Top 50 best sellers Alibaba June 2021

Top 50 Best Sellers Alibaba [June 2021]

Top Home appliance best sellers on Alibaba

With a share of 30%, one of the best-selling categories on Alibaba in June 2021 is home appliances.
In this product category, you can find a large choice of products in sub-categories such as : Refrigerators & Freezers and Cooking Appliances.

Discover here the best-selling products for this month.

Top Refrigerators & Freezers best sellers on Alibaba

As there are many devices for Refrigerators and Freezers we have made the selection for you.


Product name : Mini Fridge

Product Description : Mini fridge perfect for sleeping room and kitchen. With dimensions of 485*510*850 and 1-5.5KWatts. Fridge Capacity 63.5L, many certifications such as CE, EMC, ETL, GS, RoHS. The supplier is accredited by ISO9001 and The China Chamber of International Commerce. Minimum of 100 Pieces for customized logo. Produced with stainless steel, you can choose red, black, grey and brown color.


Price range : From €95.00


Product name : Two Doors refrigerators BCD-138

Product Description : Warranty 3 years. Dimensions of 475*488*1048 mm, and two doors.

With a superior quality standard, you can also choose color for the design you want.

Price range : From €70.00


Product name : Mini Fridge Glass Door

Product Description : Can be used in Car, Outdoor, Garage, Household, capacity of 6L/min, warranty of 1 year. This product is also certificate by ISO 9001:2015, power Source battery, gas, M.O.Q of 1 piece. For customized logo minimum Order of 20 Pieces., you can also choose color.

Price range : From €29.50


Product name : Makeup Skincare Fridge

Product Description : Warranty 1 year, certificate, you can use in Hotel, Car, Outdoor, Garage, RV, Household, Dimensions of 19.5*26*28cm, capacity of 8L, especially for cosmetics.

Certificate CE and RoHS, mandatory standard established by EU legislation. It is mainly used to regulate the material and process standards of electrical and electronic products.

Price range : From €28.90


Product name : PINKTOP Beauty Cosmetic Mini Fridge

Product Description : With dimensions of 270*268*445mm, warranty 1 year, different certifications EMC, CB, ce, ETL, RoHS, LFGB, GS. Wide choice of colors.

For logo a minimum order of 500 Pieces. Capacity of 13L

Price range : From €76.00

Top Cooking Appliances best sellers on Alibaba

We have made a selection of the best sellers for Cooking Appliances.


Product name : Multifunctional Breakfast Machine

Product Description : Multifunctional Breakfast Machine, coffee machine and oven all in one. Warranty 2 years and 220 voltage. Dimensions : 45X18X26 cm. Certified CE and very fast delivery (approximately 10 days).

Especially, you can also customized logo and size on request.


Price range : From €19.50


Product name : Mini Electric Hot Air Fryer 4L

Product Description : With a digital control, you can prepare 5 pizza or 4chicken wings at the same time. Various functions such as : Adjustable Thermostat Control, LCD Display, Non-Stick Cooking Surface, Overheat Protection, With Light Indicator...

Warranty 1 year and certified Supplier Assessment, ISO 9001 ROHS, CE and JOY Kitchen Equipment

Price range : From €29.90


Product name : Double oven gas ranges with 6 burners

Product Description : With its 6 burners, you can use this oven for several functions : Grill, With Oven, With Simmering Function. Certified by CSA Qualifed Testing Laboratory and ISO 9001. Warranty 1 year. After-sales Service
offers you on-site installation, field maintenance and repair service.

Price range : From €4,699

Komex Smart Convection-docshipper

Product name : Komex Smart Convection Oven Breakfast Machine with Toaster

Product Description : Komex Breakfast Machine Manufacturer includes a smart convection oven with toaster, warranty 1 year and certified by CB, CE, EMC, GS, RoHS, SASO, UR. Function : Frying pan, Grill Oven, Boiler, Frying pan.

Price range : From €29.00


Product name : Digital Electric Air Fryer

Product Description : With dimensions of 270*268*445mm, warranty 1 year, for home kitchen, with digital touch screen and 8 preset programs ! And oil capacity of 8.0L/6.0L. Certified by CB, CE, GS, LFGB, RoHS

For logo a minimum order of 500 Pieces. Capacity of 13L and customized logo acceptable

Price range : From €36.30

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Top Consumer Electronics products on Alibaba

The Consumer Electronic category is the second most sold this month on alibab in June 2021 with a percentage of 25%

Top Computer Hardware & Software on Alibaba

The computer hardware & software category composed by many products, gives you a wide choice for several kinds of products such as android tablet, smart computer monitor desktop...


Product name : LTE Android 6.0 MT6580A Quad Core tablet

Product Description : This LTE Android 6.0 MT6580A Quad core 1GB + 16GB Android tablet tablet with dual SIM card slot. Certified FCC, CE and RoHS. Screen size is 8 ". With Quad Core processor type and multi-language support, Network compatible with wifi, bluetooth, GSM, 3G and warranty 1 year.


Price range : From €61.40


Product name : Grandstar Screen PC 24

Product Description : 24 inch curved narrow bezel led PC n display for smart computer and desktop with USB support, warranty 1 year, FCC, CE and RoHS certification. Perfect for playing games or watching series / videos

After-sales service offers you on-line Technical Support, Onsite Training and call center

Price range : From €133.20


Product name : Original SanDisk 2.0 USB Flash Drive

Product Description : Original SanDisk CZ50 2.0 Pen Drive 8 GB. Warranty 2 years, model number CZ50. Small, design and practical this usb san disk is available on 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB. Very great value

Price range : From €3.24

All-in-one PC Hystou-docshipper

Product name : All-in-one PC Hystou

Product Description : You have the choice between 2 screen sizes (23.8 and 21.5), 8G RAM and 256G SSD
this 1080p full HD quality computer, this All in one PC has process Intel CORE I7, with all types of US, JP, CN, AU, UK, EU plugs
Windows 10 and with LCD and gaming display type. Certified by FCC, CE, RoHS, SGS and ISO9001

Price range : From €465.78

Ceamere CMC5 OTG USB2.0-docshipper

Product name : Ceamere CMC5 OTG USB2.0

Product Description : Double connection USB 2 year warranty, available in 7 colors, with 12GB-128GB storage space, the product is FCC, CE, RoHS certified. made of metal, minimum quantity of 2 pieces and possibility of customized with logo for MOQ 10 pieces.

Price range : From €0.9587

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Top Mobile Phones best sellers on Alibaba

We have made a selection of the best sellers for Mobile Phones.


Product name : TKYUAN Smartwatch WIFI 4G GPS

Product Description : TKYUAN Smartwatch with Sim Card Slot Call, Waterproof, WIFI 4G Gps for children,

Minimum order of 100 pieces for customized logo ans 1000 pieces for customized packaging. Choose between Blue, Pink, Black color. Certified RoHS. Dimensions 9X9X6 cm, you can also choose and customize online.

Price range : From €39.89

Women M5 Smart Watches Waterproof-Docshipper

Product name : Women M5 Smart Watches Waterproof

Product Description : CE marking with screen resolution of 320X385. This watch has thermometer, alarm clock, sleep tracker and fitness tracker, a 230MAH / 170MAH battery. The case is made of alloy and waterproof
44mm interchangeable straps. Color Silver black and rose gold
Packaging customization avaliable.

Price range : From €14.82


Product name : VIVISTAR M4 Band Watch

Product Description : Heart rate display and monitor. Waterproof bracelet, GPS and weather forecast

Screen Resolution 128x128. Android operator system, customized logo available and different color, perfect for sport !

Price range : From €2.99

4G Big Smart Watch Android Domiwear-docshipper

Product name : 4G Big Smart Watch Android Domiwear

Product Description : Chinese and English language, support 2.4G \ 5G, waterproof, 640 * 480 pixel resolution, 2880Ah lithium battery, facebook, whatsapp, WCDMA, GPS, analyse other apps to download, 3G RAM + 32GB ROM (optional), RoHS certified, very practical and above all, design.

Price range : From €89.09


Product name : Xiaomi MI 11 5g Smartphone

Product Description : The trendy Xiaomi Mi 11 5g Celular 50W Wireless Charging Octa Core, very design, with 8G/12GB RAM, Black, white, blue, purple color, all the features of a high-end phone (5G) ! Warranty 1 year. Microchip snapdragon 888

Price range : From €592.66

Top selling Furniture on Alibaba

One of the top categories selling on Alibaba in June 2021, with a share of 15%, is Furniture.

In this category, you have a large choice of products in sub-categories including Living Room Furniture and Baby Furniture. Here we present some of the specific products that you may be interested in selecting to sell in your business.

Top Baby Furniture best sellers on Alibaba

Among the Baby Furniture products, as there is a large variety of products, we selected for you a few attractive products that you can add to your business.


Product name : YYXuan Baby Table Dining Chair

Product Description : Baby feeding chair, high quality with safety belt, you can choose different colors (brown, pink, blue), for 1-4 years old babies. The M.O.Q is 1 unit. Certified by CCC, compliance certification

The supplier offers you an inspection report before your order packaged and guaranteed for 1 year.

Price range : From €6.84


Product name : PE Baby play yard Feiqitoy

Product Description : Certified by CPC / CE / GCC / SNI and ISO9001 and dimensioned 196*196CM.

Minimum 10 units to order, you can choose between Grey,White and Pink color. Very spacious and can accommodate children up to 6 years old. Living room, bedroom, babies and kids room, school, park and even in the garden.

Price range : From €20.16

Child Fence Melody --docshipper

Product name : Child Fence Melody

Product Description : Minimum 500PCS to order, 75*82*5CM, customized logo available, also available on WHITE/BLACK color. You can use it for bathroom, bedroom, balcony, kitchen, entrance and stairs, safety first !

Price range : From €8.98

Baby cradle swing bed Mj Toy-docshipper

Product name : Baby cradle swing bed Mj Toy

Product Description : The Baby cradle swing bed by MJ TOY is certified by EN71/ 7P/ PAHS/ EN60825, minimum 4 units to order, provided with all accessories, very practical and excellent value !

Price range : From €27.00


Product name : Baby Crib 

Product Description : The Baby Crib by BabyCasa is available on several colors Espresso, White, Cherry, Black, Grey, Natural. The supplier is approved by Alibaba third-party certification of production and trade assessment. Both sober and comfortable, 174*84*11CM and 26.6KG !

Price range : From €133.32

Top Living Room Furniture best sellers on Alibaba

We have chosen for you the best sellers for Living Room Furniture product


Product name : Wall decoration 3PC YSJ

Product Description : Floating wooden wall hanging frame, novelty 2021. To order, minimum quantity of 10 pieces, iron, stainless steel, wood, bamboo and so on, can be customed. White / black / grey / pink or silver, also accept customed color. Perfect for indoor decoration or decoration for offices !

Price range : From €1.69

Bamboo Wood Shoe Racks-docshipper-

Product name : Shoe Rack Wooden

Product Description : Modern multilayer domestic solid wood, shoe rack, cream or white color, customizable size, graphic, logo. Mininum order quantity of 100 pieces.

Price range : From €15.16

Three Seater Convertible-Docshipper

Product name : Three Seater Convertible Portable Folding Sofa Bed

Product Description : Living Room Sofa, modern and american style, 100% eco-friendly solid wood with high density foam. Customized color is available you can customize design, size, color etc. Warranty 2 years and sample order is acceptable.

Price range : From €155.73

Bamboo Wood Shoe Racks-docshipper-

Product name : Bamboo Wood Shoe Racks

Product Description : For Home Furniture, minimum 10 pieces to order, 50*25*25 size, you can choose between 2 and 6 levels, BSCI TARGET CE and ROHS certification. Sample provide and free

Price range : From €4.21

Soft leather rocking chairs-docshipper

Product name : Soft leather rocking chairs

Product Description : This design chair style contemporary by Lemon Furniture, very modern and perfect for home office, living room, bedroom, hotel, villa, apartment, made from fiberglass, PU / leather soft. Black, white, red and other leather colors for choose.

Quality warranty 5--8 years !

Price range : From €173.40

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Top selling Gifts & Crafts on Alibaba

One of the top categories selling on Alibaba in June 2021, with a share of 5%, is Gifts & Crafts

In this category, you have a large choice of products in sub-categories including Crafts and Home Decoration. Here we present some of the specific products that you may be interested in selecting to sell in your business.

Top Craft best sellers on Alibaba

Among the Craft products, as there is a large variety of products, we selected for you a few attractive products that you can add to your business.

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plated metal badge-docshipper

Product name : Plated Metal Badge

Product Description : Minimum 50 pieces to order, produced with Brass, iron, zinc alloy, stainless steel. 2D, 3D, double-sided and other custom shape, you can custome the color, many models available and others on request.

Price range : From €0.2778

Rainbow Magic Paper Art-docshipper

Product name : Rainbow Magic Paper Art

Product Description : 9 Pieces Rainbow Magic Paper Art for Scratch Painting, Sketching, Children's Postcard, 100 pieces MOQ, for children above 3 years old, certified by ASTM international / AMFORI/ Material safety Data sheet and SEDEX.

Price range : From €0.7239

Himalayan salt lamp-Docshipper

Product name : Himalayan salt lamp

Product Description :15w wood-based bulb decoration natural crystal stone rock light effect. Pink / himalayan colors, choose pink, gray, white color. With organic matter, ETL, CE, Rosh certified. Available to customization. Different Size for choose.

Price range : From €3.29

Customizable engraved LED card-Docshipper

Product name : Customizable engraved LED card

Product Description : LED card for events such as wedding invitations. Unique acrylic card, customizable, laser engraved with the possibility of affixing a logo. Minimum 5O pieces to order, choose different colors White, blue, red, green, 130*180mm*2mm size but you can also custom the size.

Price range : From €1.35


Product name : Baby Milestone Card

Product Description : Wood carved card for photo props, minimum order quantity 50pcs. Custom Logo available certified by BPA / CE / EN71 / CPSIA / AU.
Made of wood,free of BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates, latex & cadmiumnice. Each cut into natural blonde timber, several variations and color available.

Price range : From €0.3704

Top Home Decoration on Alibaba

We have listed for you the best sellers of the items for Home Decoration

Modern Creative Nordic Gifts-docshipper

Product name : Modern Creative Nordic Gifts

Product Description : Modern Creative Nordic Gifts Accessories Home Decor Abstract Ceramic Craft Ornaments. Eco-friendly and minimum 3 pieces to order; certified by ETL ROHS SAA and warranty quality 5 years, customization available.

Price range : From €21.05


Product name : Wooden Model Art with Light

Product Description : Minimum 20 units to order, in accordance with international standards. Can be used in bathroom, bedroom, dining room, living room, kids room. Possibility to customize the color, logo. Size 36 * 22.5cm

Price range : From €2.69

Home Decoration Accessories Mayco Docshipper

Product name : Home Decoration Accessories Mayco

Product Description : Handmade and modern design interior tableware decoration, Nordic style for table. Size 15 * 8CM. Suitable for living rooms, minimum 2 units to order, eco friendly and available for customization. Gold color and shiny effect

Price range : From €19.86

Metal glazed ceramic ornaments-docshipper

Product name : Metal glazed ceramic ornaments

Product Description : For business gifts, party or presents. Metal enameled copper ceramic ornaments. Decorative accessories for tableware, MOQ of 4 pcs.
Minimalist for bedroom, dining room, entryway, indoor and outdoor, product made from ceramic

Price range : From €19.86

Handmade Indian Feather-Docshipper

Product name : Handmade Indian Feather

Product Description : Handmade indian feather dream catcher, bedroom decor, ornaments, craft gifts or for gifting. Can be hung in bedroom, dining room, dormitory, indoor and outdoor. Minimalist, coastal, bohemian design with Nordic and handmade flair. None M.O.Q
5.6 inches (65 cm); width: 7.87 inches (20cm) in diameter.
Produced with made yarn, wood bead, feather.

Price range : From €4.21

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Top selling Watches, Jewelry and Eyewear on Alibaba

One of the top selling categories on Alibaba in June 2021, with a percentage of 25%, is watches, jewelry and eyewear.

In this category, you have a large choice of products in sub-categories as Watches and Necklaces.
Here are some specific items that may interest you in selecting the products you want to sell in your company.

Top Watches best sellers on Alibaba

As there are many devices for Watches we have made the selection for you.

Mens Watch 3D Quartz-docshipper

Product name : Men's Watch 3D Quartz Large Steel Dial

Product Description : Unisex fashion watch with quartz movement, made of stainless steel, not waterproof. Alloy brand, mineral hardened glass and screw type crown. Case thickness: 17mm, luxury style, minimum quantity of 5 pieces to order, colors red bronze, gold or black and customization available !

Price range : From €9.75

Natural Wood Watches Bewell-docshipper

Product name : Natural Wood Wrist Watches Bewell

Product Description : Unique wooden design wooden watch for man with 100% natural wood material, not only looks retro and chic but also eco-friendly. Warranty 1 year, packaging customization available. Paper box pine or bamboo box, different colors availbable. Certified by CE, FSC, RoHS.

Price range : From €13.99

Watch Full Diamond Automatic Chronograph-Docshipper

Product name : Watch Full Diamond Automatic Chronograph

Product Description : Watch shiny effect "ice" with different colors available (Gold, silver, black & silver, gold silver.) Pointer dial display and case material in alloy. 43mm dial diameter, for men style fashion. 10mm case thickness.

Price range : From €46.72

Reloj quartz mens-docshipper

Product name : Reloj quartz men's watch GENEVA

Product Description : Reloj quartz men's watch, available on 4 colors, MOQ 500pcs for customized order. Luxury watch on top stainless steel. Day date and water resistant, 12 months battery life. Sample free

Price range : From €1.53

Women Feather Watches-Docshipper

Product name : Women Feather Dial Watches

Product Description : Custom branded alloy wristwatch, possibility to add sky stars. Quartz bracelet for women, classic and modern style for ladies. Alloy case material and dial display analog, MOQ 200pcs
8mm case thickness, 40 dial diameter, 9 colors available.

Price range : From €0.9579

Top Necklaces best sellers on Alibaba

We have listed for you the best sellers of the items for Necklaces.

Gold Plated Blue-Docshipper

Product name : Gold Plated Blue Zircon

Product Description : 14K Gold Plated Blue Zircon, Women's Jewelry Pendant, Water Drop Necklace, 12pcs minimum to order. Gold plated, eco-friendly, fashion jewelry style and trendy. Production handcrafted micro-pave

Price range : From €1.28


Product name : Zodiac Necklace

Product Description : Zodiac Necklace style trendy, eco friendly classic, for anniversary, engagement, gift, party or wedding occasion. Customization logo laser machine available. The design of necklaces are customizable. Minimum order quantity 12 pieces.

Price range : From €0.1781

Cuban Link Chain Necklace-Docshipper

Product name : Cuban Link Chain Necklace

Product Description : Cuban Link Chain Necklace Cuban link chain necklace. High quality mens ice crystal cuban link chain necklace 2 colors, 12 pcs made to order third party certified appraisal. Alloy material, crystal rhinestone
or you can also customize the packaging

Price range : From €1.67


Product name : Custom Name Necklace Jewelry

Product Description : Customizable silver letter stainless steel pendant jewelry with gold color nameplate, monogram necklace, trendy style and customizable design, 1 piece minimum to order, sample order accepted
Certified; EC; SGS; ROHS. For occasions like birthday, party, wedding, engagement, etc.
If you have any ideas and drawings, you can provide design to the manufacturer and help with the design and manufacture to finished product. Custom made size type logo available

Price range : From €0.6782

Enamel Devil's Eyes-Docshipper

Product name : Enamel "Devil's Eyes" Gold Plated Sterling 

Product Description : Pendant necklace for women, color rhodium / gold plated, 45 cm diameter, certified by GTDC. Environment-friendly real gold multi-layer plating, classic and fashion. MOQ is 2 pcs and customization available for 50 pieces.

Price range : From €7.07

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