone charger for car, MP3.


Price : from 5.84$

car charger amazon alibaba

Product name : Car charger player Amazon 

Product description : Car Charger, quick charge, USB for phone.


Price : from 1.18$

headphones alibaba

Product name : Headphones 

Product description : Earphones, accessories mobile phones.


Price : from 2.18$

bluetooth earphones alibaba

Product name : Bluetooth Earphones

Product description : Smart earphones, high quality, Bluetooth, headset.

Price from : 0.94$

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Best power banks items on Alibaba

An external battery guarantees some safety when you are in a difficult situation. It can allow your phone or laptop to be always turned on. Here are our selections of the best products and brands to buy in the power banks subcategory.

power bank alibaba

Product name : Mobile power bank 8000mah

Product description : Mobile power bank 8000mah et USB charger.

Price : from 2.27$

power bank mobile alibaba

Product name : 10000mAh power bank mobile charger 

Product description : 10000mAh power bank, small and easy carry.


Price : from 4.81$

power bank alibaba

Product name : Power bank 10000 mah

Product description : Slim power bank 10000 mah, quick charge.


Price : from 4.96$

keychain charge

Product name: Keychain charge 

Product description: Keychain charge, small and slim 2000/2200/2600mAh.


Price : from 2.60$

power bank magnetic

Product name : Power bank 5000mah magnetic 

Product description : Slim power bank 5000mah and magnetic for Iphone/Iwatch.


Price : from 10.90$

DocShipper Advice : Don't forget to order a sample before stocking up, a manufacturer will do anything to sell his products. If this one is with the Chinese standards, it does not mean that it will be with the standards of your country. For more informations, please contact us.

Best sports and fitness produtcs on Alibaba

Sport is an essential part of a fulfilling life. In order to live better on a daily basis, each person needs to do at least one physical activity.

Best indoor sports sales on Alibaba

Here are our selections of the best indoor sports subcategory products to buy from chinese manufacturing companies.

bodyweight resistance

Product name : Bodyweight resistance 

Product description : Suspension trainer equipment bodyweight resistance straps for indoor sport.

Price : from 3.97$

push up bracket alibaba

Product name : Push up bracket arm 

Product description : Exercise chest Push up bar, fitness equipment


Price : from 1.27 $

pvc mat floor alibaba

Product name : Pvc vinyl floor mat mass

Product description : Gym mat pvc vinyl mass vinyl load.


Price : from 2.98$

tapis roulant

Product name : Treadmill Home

Product description : Small treadmill home, equipment for home.


Price : from 207.08$

bench weight alibaba

Product name : Weight bench 

Product description : Home Gym Equipment Adjustable Weight Bench.


Price : from 15.26$

DocShipper Advice : The Alibaba platform is growing rapidly, its use is growing, but so are the scams. DocShipper sourcing, helps you find, develop and manufacture products from reliable suppliers, but also to the specifications required and within the agreed time frame. Don't wait to contact us again.

Top best selling tools and hardware on Alibaba

Tools and equipment account for 15% of sales.

Top Best Hardware Sales on Alibaba

Here are our selections of the best products in the hardware subcategory.

crystal buttons alibaba

Product name : Crystal drawer buttons

Product description :  Artificial crystal drawer buttons and champagne color.


Price : from 2.64$

door knock alibaba

Product name : Luxury door accessory 

Product description : Luxury door, polished brass gold.

Price : from 2.58$ 

key alibaba

Product name : Key door

Product description : Key metal door, zinc alloy and gold/silver/bronze colour.

Price : from 0.19$

wall shelf alibaba

Product name : Wall support 

Product description : Heavy wall shelf supports.


Price : from 0.87$

clothes support alibaba

Product name : Clothedman 

Product description : Elevator for hanging clothes.


Price : from 7.93$ 

Top Home Improvement tool sets on Alibaba

Here are our selections of the best products to resell in the tool sets subcategory.

tool sets alibaba

Product name : Household tool set

Product description : Hand tool set of 52 pieces.


Price : from 7.93$

electrical tool alibaba

Product name : Electrical tool kit

Product description : Professional 20V wireless electric tool kit, angle grinding machine and wireless hammer drill.


Price : from 75.31$ 

manual garden tool alibaba

Product name : Manual garden tool kit 

Product description :  Manual tool kit of plastic and metal garden.


Price from : 0.89$

tool sets alibaba

Product name  : 12-key automotive maintenance 

Product description : 12-key kit with chrome casing, for automotive maintenance, professional manual 12.5mm.


Price : from 4.97$

tool sets alibaba

Product name : Mechanical Toolkit 

Product description : Hand tool box of household mechanics, professional tool set.


Price : from 25.07$ 

The best selling gifts and crafts on Alibaba

Gifts and Crafts account for 25% of July sales. They're also in great demand all year round.

Top best music boxes sales on Alibaba

Here are our selections of the best music boxes products.

christmas music box alibaba

Product name : Christmas music box 

Product description : Music box with Christmas decorations


Price : from 3.42$

girls music box alibaba

Product name : Girls' music box 

Product description : Musical jewelry box for girls. Valentine's Day gift or birthday.


Price : from 3.82$

music jewelry box alibaba

Product name : Musical jewelry box 

Product description : Musical jewelry box with wooden unicorns.


Price : from 0.01$

crank music box

Product name : Crank music box

Product description : Harry Potter Wooden Crank Music Box.


Price : from 1.05$

music box carousel alibaba

Product name : Musical box carousel

Product description : Plastic music box and hand-rolled wood.


Price : from 0.84$

DocShipper Info : There are rules on the importation of certain products into the European Union , the European Commission website dedicates an article on Importing into the EU.

Top best stickers sales on Alibaba

Here are our selections of the best products in the stickers subcategory.

logo stickers alibaba

Product name : Logo stickers 

Product description : Customizable logo packaging label.


Price : from 0.01$

coloured stickers alibaba

Product name : Coloured sticker labels 

Product description : High quality thermal paper in roll.


Price : from 0.01$

wall decoration alibaba

Product name : Wall decoration sticker

Product description : High quality, home-style wall decoration (3d wallpaper).


Price : from 0.39$

miroir stickers alibaba

Product name : Mirror sticker shaped like a butterfly

Product description : Butterfly decoration with acrylic mirror sticker.


Price : from 0.218$ 

miroir auto adhesive alibaba

Product name : Mirror auto adhesive in the shape of a flower. 

Product description : Self-adhesive mirror, 3d design flower decoration for murals.

Price : from 0.26$

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DocShipper Advise : We help you with the entire sourcing process so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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