Top 50 Best Selling and Trending Products Alibaba [January – March 2023]

Top 50 Best Selling and Trending Products Alibaba [January – March 2023]

DocShipper presents the best Alibaba items for resale with a list of the top 50 best-selling products from January to March 2023, as well as information on the specifications and price of each product. A wide range of products in all categories is available in the marketplace. If you are looking for ideas on how to import products from China to sell in another country, this guide is for you. Contact us to help you find a reliable supplier. To find the latest version of the Top 50 best-selling products on Alibaba, click here.

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Home and appliance bestsellers on Alibaba

Alibaba's home and appliances category is very popular, as it includes a wide range of products that are essential for daily life. From smart home appliances to kitchen appliances, cleaning appliances, and home decor, Alibaba's home and appliances category has something for everyone. These products are in high demand because of their ability to make our lives easier and more efficient, and many of them are bestsellers on the platform.

We make it very simple for you to find the best products sold for this theme.

Top-selling Home and appliances on Alibaba

You will find our selection of the best products sold in the sub-category Smart Home Appliances.

Import automatic rice cooker china

Product Name: Vikaf Automatic Rice Cooker

Product Description: Vikaf automatic aluminium rice cooker with digital timer, controlled application, bottom heating method
3 L capacity, delivered with measuring cup, blade, and steam basket. 1-year warranty

Price: from $14

Import dual air fryer china

Product Name: Air Fryer with Two Cooking Zones

Product Description: Dual Air Fryer, 360° heat circulation on two separate baskets. Oil-Free LED displays digital smart. Plug type: AU, CN, EU, UK, US.

Price: from $40

Import coffee machine portable china

Product Name: Portable coffee machine

Product Description: Stainless steel, 20 bar pressure, 640g, 7800mAh Heating & Extraction, 90W, heating, 3–5 Cups each charging. Compatible, Nespresso and compatible capsules/coffee powder. You can add your logo.

Price: from $41

Import Thermo multifunctional soup maker China

Product Name: Thermo multifunctional soup maker

Product Description: Thermo multifunctional food processor with heating function 1200W food processor intelligent appliances for the kitchen, with the plug type AU, EU, UK, US, and Blue, silver, cream, red, and white colors. 10 speed.

Price: from $60

Import Mini dishwasher China

Product Name: Mini dishwasher

Product Description: Mini dishwasher, integrated control, plastic + tempered glass, electric product, water consumption 5 L, size: 445×422×451 mm

Price: from $105

The Home Appliance products to find on Alibaba

Here are our top product selections in the Air Conditioning Appliances sub-category.

Import Heater with Multiple Protection and 90 Degree Rotation Smart Home Appliances China

Product Name: High power stand heater with multiple protection and 90-degree rotation 

Product Description: OME/ODM 90-degree electric heater. Adjustable thermostat, overheat protection, spill protection, waterproof, size 42×14.5×14.5 cm, power 1200W-2000W, key + remote control, certification CE, RoSH, FCC, and 1-year warranty.


Price: from $29

Import Wall mounted air conditioners China

Product Name: Wall-mounted air conditioners


Product Description: Heating and cooling, digital temperature display, white color, sound level 18dB-45dB, supply voltage 220V/50Hz, compliance CB; CE; SASO; ETL, etc. Wi-Fi, Remote control, Automatic cleaning
Provides internal machine support, external machine support requires additional purchase.


Price: from $145

Import Eraclean air purifier deodorizer for refrigerator and sterilizer for kitchen China

Product Name: Eraclean air purifier deodorizer for refrigerator and sterilizer for kitchen

Product Description: Battery life 30–48 days, size 125×33×33MM, refrigerator deodorizes, prolongs shelf life, degrades pesticide residues. Designed to withstand freezing and humidity, it can be used down to minus 30 degrees.

Price: from $14.40

Import Air conditioning and electric heating China

Product Name: Air conditioning and electric heating

Product Description: Air conditioning and electric heater, small hole inlet, touch button with a LED numerical number for the power. The choice of color: Grey body + Sliver /Blue Air-outlet. Oscillating body right and left: 90 degrees. Rotation air-outlet up and down: 180 degrees.

Price: from $49.90

Import Air Thermoelectric Cooling China

Product Name: Air Thermoelectric Cooling

Product Description: Air cooling fan, Product size 150×155×240 mm, Product weight 0.9 kg, Three-speed control, 650 ml, and works up to eight hours. The wind outlet blade is adjustable, around 60°. The water tank is easy to remove and fill with water from the top, USB power cable length: 1.2 m.


Price: from $8.00

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Best-selling Beauty & Personal Care on Alibaba

The beauty and personal care category again broke its record with 28% of sales in the top 5 categories.

Some best-selling beauty and personal care products on Alibaba could include skincare products, makeup, hair care products, and personal hygiene items. It is important to conduct thorough research before making any purchases on Alibaba to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable supplier and that the products meet your quality standards.

Best-selling beauty and personal care products on Alibaba

Here are our picks for the best products in the Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaning sub-category.

Import Scented Toilet Tablet China

Product Name: Deep cleaning toilet Scented Tablet

Product Description: Detergent, Bath Bomb, Natural Plant Extract, Mixed Scent

Price: from $3

Import Toilet brush China

Product Name: Toilet brush self-cleaning with soap dispenser

Product Description: Toilet brush self-cleaning with soap dispenser and holder with replaceable head, silicon, plastic, TPR + aluminum cleaning brush, color: white and black.

Price: from $3.30

Import 3m carbon steel drain cleaner for kitchen and bathroom sinks China

Product Name : 3 m carbon steel drain cleaner for kitchen and bathroom sinks

Product Description: Drainage snake cleaner sewer filter, size 51×0.8 cm, plastic shell and steel wire spring, choice of color: black, red, green, orange


Price: from $0.55

Import Cleaning brush China

Product Name: Cleaning brush 

Product Description: Cleaning brush bathroom wall kitchen worktop crevice brush cleaning tile kitchen sponge, weight: 0.06 kg


Price: from $0.67

Import Multifunctional Kitchen Cleaning Kit China

Product Name: JIMIHOME X1-H Multifunctional Kitchen Cleaning Kit 

Product Description: Cleaning tools, round head brush, knife sharpener, hard case, size: 303×217×102MM. Brush material: Sponge, ABS, Nylon, color: gray.


Price: from $38.71

The best Body Care products to find on Alibaba.

Here are our picks for the best products in the Body Care sub-category.

Import Facial Cleansing Brush Electric China

Product Name: Facial Cleansing Brush Electric

Product Description: The built-in dryer keeps your brush dry and mildew-free, and the 360º Halo lamp kills 99.9% of germs and pathogens with UV-C light. Spotless mode and Sensitive Clean mode.
The box includes a brush handle, a base station, three brush heads for daily care, a facial brush case, and an adapter and power cord.

Price: from $20.60

Import Organic bath soap vegan skincare 24K gold China

Product Name: Organic bath soap vegan skincare 24K gold

Product Description: Versatile soap, 24K gold leaf rose extract vitamin C whitening beauty soap suitable for washing the body and face.
Ingredient: Vervain, palm kernel oil, pure natural extract of the plant, without addition.


Price: from $1.39

Import Facial care product China

Product Name: Face Care Product

Product Description: Private Label Face Body Skincare Serum Turmeric Skin Care Set Organic Vegan Whitening Anti-acne Face Care Product,


Price : from $2.00

Import Organic Coconut Whipped Body Butter China

Product Name: Organic Coconut Whipped Body Butter

Product Description: Whipped organic shea butter body moisturizer with rainbow fruits. Creamy texture, skin-friendly, moisturizing, fast absorption.


Price: from $1.90

Import Massage brush for body care China

Product Name: Massage brush for body care

Product Description: 6pcs Set hot sell Natural Boar Bristle Long Handle or handhold Set Detachable Design Massage Bath Brush for Body Care, 43×18×7 cm.

Price: from $3.50

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Best Pet Supplies products on Alibaba

Pet Supplies product account for 19% of sales.

It's interesting to know that pet supplies products account for 19% of sales on Alibaba. This indicates that there is a significant demand for pet-related products on the platform. As a result, there may be a wide variety of pet supplies products available from different suppliers, making it important to research and compare prices and quality before making a purchase.

Best-selling Pet Food products on Alibaba

Here are our picks for the best Pet Food product subcategories.

Import Chicken flavor canned pet supplies pet treats wet China

Product Name: Chicken flavor canned pet supplies pet treats wet

Product Description: High protein and low fat are good for pets' health. Raw materials are from factories registered in CIQ. No artificial flavors, or colors. Rich in vitamins and minerals. Products can be customized like Grain-free, wheat-free, corn-free, easy to digest, nutrition and Healthy.

Price: from $0.30

Import Dog Snacks Import China

Product Name:  Dog Snacks


Product Description:  Duck, cowhide rolls


Price: from $0.75

Import Dry dog food China

Product Name: Dry dog food

Product Description: Skin and coat health, Digestive health, joint health. Flavor: Chicken/beef/butter/lamb. Main raw materials: Meat, fish, vegetables, grains. Packaging: 500 g, 1.5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, or custom-made. Advantage: No additives, no preservatives, no artificial pigments. Component: A pure and scientific recipe based on natural and quality ingredients.


Price: from $1.20

Import Royal Canin Pet Food China

Product Name: Royal Canin Pet Food

Product Description: Quality pet food Royal Canin 15 kg, 25 kg bags available & ready for export. Small breeds, giant breeds, large breeds. Skin & coat health, digestive health, vitamin. Seafood, fish, fruits, or vegetables.


Price: from $15.00

Import Sweet cat stick China

Product Name: Sweet cat stick

Product Description: Cat food with taste Chicken + egg, cod+ roe, tuna+roe, Salmon +roe, and Abalon.


Price: from $0.04

Pet Products Bestsellers on Alibaba

These are our picks for the Pet Products subcategory.

Import Smart Dog Cat Feeder Automatic China

Product Name: Smart Dog Cat Feeder Automatic

Product Description: Automatic Pet Feeder, Dry food only, Voice Message, 6 Auto Feeding Meals per day, up to 50 portions, 10g-500g, 19×33×28.3 cm.

Price: from $23.00

Import Bulb string lights China

Product Name:  Pet Grooming Kit

Product Description: Pet Cleaning and Grooming products, Plastic, stainless steel, 28×22×7 cm, 700 kg, you can add your logo.

Price: from $6.39

Import Pet brush China

Product Name:  Pet brushes with shampoo compartment

Product Description: Pet bathing products, silicone+plastic, durable, practical, eco-friendly, 90×90×60 mm, blue, yellow, and pink


Price: from $0.39

Import Scratch Post Cat Tree China

Product Name: Scratch Post Cat Tree

Product Description:  Cat Tree, SISAL, Plush + Sisal + MDF, 60×40×75 cm, 8.5 kg, rice + silver, rice + camel, grey, white + grey, brown, dark grey, white, pink + purple.

Price: from $14.34

Import pet bowls with water bottle China

Product Name:  Pet bowls with a water bottle

Product Description: Pet Bowls & Feeders. Colours, white, pink, blue, green, yellow, 1,8l.


Price: from $1.60

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Best-selling Sports & Entertainment products on Alibaba

Sports & Entertainment represents 23% of the sales in the period January/March 2023.

The sports and entertainment category contributes significantly to sales on the Alibaba platform during the period from January to March 2023.

Best sales of Outdoor sports on Alibaba

Here are our picks for the best-selling products in the Outdoor sports sub-category.

Import Speed training parachute China

Product Name:  Speed training parachute

Product Description: Speed training parachute, with strap-on fiber of polypropylene in 34×1. The parachute is 56×34. Different colours of choice.

Price: from $1.85

Import Tactical First Aid Kit Bag China

Product Name: Tactical First Aid Kit Bag

Product Description: Survival Kit, Outdoor Camping Hiking Travelling, Accept Customized Logo, 20×15×11 cm.


Price: from $17.95

Import Telescopic carbon fishing rod China

Product Name: Telescopic carbon fishing rod

Product Description: High-quality carbon fiber, expansion joint spinning, stainless steel rails with ceramic inserts cast retrieval lines
smoothly. The reinforced nylon reel seat is strong, durable, and lightweight. Black/white/red/yellow/orange, customizable. Different sizes in choice.

Price: from $13.50

Import Waterproof camping and hiking tent China

Product Name: Waterproof camping and hiking tent

Product Description: Aluminium, 3/4-person tent, area: 240×240×156 cm, blue, orange, green, dark green.


Price: from $35.90

Import Mini Carbon Fiber Drone 4K/6K camera China

Product Name: Mini Carbon Fiber Drone 4K/6K camera

Product Description: Foldable, 3D flip, With LED lights, With Remote Control, and app control. On order, you have a choice of 2 cameras, 4K or 6K. Image transmission distance: 100 m. Maximum Flight Time: 14–18 minutes.


Price: from $30.99

Yoga & Pilates Bestsellers on Alibaba

Here are our picks for the best products in the “Yoga & Pilates” subcategory.

Import High quality biodegradable cork yoga mat China

Product Name:  High-quality biodegradable cork yoga mat

Product Description: Cork yoga mat for yoga exercises, Cork, Cork+Rubber. Length: 183×61 cm. Size: 183×61 cm. Customized Logo Available.


Price: from $8.12

Import Yoga Pilates 6 in 1 Set China

Product Name:  Yoga Pilates 6 in-1 Set

Product Description: Fitness, yoga set, Pilates 6 in 1 set, yoga block yoga mat with a cordless jump rope. Durable, Adjustable, High Quality, waterproof.

Price: from $0.70

Import Yoga Gym Ball China

Product Name: Yoga Gym Ball

Product Description: Gym ball, 45 cm-85 cm, PVC, customized logo available. Different colours in choice.

Price: from $3.80

Import Magic circle yoga exercise China

Product Name: Magic circle yoga exercise

Product Description: Pilates ring, Diameter 38 cm, Width 3 cm, 283.7g, glass fiber, EVA foam.


Price: from $1.50

Import Foam Roller with Lid China

Product Name:  Foam Roller with Lid

Product Description: Muscle trigger point grid foam roller with lid for yoga exercises. High density, durable, eco-friendly, blue, red, purple, pink, customized colour and logo. 33×14 cm.

Price: from $4

Info DocShipper: Remember to order a sample from your supplier before buying, because a manufacturer will do anything to sell his products. If this one is with the Chinese standards, it does not mean that it will be with the standards of your country. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

The best Mother, Kids & Toys products on Alibaba

Mother, Kids & Toys products account for 33% of sales. They are also in high demand throughout the year.

The “mothers, children, and toys” category contributes significantly to sales on the Alibaba platform and is in high demand throughout the year.

Top Baby Supplies & Products sales on Alibaba

Here are our picks for the best products in the Baby Supplies & Products sub-category.

Import Baby Silicone Divided Plate And Bibs China

Product Name:  Baby Silicone Divided Plate And Bibs

Product Description: Silicone baby feeding set, silicone, multiple colours, 255g.

Price: from $12.18

Import Baby Bottle Warmer China

Product Name: Baby Bottle Warmer

Product Description: Bottle Warmer, Travel Potties, water warmer, Electric, Battery, USB Charging, 92×73×224 mm. Adjustable Temperature Control. Weight: 575g.


Price: from $19.50

Import Small knee brace China

Product Name:  Small knee brace

Product Description: Baby proofing, Baby safety products, walking protector. Age Range: 1–2 years. Green, yellow, blue, pink, light yellow.

Price: from $0.29

Import Seat potty for baby turtle shaped China

Product Name:  Seat potty for a baby turtle shaped

Product Description: Lightweight and compact, easy to take away to avoid a travelling emergency. Made of high-end material, healthy and sturdy. Green/gray (accept customized). 33×24×15 cm.


Price: from $5.14

Import safety lock cartoon puppy child China

Product Name:  Safety lock cartoon puppy child

Product Description : Pack of 4 pieces safety lock cartoon puppy children, 21.4 cm, pink, green, brown.

Price: from $1.59

Top-selling Toy Guns on Alibaba

Here are our picks for the best products in the Toy Guns sub-category.

Import electric water gun kids China

Product Name: Electric Water Gun Toys

Product Description: G18 Electric Water Gun, size: 20.5×3×16, 22.6×11.7×24.6. Blue or red.

Price: from $0.33

Import Fully Automatic Gel Water Gun Pistol China

Product Name: Fully Automatic Gel Water Gun Pistol

Product Description: Electronic Toy. Fully Automatic Gel Water Gun, Ammo Orbie Electric Splatter Ball Gun.


Price: from $6.25

Import Toy Machine Gun China

Product Name:  Realistic kids toy guns soft bullet

Product Description: Electronic Toy, Machine Gun soft bullet, plastic toys. Blue, red, or camouflage colours.

Price: from $7.20

Import water electric high pressure toy gun China

Product Name: Electric High-Pressure Automatic Water Gun Toy

Product Description : Electric water gun, plastic, 58×23×7cm. two colors, black or red.


Price: from $11.80

Import airsoft water gel ball toys gun China

Product Name: Airsoft Plastic Toy Gun Gel Water Ball

Product Description: Toy Pistol Gun to play shooting game, 82 cm. Box with full accessories and water ball.


Price: from $10

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