Top 50 Best Sellers Alibaba [November 2021]

Top 50 Best Sellers Alibaba [November 2021]

Top Home Appliance best sellers on Alibaba

Home Appliance is one of Alibaba's most popular categories in November 2021, with a percentage of 25%. The range of products offered is incredible. Here are a few items to consider adding to your list of stuff to sell in your business.

Top Kitchen Appliances on Alibaba

We've chosen a few articles that you might be interested in selling for kitchen appliances due to the high variety.

Superior Tea Water -Electric Kettle

Product name: Superior Tea Water -Electric Kettle

Product description: Portable Electric Kettle made of aluminum, with an original shape and a large capacity sufficient for 2-4 people, offering rapid heating.

Price range: from $3.35

 Coffee Machine

Product Name:  Coffee Machine

Product description: One Automatic espresso, cappuccino, and latte coffee machine. It is a self-cleaning machine that is faster and stable. Available in a variety of sizes according to the use (at home, in a café, or in an office).

Price range: from $260.00

2 slice sandwich maker

Product name: 2 slice sandwich toaster 

Product description: 2 slice fixed plate stainless-steel sandwich toaster, made from Bakelite + Aluminum's. S, Non-stick coating plate for easy cleaning, Automatic temperature control. Available in 3 colors.


Price range: from $3.00

 electric hand stick blender

Product name: juicer electric hand stick blender

Product Description: High quality 3 in 1 multipurpose juicer electric hand stick blender(blender, chopper, egg mixer) offered with customized color, It's simple to put together and take apart for cleaning. It has two speeds with 8 variable speed control.

Price range: from $7.10

 electric hand stick blender

Product name: juicer electric hand stick blender

Product Description: High quality 3 in 1 multipurpose juicer electric hand stick blender(blender, chopper, egg mixer) offered with customized color, It's simple to put together and take apart for cleaning. It has two speeds with 8 variable speed control.

Price range: from $7.10

Mini juicer blender

Product name:  Portable Juicer Blender

Product description: Electric Mixer Blender, Mini juicer machine, available in  Blue Pink Purple Green, operated by USB cable(fast charging via laptop, mobile power, or other USB devices), you can brew a glass of juice in only  90 seconds, you can use it to make smoothies, baby food shakes.


Price range: from $3.70

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Top Vacuum cleaners best sellers on Alibaba

We've compiled a list of the best-selling items for Vacuum cleaners.


Cleaning Robot

Product name: Robot vacuum cleaner

Product description: High intelligence and performance, multifunctional Robot Vacuum cleaner, easy cleaning process with mobile app control you can adjust the cleaning modes as you need at any time. It may be used in both wet and dry environments.

Price range: from $108.00

Table Mini  Cleaner

Product Name: Table Mini  Cleaner

Product description: Portable Dry Battery Dust Sweeper for Home, Car, small desktop office, and even for pet use .USB rechargeable, powerful suction, Automatic power off. Working time is about 90 minutes straight. It comes in a variety of colors.

Price range: from $1.98

Mite Vacuum Cleaner

Product name:  Mite Vacuum Cleaner

Product description: Professional UV vacuum cleaner for Home and Hotel. Suitable for bed, Sofa and Blanket. It has 9 powerful functions to remove effectively  Mites and Dust on the surface quickly.

Price range: from $13.50

Mini Vacuum Cleaners

Product name: Mini Vacuum Cleaners 

Product Description: Lightweight and portable. Multifunction for deep cleaning. It can work continuously for 30 minutes. Elegant design with a small shape of 0.5g so it is easy to store and use.

Price range: from $27.90

 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Product name: Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Product Description: Low light handheld push rob with front large suction, so the whole house is easy to stick plus in-depth cleaning corner gap so no need to move your furniture. There are 2 accessories tips for targeted cleaning Floor, Stick tip and Flat suction. It's Maximum Runtime:30-60min

Price range: from $11.00

Top Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear best sellers on Alibaba

The Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear  category is the second most popular product on Alibaba in November 2021, with a percentage of 20%

Top Jewelry on Alibaba

We've prepared a list of the best-selling products for Jewelry.

white gold wedding rings

Product name: white gold ring

Product description: Three stone, anniversary wedding diamond engagement ring. Accompanied by a jewelry box, there are plenty of box designs for your selection. Also, you have the possibility to customize your design or sample.

Price range: from $75.00 

Opal Engagement Ring

Product Name: Opal Engagement Ring

Product description: High-Quality Silver Larimar  Jewelry /Natural Stone, North Star Ring in Opal Faceted Cut. For the color, it's available in Silver or plating as your request, with the possibility of customization With or without stone and color. Packaged in an Opp bag or jewelry box as you ask.

Price range: from $6.99

Sunburst Heart Shape finger  ring 

Product name:  Sunburst Heart Shape finger  ring 

Product Description: Trendy, Classic High Quality 18K Gold Plated Jewelry Women Girls ring for   Anniversary, Engagement, Gift, Wedding, made from stainless steel. The main Stone is Crystal, Rhinestone. Packed in a simple opp bag.

Price range: from $3.79

Fashion jewelry set

Product Name: Fashion jewelry set

Product Description: Trendy, Elegant Party Jewelry Sets, For Girls, made in Brass. Gold Plating. Designed for special occasions such as Anniversary, Engagement, Gift, Party, Wedding. No allergic and the stone color exists in White Or Colorful.

Price range: from $1.50 

Bracelet set

Product name: Bracelet set

Product Description: Fashion  Charm Gold leaf cuff bracelet set for women, length adjustable, available gold(another color is available)

Price range: from $0.68

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Top Jewelry Boxes on Alibaba

We've gathered a list of the best-selling Jewelry Boxes.

paper jewelry box

Product name: paper jewelry box

Product description: cheap drawer slide-out jewelry packaging box, available in White, Black, Champagne with customized shape.

Price range: from $0.30 

 Travel Jewelry Box

Product Name: Travel Jewelry Box

Product Description: Fashionable Portable Jewelry Storage Case, made from PU Leather.4 different colors are available.

Price range: from $1.99

Jewelry Box

Product name: Luxury Jewelry Box

Product description: Luxury gold PU leather bangle Box ring bracelet earring. You have the option of customizing the size.

Price range: from $0.46

jewelry Storage Box

Product name: jewelry Storage Box

Product Description: High-quality Luxury Velvet Jewelry Storage Box Organizer. Available in gray color.

Price range: from $0.96

PU leather jewelry organizer 

Product name:  PU leather jewelry organizer 

Product description: Modern luxury custom ring packaging box, made from high-end PU leather. The outer paper of the box is made of environmentally friendly paper with bright colors.

Price range: from $2.58

Top Beauty & Personal Care best sellers on Alibaba

The Beauty & Personal Care category is the 3rd most common item on Alibaba in November 2021, with a percentage of 20%.

Top Bath Supplies on Alibaba

We've put together a list of the most popular products in the category of bath Supplies

Christmas Bathbombs Gift 

Product name: Christmas Bathbombs Gift 

Product description: Rich Bubble Vegan Organic All Natural  Ingredient Large Bath Bomb offered in different Fragrance Lavender., Vanilla or Customized  Round Shape. Usage at Home Spa, Travel, Hotel Spa, Airline. It's very relaxing, Moisturizing and safe for kids .

Price range: from $0.15 

Shea sugar body scrub

Product Name: Shea sugar body scrub

Product Description: Vegan fruit Turmeric tea tree brown exfoliating body scrub. Whitening, moisturizing, smooth, and improving your skin. Exists in a variety of flavors.

Price range: from $1.54

Loofah Sponge Pads

Product name: Loofah Sponge Pads

Product description:100% Natural Scrubber Body Glove Close Skin Loofah Sponge Exfoliating, Smell Removing/Dehumidification. Most of the material used is natural, safe, and healthy. It is filling with everything you will need to pamper yourself while soaking

Price range: from $0.75

shower steamer bath bombs

Product name: shower steamer bath bombs

Product Description: Luxury 100% handmade moisturizing shea butter cookie shape organic fizzy shower steamer bath bombs for Skin Care, cleaning, and whitening. Offered in many colors and fragrances such as Fruit, Tea, Plant Flower, Milk, Candy, Chocolate, Ocean, etc. The size is customized.

Price range: from $0.15

Natural Whitening kojic acid soap

Product name: Natural Whitening kojic acid soap

Product Description: Used for Dark Spots & Hyperpigmentation, (Not for Sensitive Skin). It has been found to be the most efficient treatment for acne and oily skin. This soap dries and removes acne blemishes, blackheads, and other imperfections. It smells so nice like Sweet orange.

Price range: from $1.08

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Top Beauty Equipment on Alibaba

Due to the wide variety of articles, we've selected a few that you might be interested in selling Beauty Equipment.

Jade roller massage

Product name: Jade roller massage

Product description: facial massage Jade Roller GUA SHA Set with Box Beauty roller. For Commercial & Home Use, Face, and full body. Made from 100% natural xi yan jade gemstone material. There are many options for this product. It really helps to Promote blood circulation, Massage acupuncture point
Firm and lighten skin and finally  Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle.

Price range: from $2.10

LED Light Beauty Mask

Product Name: LED Light Beauty Mask

Product Description: Facial Beauty Mask with Neck and 7 Color LED Photon Light Therapy Machines Home Use. Use for about 20 minutes each day and can reduce and prevent wrinkles, help fight fatty areas. Also, it improves skin elasticity and inhibits the formation of melanin pigment.

Price range: from $14.50

Electric Facial Brush Cleanser 

Product name: Electric Facial Brush Cleanser 

Product description: Facial Cleansing Brush for Men Women for deeper cleansing Available in many colors white, gold, black, rose gold

Price range: from $12.03

blackhead remover vacuum

Product name: blackhead remover vacuum

Product Description: 5 Head pore cleanser vacuum electric suction facial comedo acne remover extractor tool kit.Its Portable & Long Standby Time, conform to the principles of human body engineering and handhold design with various color options white rose gold color.

Price range: from $4.60

ultrasonic skin scrubber 

Product name: ultrasonic skin scrubber 

Product Description: Beauty personal care acne pore beauty equipment. Use for multiple purposes Blackheads, Deep cleansing, Skin rejuvenation, facelift. For Commercial & Home Use.

Price range: from $7.30

TopHome & Garden best sellers on Alibaba

This category's products were particularly popular on Alibaba in November 2021, representing about 25% of all sales. You'll find everything you could want for Home & Garden.

Top Tableware on Alibaba

Here are our top picks from all the products offered.

Japanese restaurant tableware

Product name: Japanese restaurant tableware

Product Description: Contemporary, Traditional, Mid-Century Modern style Dinnerware Sets. Made from Ceramic(Porcelain type) for daily life use. The design is really beautiful, with a light brown shade.

Price range: from $6.52

dinner plate cutlery disposable tableware

Product Name: dinner plate cutlery disposable tableware

Product Description: Modern plastic cutlery disposable tableware, very light, comes in a round shape with the possibility to customize the color.

Price range: from $9.47

Blue dinner plates and bowl

Product name: Blue dinner plates and bowl

Product description: CLASSIC, Modern, and Luxury Dinnerware Sets. Made from Ceramic(Porcelain), for special occasions like  Party, Wedding and comes with stunning blue color.

Price range: from $5.00

stainless-steel flatware set

Product name: stainless-steel flatware set

Product Description: High-Quality Classic and modern  24pcs stainless-steel flatware set, composed of  Table knife, Tablespoon, Table Fork, Tea Spoon. Made of metal and comes in silver color. Use In Supermarket/ Store/Hotel/ Restaurant or as a gift. Very Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Price range: from $8.00

Bamboo fiber dinner set

Product name: Bamboo fiber dinner set

Product Description: High Quality, New Design Dinner  Sets Biodegradable Bamboo Plate. Sustainable, made from bamboo fiber. The color and size are customized.

Price range: from $1.68

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Top Rain Gear on Alibaba

Here are the best products we've chosen.

Reverse umbrella

Product name: Reverse umbrella

Product Description: Fantastic innovative automatic digital printing reverse umbrella, windproof double layer, fabricated from polyester (terylene). Different designs & colors & stripes are available. Manual open & auto-open(Semi-automatic)

Price range: from $4.00

Raincoat For Motorcycle Riders

Product Name: Raincoat For Motorcycle Riders

Product Description: 100% Guaranteed Motowolf Motorcycle Outdoor Riding Split Raincoat Rain Pants Suit Waterproof And Reflective Raincoat well-designed and convenient  For Cycling. For both men and women, it is really comfy. Black and fluorescent yellow are the two color options. Usage on Rainy Days, Outdoor Activities, Fishing, Outdoor Working, Riding, and Walking

Price range: from $19.00

Mini Pocket Umbrella

Product name: Mini Pocket Umbrella

Product Description: Well-designed Portable Folded Ultra low-light 5 Folding Umbrella. Fabricated from polyester and available in many colors.

Price range: from $2.72

Wine Bottle Umbrella

Product Name: Wine Bottle Umbrella

Product Description: High-quality Foldable Wine Bottle Umbrella, made from Plastic/Steel, available in Multicolor. Controlled manually.

Price range: from $1.85

Folding umbrella

Product name: Folding umbrella

Product Description: Mini Capsule Shaped Three Folding Umbrella Mini Design High-Quality Folding Capsule Umbrella Yellow With Logo Prints Capsule. Fabricated of Pongee or you can customize both size and material. It's environmentally friendly, and there are a variety of designs to choose from.

Price range: from $3.00

Top Packaging & Printing best sellers on Alibaba

The products in this category were very popular on Alibaba in November 2021, accounting for around 10% of all sales. You'll be able to find anything you need for Packaging & Printing.

Top Bottles on Alibaba

The best products that we've chosen are listed below.

Metal round oil tin can with plastic caps

Product name: Metal round oil tin can with plastic caps

Product Description: Empty aerosol tin can for cleaning&maintenance car products agent packing use. Capacity500ml Round brake. It's made from plastic. Use Petrol, Coating&Paint, Adhesives & Sealants, Other Chemical

Price range: from $0.22

Aerosol can

Product Name: Aerosol can

Product Description: Metal Empty Air Pressure Spray. We use it for  Petrol, Aerosol, Coating&Paint, Adhesives & Sealants,

Price range: from $1.00

Tin Cans

Product name: Tin Cans

Product Description: motor oil flush tin can for car engine use with plastic caps available in  Red, White silver, plain or customized .

Price range: from $0.25

round brake fluid tin can

Product Name: round brake fluid tin can

Product Description: empty tinplate metal round brake fluid tin can for petrol use.

Price range: from $0.32

Tin cans for Engine 

Product name: Tin cans for Engine 

Product Description: Empty metal tinplate tin cans for Engine Lubricant&Protection.100ml e for brake fluid .100 % test by automatic seal test machines

Price range: from $0.15

Top Cosmetics Packaging on Alibaba

Below is a list of the best products that we've chosen

cosmetic sample jar

Product name: cosmetic sample jar

Product Description: 3 Gram and 5 Gram Jar containers are made of good quality polypropylene material, safe, non-toxic, no odor, durable. we use it for Essential oil, skincare cream, eye cream. Comes in square shape.

Price range: from $1.00

Glass Perfume Pump Sprayer Bottle

Product Name: Glass Perfume Pump Sprayer Bottle

Product Description: High-quality  Luxury Vintage Clear refill Empty Glass Perfume Pump Sprayer Bottle. It is reusable and easy to carry.

Price range: from  $0.45

Metal Spray Bottle Perfume 

Product name: Metal Spray Bottle Perfume 

Product Description: Twist Up Metal Spray Bottle 8ml Aluminum Portable Refillable Perfume Atomizer. For Cosmetics, Daily Care, Perfume, Fragrance. It's easy to carry in a pocket or a purse easily.

Price range: from $1.50

serum bottle 

Product Name: serum bottle 

Product Description: essential oil serum flat shoulder frosted clear glass dropper bottle with pipette. Can use for Cosmetic packaging, perfume, essential oil, massage oil, Serum.

Price range: from $0.18

lip gloss tube

Product name: lip gloss tube

Product Description:  Elegant cosmetic lip gloss bottle white lip gloss tube. Made of Plastic, AS, and a variety of colors are available.

Price range: from $0.55

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