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Top 50 Best Sellers Alibaba [September 2022]

Because certain products sell better or worse than others in terms of quality and pricing, it is crucial to choose your items carefully. DocShipper has created a list of 50 products each month to show you the top-selling items on Alibaba in September 2022.

By using our top 50 when you're looking for the ideal things to sell, we are constantly working on helping you optimize your time.

These goods will help you make intelligent decisions and provide you with fresh business ideas.

To find the latest version of the Top 50 best-selling products on Alibaba, click here.

Best Sales of Consumer Electronic on Alibaba

Electronic devices have become indispensable elements in today's life. It saves a lot of time and makes everything much more easier.

Top Computer Hardware & Software on Alibaba

Here are our selections of the best products in the Computer Hardware & Software subcategory.

hollow brick block

Product name : Multi-touch industrial computer

Product description : An 21.5 inch multi-touch capacitive screen with a 2GB memory capacity and a 16GB hard drive capacity.

Price : from 193.90$

professional building red

Product name : WIFI Router

Product description : A Wirless Router with a Wired Transfer Rate: 10/100Mbps.


Price : from 34$

hydraulic pressure hollow block

Product name : Desktop 8 gb ddr3 ram 1600 Mhz memory

Product description : 100% original chip with a memory speed 1600mhz PC3-12800.

Price : from 3.00$

Roll forming machine

Product name : Goldenfir SSD 128GB 256GB 512GB 1TB 2TB 500GB

Product description : Fast reading and writing SATA III + Suitable for desktops, notebooks, mini computers and other commercial PC.

Price : from 8.94$ 

Block Brick Making Machine

Product name : 10inch Quad Core Dual Sim tablet

.Product description : Tablet with a Front and back camera, 1280*800 high resolution

Price : from 39 $

Top best Electronic Cigarettes sales on Alibaba

Here are our selections of the best products in the Electronic Cigarettes subcategory.

Apparel textile

Product name : Electronic Windproof Lighter Vapers

Product description : A high quality lighter with a different assorted styles.


Price : from 0.08$

Cloth Fabric Machine

Product name : Lighter Shape Scales for Electronic Cigarette

Product description : An electronic cigarette with an LCD screen display and a background light which make it easy to read.


Price : from 0.98$ 

Textile Recycling Machine

Product name : Cigarette Electronic Usb Charging

Product description : Arc ignition With LED lamp

Price : from 2.72$

Automatic label cutting

Product name : Car Power Inverter With 2 Usb Charging Ports

Product description : 180W high power with Dual USB ports

Price : from 10$ 

Professional apparel textile

Product name : Mini arc usb rechargeable lighter

Product description : Electronic and Windproof USB lighter.


Price : from 2.09$

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Best Sales of Sports & Entertainment on Alibaba

Sports can provide enjoyable feelings of excitement for a person , so everyone should have sport equipment.

Top best selling Boxing Products on Alibaba

Here are our selections of the best products in the Boxing subcategory

Storage Trolley

Product name : Boxing punch pad

Product description : Small boxing focus pad, manufactured with a soft and comfortable material.

Price : from 8.70$

Velvet pink chair

Product name : Standing Punching Man

Product description : Free standing punching man 175cm height


Price : from 238$

Lounge Chair

Product name : Inflatable punching Bag

Product description : This boxing bag is suitable for kids or for adult too.


Price : from 3$

marble top console table

Product name : Boxing standing bag 

Product description : Pedestal Fitness Equipment bag.


Price : from 26.30$

Shoe Rack Bench

Product name : Boxing Reflex Balls

Product description : Elastic, Adjustable boxing ball for adult and child


Price : from 1.5$

Top Team sport products to find on Alibaba

Here are our selections of the best products in the Team sport subcategory.

swing garden chair

Product name : American Football Uniform Jerseys

Product description : Customized,breathable American Football Wear.


Price : from 10$

Office Furniture Movable

Product name : Soccer Accessories shin Guards Sock 

Product description : Plastic, fiber glass soccer Shin Guards in assorted colors.


Price : from 3$


Product name : Adjustable Lifting Basketball Stand

Product description : This is an adjustable Basketball stand in plastic&steel


Price : from 19$

Portable Wine Table

Product name : Softball Solid Maple Wood 

Product description : Wooden training baseball bat.


Price : from 3.50$

Single Sofa bed 

Product name : White Baseball 

Product description : Leather cove and cork filling white Baseball .

Price from : 1.20$

Info Docshipper : Our distinguished services, supported by ISO certification allow us to work with suppliers that we consider "the best". Please get in touch with our specialists if you have any questions!

Best Apparel products on Alibaba

Apparel make up 16% of sales.

Best Motorcycle & Auto Racing Wear sales on Alibaba

Here are our selections of the best Motorcycle & Auto Racing Wear products subcategory.

Spectrum Lamp vertical 

Product name : Motorcycle & auto racing wear

Product description : Anti-UV, Breathable  Motorcycles wear set.

Price : from 47.5$

Bulbs Led

Product name : Long Shoes For Bike Rider

Product description : Leather Motorbike Shoes.


Price : from 35$

Spiral Lamp

Product name : Men Winter hoodie Sportswear 

Product description : Anti-UV, flame-retardant and breathable motorcycle Jacket.


Price : from 23.75$

Fluorescent Corn LED

Product name:  Leather Motorbike Suit

Product description: High Quality, breathable and comfortable Leather Motorbike Suit.


Price : from 300$

Flower Energy Saving

Product name : Motorbike Racing  Suits

Product description : Multi-colors can be customized for this Anti-UV and quick dry motorbike suit.


Price : from 150$

Best Men’s clothing sales on Alibaba

Here are our selections of the best Men's clothing subcategory.

String Lighting For Party

Product name : Men's drop shoulder hoodie

Product description : 100% Cotton , Anti-pilling, Sustainable Men's Hoodie.

Price : from 22$

Bulb string lights

Product name : Men's T-shirt 100% cotton

Product description : Print custom casual T-shirt.


Price : from 1.08$

36LEDS Cherry Blossom

Product name : Oversized Cotton Men's T-shirt 

Product description : Custom print 100% Cotton Men's T-shirt.


Price : from 6.50$

Twinkle fairy starry led 

Product name: Men color chaging swimsuits

Product description: This beach shorts are made with a soft and comfy fabric.

Price : from 4$

Wedding light

Product name : Men's stripes polo T-shirt

Product description : 100% Cotton short sleeve T-shirt.


Price : from 3.60$

DocShipper Advice : DocShipper offers multiple types of international shipping : Sea Freight /Air Freight/Rail Freight and Trucking. Please get in touch if you need further information.

Beauty & Personal Care on Alibaba

Beauty & Personal Care make up 15% of sales.

Best Makeup&Tools sales on Alibaba

Here are our selections of the best Makeup&tools subcategory products.

3d Foam Wallpapers

Product name : Waterdrop Makeup Blender Sponge

Product description : Drop-shaped,Gourd-shaped,Fan-shaped or customized.

Price : from 0.52$

Geometric diamond wallpapers

Product name : Desktop square plane mirror

Product description : Metal make up mirror.


Price : from 8$

Nonwoven Wall Paper

Product name : BEILI Makeup Brush Set

Product description : Luxury professional natural vegan wood handle 40pcs Brush kit.


Price : from 4.40$

Custom Wallpaper Modern

Product name : Eye Shadow Professional palette

Product description : 9 Colors Eye Shadow Professional Cardboard.


Price : from 0.88$

3D Wallpaper Home

Product name : FEG Eyebrow Lash Growth Extension

Product description : 100% Natural ingredients.


Price : from 1.62$

Top Best Baby’s bath Supplies Sales on Alibaba

Here are our selections of the best products in the baby's bath supplies subcategory products.

Colorful Mosaic

Product name : Potty Training Seat

Product description : Portable and foldable turtle shaped potty trainer.


Price : from 4.50$

Grey Mosaic 

Product name : Baby Plastic Foldable Bath Tub

Product description : Sit and lie bath tub for babies.

Price : from 6.80$ 

Bathroom Mosaic

Product name : Baby standing bathtub 

Product description : Foldable baby bathtub with Themometer.

Price : from 6.88$

Blended Blues Glass Mosaic

Product name : Children's bath wash basin

Product description : Large Square baby bath basin 36*26*56cm.


Price : from 4.80$

Blue series ceramic

Product name : Camellia Seed baby skin care set

Product description : √ Vegan √Paraben Free √ Alcohol Free √ Gluten Free √ Oil Free.


Price : from 5$ 

Info Docshipper : Customs clearance is probably the most difficult phase in an international logistics operation. That's why Docshipper manages the entire process from the verification of the document package to the declaration itself. Please get in touch with our specialists if you have any questions.

The best Furniture products on Alibaba

Furniture account for 10% of September sales. They're also in great demand all year round.

Top Folding Furniture sales on Alibaba

Here are our selections of the best Folding Furniture subcategory products.

Bubble Gun

Product name : White kitchen cart with wheels

Product description : Foldable kitch cart 12/25 mm Oval Tube+Metal board+wheels.


Price : from 28.97$

Guns Water Electronic

Product name : Foldable tables camping

Product description : Zebr wood Outdoor BBQ table.


Price : from 67.80$ 

Gun Rocket Bubble

Product name : Outdoor Folding Dining table Set

Product description : This 6-pieces patio set (4X chais+1Xtable+1Xparasol) is Weather Resistant,High temperature tolerant,

Price from : 60$

Bullet Toy Guns

Product name  : Multi-function folding sofa bed

Product description : This sofa Bed is breathable,wear resisting,enviromental protection with 1 year warranty.


Price : from 49.50$

money gun

Product name : Patio Garden Furniture

Product description : 2 Chairs & Table set outdoor furniture.


Price : from 7.70$ 

Top Antique Furniture Sales on Alibaba

Here are our selections of the best products in the Antique Furniture subcategory products.

Bath Toy Animal

Product name : Countertop Classical Bathroom Furniture

Product description : Modern concise design Countertop with a smart touch button lighting.


Price : from 208$

Baby Play Mat

Product name : Wood Japanese style restaurants chair

Product description : Ash Wood chair 60*53*64cm .


Price : from 110$

Push Walker Play

Product name : Rattan dining table

Product description : This is a 6 persons dining table 1400*850*750.


Price : from 112$

Toddler Educational Learning

Product name : Vintage chest of drawers

Product description : Mango wood 9 drawer Furniture .


Price : from 230$

music box carousel alibaba

Product name : MAGI Antique Vintage chest drawer

Product description : 100% solid wood cabinet 60*30*68cm.


Price : from 28.5$

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