Top 50 best sellers alibaba May 2021

Top 50 best sellers Alibaba [MAY 2021]

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Top selling Consumer electronics category on Alibaba

With a percentage of 35%, the "Consumer Electronics" category is the top best-selling category in May 2021 on Alibaba.

In this category, there is different kinds of electronic products: TVs, camera, phones, accessories, chargers...

Top selling accessories and spare parts on Alibaba

In this category, you will find all the accessories that have been liked by the user in electronic devices. You will be to find also spare parts.

Plateforme de charge téléphone

Product name : Phone charging platform - UUTEK

Product Description : This charging platform is changing the industry by allowing you to charge your phone directly on the platform and this without cable.

Measuring a diameter of 10 cm and a thickness of 1 cm, it is really practical.
You can customize it and add your own logo to it.

Price range : From $1,26

Batterie externe

Product name : External battery - OEM ODM

Product Description : This external battery has a capacity of charge of 5 000 or 10 000 mAh so you can have charge with you everywhere.

With 3 to 5 hours autonomy when fully on, and thanks to its small size, you can carry it in you pocket.

This accessory is customizable in colors or with a logo of your choice.

Price range : From $1,50

Plateforme de charge téléphone + montre co + écouteurs

Product name : Multifunctional charging stand - OEM

Product Description : This charging stand will charge all your electronic devices. The device is able to charge at the same time, your phone, your smartwatch, and your headphones by controlling the power of the charge and configuring their charging cycle.

Price range : From $12,20

Réveil connecté au téléphone

Product name : Connected alarm clock - Shenzhen Top Micro Technology Co. LTD

Product Description : This alarm clock allows you to connect the two devices together by imply puting the phone on the alarm clock. Only set the alarm with your phone and it will be the perfect. Finally, the advantage is that it will be charging your phone.

Price range : From $4,80

Coque rechargeable pour téléphone

Product name : Rechargeable phone shell - NEWDERY

Product Description : This phone case charge your phone while protecting it !

Just clip it on your phone, press the button on / off and let it charge your mobile. Very practical on trips. Customize it in the color of your choice, or with a logo!

Price range : From $9,00

Top selling cameras and other accessories on Alibaba

You will find in this category cameras of different sizes, but also accessories to associate to your cameras.


Caméra avec micro

Product name : Professional camera 4k

Product Description : This 4k camera is a high standard. thanks to this super camera, make profssional videos, and capture the sounds with a incredible quality.

Thanks to its size, carry it everywhere.

Price range : From $78,00


Product name : Drone 4 K - Regent

Product Description : This 4K drone is equipped with a battery of 3.7V/1100 mAh which can alloww you to fly for 15minutes and control it until 100 meters. Make beautiful pictures of your events or landscape.

Price range : From $22,81

Caméra HD

Product name : Sport camera - Sinmos

Product Description : This waterproof sports high-definition camera is furnished with a Full HD 1080P screen and a battery of 90mAh and a SD card. Capture your best experiences.

This object is also customizable with a logo.

Price range : From $6,99

Stabilisateur pour téléphone

Product name : Stabilizer for phone

Product Description : Stabilize your phone thanks to these 3 axes in order to obtain better quality images. bring it everywhere thanks to its 10/12 hour autonomy and 500 grams weight.

Price range : From $36.00

Eclairage pour téléphone

Product name : Ring light for phone - Funipique

Product Description : This 10 inch LED ring will enlight your videos or pictures. Diameter of 19cm, adaptable to most of phone models, you can adjust the light tone. It is a 10 W device.

Price range : From $3.90

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The best selling home and garden items on Alibaba

With a percentage of 25%, the category "Home & Garden" is the second best selling category to this month.

In this category, you can find different types of products : house items, decoration items for your indoor, or for your garden.

Top selling tableware on Alibaba

You'll find below our list of tableware.


Product name : 28 pieces porcelain dinner service - JIABAIEN

Product Description : This 28 pieces porcelain set contains : three soup dishes, two dishes, one large spoon, six spoons, six rice bowls, six plates, four pasta dishes.

Receive your guests and make them feel like in a restaurant with a complete decorated service that can perfectly suit a professional use.

Price range : From $70

Plat en verre de différente taille

Product name : Glass salad bowl set - Sinyao

Product Description : These 5 salad bowls will make your table even more beautiful and keep your food in good conditions thanks to their lids. They are aslo compatible with microwaves or ovens.

These salad bowls are also customizable in lids color or logo.

Price range : From 1.19$

Plat en verre de différente taille

Product name : Biodegradable service - OEM

Product Description : This disposable biodegradable plates set will be useful especially in great events.

The set of plates is composed from customizable plates. Also it is made out of vegetal material. Includes forks, knives, spoons...

You can also customize the shape of your plates.

Price range : From $0.01


Product name : Porcelain dinner set - Bosung

Product Description : This set is composed of a coffee cup, various sizes o dishes, a napkin holder, spoon, knife and fork.
You can customize it with your logo.

Price range : From $3.60


Product name : Bamboo plates - DK

Product Description : These bamboo plates are giving an exotic and natural style to your dishes. Also thy are eco-friendly.

The plates are available for a diameter ranging between 10.5cm and 27cm.

Price range : From $1.25

Top selling kitchen tools on Alibaba

In this category you will find kitchen tools to use in your daily life.


Product name : Complete wine set - FGLD

Product Description : This complete set of wine tasting will suit all your aperitifs with your friends ! It is composed of 4 essential pieces, all in stainless steel in a gift box. Different sizes available, as well as different colors.

Price range : From $6.60

Moulin à poivre

Product name : Electric bottle opener - Soleil

Product Description : Very practical for opening faster your bottles, or for old people, it measures 25cm and 4.5cm of diameter. Potentially customizable you can add your logo on it for your own brand !

Price range : From $6.40


Product name : Mandolin - Ourok

Product Description : This 12-in-1 mandolin has 12 functions and will be an indispensable tool in your kitchen! Different cuts are possible with the spare parts and it will save your time.
Two colors are available. Size : 11.5 cm x 32 cm

Price range : From $5.80

Glaçons rond

Product name : Ice cube tray - BHD

Product Description : This indoor vaporization system is portable. You can bring it everywhere you want !

This object will be able to refresh you during hot weather, and also relieve you from humidity. It can indeed contain up to 6 L of water, and can be controlled remotely.

Available in two colors (white support and interior or white support and blue interior), this product can be customized with a logo.

Price range : From $1.12

Set de cuillère

Product name : Cooking spoon set - Hiscope

Product Description : This set of cooking spoons made of wood will change your cooking routine ! It should be a useful for individuals and restaurant owner.

Between 18cm and 35cm, there are different types of spoons. Wash tem easily by putting them into your dishwasher. Product is heat resistant.

Price range : From $1.30

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The best selling machinery on Alibaba

The "Machinery " category with its 15% percentage of the month sells is the fourth best-selling category in May 2021 on Alibaba.

In this category, you can find different types of machines like agricultural, pharmaceutic and so on..

Top of the best machinery for textile

Find in this part the different types of machines related to the manufacture of textile products.



Machine à broder

Product name : Embroidery machine - Leija

Product Description : This computer embroidery machine is really helpful in big industries but also with PME's. These computer will allow you to chose the head, the number of needle and change the modes between flat, 3D, straw, cording, or beading.

Price range : From $999

machine à coudre

Product name : Thailstock sewing machine -YIZE

Product Description : This tailstock sewing machine will work on all textiles and will save you a lot of time. It has a computer that will allow you to quilt the fabrics its single needle.
Of course, this machine is customizable.

Price range : From $1998

machine à découper

Product name : Cutting machine - AOL

Product Description : This cutting machine is perfect for making fabric with its speed of 1400mm per second and cutting thickness is up to 22mm.

Price range : From $10 000

machine à coudre petit format

Product name : Computerized sewing machine - Wonyo

Product Description : This computerized home sewing machine will be suiting profesionnal, amateur and beginners.
The area coverd by the machine is 23.5 x 10 cm.

Price range : From $499

Mini machine à coudre

Product name : Mini Sewing machine - Wonyo

Product Description : This is an mini style sewing machine that can work also for beginners. Bring it everywhere and sew for example in the train. Size : 21 x 6,5 x 3,5 cm.

Price range : From $3.88

Top "Agriculture Machinery & Equipment" best sellers on Alibaba

You will find in this category all the machines and the related equipment for agriculture you can buy to add to your catalogue.

agricultural drone for pesticide

Product name : TYi Agricultural drone pesticide sprayer

Product Description : This drone is disrupting the agriculture by making the spreading of pesticide so easy even of large fields. Thanks to the customizable programs, you can design the size of your land and let the drone do its work. The drone capacity is about 10L pesticide, spreading o a width of 6 meters and controllable from 1KM maximum.

Price range : From $3080,99

Mini tractor

Product name : Multifonctionnal mini tractor 12-20HP

Product Description : Mini tractor is belt drive, but with hydraulic to lift and down. Can only match the unique farm machinery and tools, same as walking tractor. Thanks to this tractor you will be able to work even your small lands without investing so much. 4 cylinder motor,  2.25m x 1.25m x 1.3m.

Price range : From $1800,00


Product name : Newest 800ml Disinfection Blue Light Nano Gun

Product Description : This disinfection gun, will help you to keep clean all your equipments. Already know from nightclubs owner, thanks to it's blue light it shows all the dirt and stains. You can use it for your industrial equipment or your machines even for your home. It can contain 800ml

Price range : From $15

Eggs incubator

Product name : Eggs incubator HHQ

Product Description : His eggs incubator has a capacity of 5000 chicken eggs, 4572 Duck eggs. An humidor and heat controller is included. It will allow you to incubate these eggs in the bet conditions. It is perfect for a small company but its a high standard quality that will satisfy also bigger ones.

Price range : From $630,00

Smal hydroponic green house

Product name : Small hydroponic greenhouse - Caiduoduo

Product Description : This hydroponic greenhouse can fit in your house or you can add many if you want to grow more plants. The LEDs are professional quality. It comes with instruction book, gauze and plants growing nets. You can grow all the plants you dreamt of.

Price range : From $120,00

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Top “Packaging and printing” best sellers on Alibaba

With a percentage of 5%, the category "packaging and printing" is the fifth best-selling category in MAY 2021 on Alibaba.

Below, we list some best-selling packaging products this month!

Top “Tobacco packaging” bestsellers on Alibaba

In this category, we'll show you the bestsellers of the tobacco products.


Product name : Travel cigar case

Product Description : This plastics cigar case is perfect for travelling. Bring your cigars everywhere in the world, and enjoy them wherever you want.

Price range : From $17,20


Product name : Professional electric cigar cabinet with constant humidor

Product Description : This professional cabinet is perfect to protect your cigars in the best conditions. The humidor and the hydrometer allow you to control the humidity and the locker will secure them. It needs a 110V alimentation and is perfect for a professional use.

Price range : From $1790,00


Product name : Premium leather cigar case

Product Description : This premium leather cigar case is perfect for your office and your house. It is elegant thanks to its nice leather, and it contains hydrometer and humidor for good conditions.  Also you can travel with it and put it in your suitcase.

Price range : From $18,62


Product name : Design leather pocket cigar pouch

Product Description : The pouch is made for 2 cigars and fits perfectly in a pocket or a bag. It has a place for cigar cutter and will satisfy your daily needs.

Price range : From $20,00


Product name : Travel leather pouch for cigars

Product Description : This product will be perfect for your travels, because of it looks which is elegant because of the two-tone leather, it will be nice baggage to have to carry you cigars in other places. Also, it is really practical because it has a special place for each accessory.


Price range : From $5,60

Top “Food packaging” best sellers on Alibaba

You will find in this category the best food packaging that have been selected on Alibaba this month.


wooden box

Product name : Wooden Box

Product Description : These small wooden boxes will be perfect for your packaging. They are perfect for gifts or give a unique experience to your clients. of course you can customize them with your brand or according to your needs.

Price range : From $0.25

superior wine case

Product name : Superior wine case

Product Description : This superior wine case is made of wood and is polished to give even a better appearance to it. Your high-priced bottle will fit perfectly in it. Also you can make it a pack including 2 bottles and their accessories.

Price range : From $5,00


Product name : Multiple color set of cups with sleeves and lids

Product Description : This set of items are perfect for your coffee shop. It is customizable and will make the difference from others. You could even decorate them yourself after. small and easy to recycle.

Price range : From $0.05


Product name : Design plastic and hermetic pouch

Product Description : These plastic pouches are made for example for the small nuts, the seeds or tea that you may sell. They are resistant to humidity and customizable in color or material.

Price range : From $0.07

Aluminium food packaging

Product name : Food packaging boxes in aluminium

Product Description : Stop wasting and buy these food boxes. There are different sizes, so you can adapt to the quantity. Useable as doggy bags or food delivery, they keep warmness and are suitable to ovens.

Price range : From $0,04

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Top "Lights & lighting" best sellers on Alibaba

With a percentage of 20%, the category "light and lighting" is the second best-selling category in May 2021 on Alibaba.

In this category, you'll find the different bestsellers of lights and lighting of May 2021

Top “Outdoor lighting” best sellers on Alibaba

In this category, you will find different type outdoor lighting.

lampe murale

Product name : Mural LED Strip - Sconce

Product Description : Modern, stylish and waterproof, it will be perfect around your swimming pool or on your terrace. It works with 110V/220V.

Price range : From $13.25


Product name : Flame garden light

Product Description : This ambiance light is similar to a small fire and gives a really warm feeling where you put it. It is really nice in a garden or in your terrace.


Price range : From $15,49

ground lumieres

Product name : Ground solar-powered lights

Product Description : Thanks to the solar panel integrated, they don't need electricity. Perfect for the pathway, or around your house, it will be easy to install.

Price range : From $1.67


Product name : Solar light

Product Description : This solar light is perfect and will allow you to save energy thanks to its solar panel. It can be used for parking or entrance or any place exposed to the sun.

Price range : From $15,00


Product name : Outdoor solar light cube

Product Description : This cube is perfect for your gardens our pathways. Its solar panel allows you to save a lot of energy spending and make you pathway more beautiful.

Price range : From $29

Top "chandeliers & pendants lights" best sellers on Alibaba

You will find in this category original types of lighting, that you could add to your catalogue.


indoor led stripe

Product name : Bedroom led stripe adjustable

Product Description : This led stripe has the advantage of changing the colors according to the ambiance you're looking for but also to be really convenient.


Price range : From $19,98

cloud lamp

Product name : Cloud lamp

Product Description : This cloud will bring a chill ambiance to the room where you'll put it. It is a 3D cloud which you can regulate the intensity.

Price range : From $75,00

bulbs light

Product name : Bulb light

Product Description : This is a perfect chandelier for the kitchen. Its width and many lights are bringing brightness to your rooms.

Price range : From $59.99


Product name : Wooden chandelier lamp

Product Description : With its wooden srtucture and cables, it will light perfectly your kitchen or bar or living room. It will provide a vintage and industrial ambiance.

Price range : From $50,00

melt light

Product name : Designer melt lamp creative 

Product Description : This design lamp has the style of melted iron, it is really a classy piece of decoration. It will give to your living room a particular ambiance especially if you combine multiple ones.

Price range : From $38,80

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