Top 50 Best Selling and Trending Products Alibaba [April - June 2023]

Top 50 Best Selling and Trending Products Alibaba [April – June 2023]

DocShipper presents the best Alibaba items for resale with a list of the top 50 best-selling products from April to June 2023, as well as information on the specifications and price of each product. A wide range of products in all categories is available in the marketplace. If you are looking for ideas on how to import products from China to sell in another country, this guide is for you.

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Home and appliance bestsellers on Alibaba

Alibaba's home and appliances category is very popular, as it includes a wide range of products that are essential for daily life. From smart home appliances to kitchen appliances, cleaning appliances, and home decor, Alibaba's home and appliances category has something for everyone. These products are in high demand because of their ability to make our lives easier and more efficient, and many of them are bestsellers on the platform.

We make it very simple for you to find the best products sold for this theme.

Top-selling Home and appliances on Alibaba

You will find our selection of the best products sold in the sub-category Kitchen appliances. 

Import automatic rice cooker china

Product Name: Oil-Free Electric Digital Air Fryer 

Product Description: An oil-free electric digital air fryer with a Non-Stick Cooking Surface, Adjustable Thermostat Control, Detachable Oil Container, Overheat Protection, With Light Indicator, With Observation Window, and LCD display. 

Price: from $13,99

Import dual air fryer china

Product Name: Tonze Multi Cooke Automatic Rice Maker

Product Description: Equipped with a significant fire-releasing infrared heating to activate deep nutrition of ingredients.

Price: from $32

Import coffee machine portable china

Product Name: Cooker 5 Burner Cooktop Kitchen Gas

Product Description: Gas hob, also known as stove plate, refers to kitchen appliances with direct fire heating with liquefied petroleum gas (liquid), artificial gas, natural gas, and other gaseous fuels.

Price: from $184

Import Thermo multifunctional soup maker China

Product Name: Multifunctional Food Processor Slow cooking

Product Description: Food processor with a base unit, blender jug, blender jug lid, blade assembly (with seal) blade cover, cooking basket Mixer attachment, measuring beaker, beaker, deep steamer basket

Price: from $169

Import Mini dishwasher China

Product Name: Cookware sets pans and pots copper ceramic

Product Description: Ceramic cookware set in metal with an induction bottom and a stainless steel handle.

Price: from $31,44

The Home Appliance products to find on Alibaba

Here are our top product selections in the Garden supplies sub-category.

Import Heater with Multiple Protection and 90 Degree Rotation Smart Home Appliances China

Product Name: Handheld Electric Coffee Mixer 

Product Description: Stainless Stee Plastic Electric Milk Frother / mini electric hand mixer for coffee or hot chocolate.

Price: from $1.54

Import Wall mounted air conditioners China

Product Name: Coffee Barista Accessories 

Product Description: The coffee barista accessory is eco-friendly, with a nontoxic Surface Treatment in Pine Wood, Maple Wood, Rubber Wood.

Price: from $19.99

Import Eraclean air purifier deodorizer for refrigerator and sterilizer for kitchen China

Product Name: Manual coffee grinder

Product Description: A manual coffee grinder in aluminum, glass bottle, stainless steel, ceramic and with a workhouse capacity of about 20g coffee bean.

Price: from $6.40

Import Air conditioning and electric heating China

Product Name: Smart Heating Pad

Product Description: Constant Temperature Control Potable USB Coffee Mug Cup Warmer For Any Cups

Price: from $3.98

Import Air Thermoelectric Cooling China

Product Name: MHW-3BOMBER custom logo coffee tools

Product Description: 58 mm Black Aluminum Alloy Multifunctional Powder coffee maker sieve.

Price: from $16.59

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Home & Garden on Alibaba

The home and garden category again made a good score with 16% of sales in the top 5 categories.

Some best-selling home and garden products on Alibaba could include home organization, cooking tools or bathroom products, and garden items. It is important to conduct thorough research before making any purchases on Alibaba to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable supplier and that the products meet your quality standards.

Best-selling home and garden products on Alibaba

Here are our picks for the best products in the home storage and organization sub-category.

Import Scented Toilet Tablet China

Product Name: Home Storage Box With Lid And Handle

Product Description: A storage box of Waterproof material, suitable for a variety of different scenes: bathroom bedroom, and display for a jewelry store, impact resistance, acrylic is 200 times stronger than glass, and it hardly breaks.

Price: from $0.77

Import Toilet brush China

Product Name: Bedside Storage Bag With Pockets

Product Description: Convenient Bed Sofa Desk Hanging Organizer Felt Bedside Storage Bag With Pockets

Price: from $2.36

Import 3m carbon steel drain cleaner for kitchen and bathroom sinks China

Product Name: Newly Design electric vacuum sealed tank food storage

Product Description: Electric vacuum-sealed tank food storage tank kitchen drain refrigerator storage box.


Price: from $2.70

Import Cleaning brush China

Product Name: Tridimensional Separate Multifunctional Storage Box

Product Description: Multifunctional storage box that can be used for tools, bathrooms, chopsticks/spoons, food, clothing, jewelry, sundries, drink/food, and beverages.


Price: from $15

Import Multifunctional Kitchen Cleaning Kit China

Product Name: Square canvas jeans collection box home storage

Product Description: A fabric storage basket in cotton and linen that measures 40*30*30 CM


Price: from $2.50

The best garden supplies products to find on Alibaba.

Here are our picks for the best products in the garden supplies sub-category.

Import Facial Cleansing Brush Electric China

Product Name: Indoor flower pots

Product Description: The indoor flower pots are created from volcanic materials which are more breathable and favorable for planting.

Price: from $2

Import Organic bath soap vegan skincare 24K gold China

Product Name: Tuya WiFi Smart Water Timer Drip Irrigation Controller

Product Description: TTV103WRF Smart Hose Watering Timer with Wi-Fi hub will save you water, money, and time. Connect via smartphone for maximum watering control over each zone of your lawn or garden.


Price: from $23.90

Import Facial care product China

Product Name: Pathway insect control smart LED

Product Description: Premium summer product home garden pathway insect control smart LED lawn light mosquito traps.

Price: from $125.00

Import Organic Coconut Whipped Body Butter China

Product Name: Portable Garden Camping Charcoal BBQ 

Product Description: A portable barbecue in Stainless steel with charcoal grills.


Price: from $6.50

Import Massage brush for body care China

Product Name: Garden Tool Set 5 Pieces 

Product Description: Garden Tool Set 5 Pieces Heavy Duty Garden Hand Tools Kit with Wooden Handle includes stainless steel shovel grass weeder rake

Price: from $1.50

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Best Sports and Entertainment products on Alibaba

Sports and entertainment products account for 28% of sales.

It's interesting to know that sports and entertainment products account for 28% of sales on Alibaba. This indicates that there is a significant demand for sports-related products on the platform. As a result, there may be a wide variety of sports and entertainment products available from different suppliers, making it important to research and compare prices and quality before making a purchase.

Best-selling Fishing products on Alibaba

Here are our picks for the best Fishing product subcategories.

Import Chicken flavor canned pet supplies pet treats wet China

Product Name: Multifunctional fishing box

Product Description: This box is a multifunctional fishing box Portable fishing box Fishing tank.

Price: from $22

Import Dog Snacks Import China

Product Name: Hongshan Carbon Fishing Rod Telescopic

Product Description: 1.8m 2.1m 2.4m 2.7m 3.0m 3.6m Carbon Fishing Rod Telescopic Rock Fishing Rod For Saltwater And Freshwater.

Price: from $7.15

Import Dry dog food China

Product Name: Plastic Storage Box Compartment for Fishing 

Product Description: Plastic Storage Box Compartment for Fishing Lure Transparent White Tools Buckle Pcs Sewing Color Modules Material Origin Free.


Price: from $5

Import Royal Canin Pet Food China

Product Name: Outdoor folding ice bag chair with storage bag

Product Description: Outdoor folding ice bag chair with storage bag and backrest insulation function 3-in-1 leisure camping fishing chair

Price: from $5.88

Import Sweet cat stick China

Product Name: Fishing Kayak 2023 Experienced 13ft 

Product Description: Best Fishing Kayak 2023 Experienced 13ft roto molding Pedal Drive plastic fish canoe Chinese factory install the native rudder.


Price: from $300

Musical Instruments Bestsellers on Alibaba

These are our picks for the musical instruments subcategory.

Import Smart Dog Cat Feeder Automatic China

Product Name: OEM electric violin

Product Description: Full-Size student solid wood pickup 4/4 1/2 electric violin

Price: from $33.00

Import Bulb string lights China

Product Name: Huashu Percussion Musical Instruments 

Product Description: Huashu High-Quality Percussion Musical Instruments Chakra Drum Nice Steel Tongue Drum Tank Drum.

Price: from $9.40

Import Pet brush China

Product Name: Classic Retro Kids Mini Wooden Percussion Piano

Product Description: Kids Mini Wooden Percussion Piano Music Instrument Piano

Price: from $53.50

Import Scratch Post Cat Tree China

Product Name: Jazz Drum Set Musical Instrument

Product Description: Customizable, Professional Level Jazz Drum Set Musical Instrument.

Price: from $280

Import pet bowls with water bottle China

Product Name: Aileen Music educational musical instrument

Product Description: It has 32 keys, with a soft bag or hard case.


Price: from $5.45

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Best-selling Luggage bags and cases products on Alibaba

Luggage bags and cases represent 24% of the sales in the period of April/June 2023.

The luggage bags and cases category contributes significantly to sales on the Alibaba platform during the period from April to June 2023.

Best sales of pets’ bags on Alibaba

Here are our picks for the best-selling products in the pets' bags sub-category.

Import Speed training parachute China

Product Name:  Multifunctional Foldable Rolling Backpack pet

Product Description: Multifunctional Foldable Rolling Backpack pet trolley bag Cat dog backpack.

Price: from $20

Import Tactical First Aid Kit Bag China

Product Name: Backpack Cat Dog Travel Pet Bag For Dog

Product Description: Customized Airline Approved Eco-Friendly Small Dog Accessories Supplies Tote Backpack Cat Dog Travel Pet Bag For Dog


Price: from $9.95

Import Telescopic carbon fishing rod China

Product Name: Transparent Upgraded Spacecraft Cat Backpack 

Product Description: This bag is covered with multiple air vents, refusing to be stuffy, so it is breathable for your pets.

Price: from $5.10

Import Waterproof camping and hiking tent China

Product Name: Breathable Cat Carrier Backpack

Product Description: Hot Portable Double Layer Travel Outdoor Use Foldable Dog Bag Breathable Cat Carrier Backpack

Price: from $18.50

Import Mini Carbon Fiber Drone 4K/6K camera China

Product Name: Portable Soft-Sided Pet Carrier Tote Bag 

Product Description: Foldable Portable Soft-Sided Pet Carrier Tote Bag Small Dog Cat Carrier Purse with Adjustable Safety Tether.


Price: from $6.15

Luggage and Travel Bags Bestsellers on Alibaba

Here are our picks for the best products in the “Luggage and Travel bags” subcategory.

Import High quality biodegradable cork yoga mat China

Product Name: 4pcs Luggage Travel Set Bag 

Product Description: 4pcs Luggage Travel Set Bag Abs PC Trolley Carry On Suitcase 4pcs Luggage Travel Set Bag Fashionable Travel Trolley Bags

Price: from $11.90

Import Yoga Pilates 6 in 1 Set China

Product Name: VERAGE Luggage Suitcase for travel Large Capacity

Product Description: A suitcase with extremely strong shell materials Aluminum, Ultra protective security aluminum frame, an Aluminum trolley system with a TPE handle, and new molded double wheels. Silent and durable, Interior with removable divider pads

Price: from $78.30

Import Yoga Gym Ball China

Product Name: Trolley Suitcase PC cabin carry-on 

Product Description: Rolling roller Trolley Suitcase PC cabin carry-on soft case bag travel traveling suitcase luggage set luggage case.

Price: from $52

Import Magic circle yoga exercise China

Product Name: Waterproof leather PU business travel bag 

Product Description: Eco-friendly waterproof leather PU business travel bag men's portable gym luggage.

Price: from $4.50

Import Foam Roller with Lid China

Product Name: Waterproof Pouch Tote Carry-On Luggage 

Product Description: Large Capacity Waterproof Pouch Tote Carry-On Luggage Portable Unisex Duffel Bags Organizer Handbag Foldable Travel Bag.

Price: from $3

Info DocShipper: Remember to order a sample from your supplier before buying, because a manufacturer will do anything to sell his products. If this one is with the Chinese standards, it does not mean that it will be with the standards of your country. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

The best Construction & Real estate products on Alibaba

Construction & Real estate products account for 6% of sales.

The “construction and real estate” category is one of the bestseller categories on the Alibaba platform and is in high demand throughout the year.

Top Waterproofing materials sales on Alibaba

Here are our picks for the best products in the Waterproofing materials sub-category.

Import Baby Silicone Divided Plate And Bibs China

Product Name: PVC waterproof membrane for concrete roof

Product Description: Strong tensile strength, high elongation, and good dimensional stability after heat treatment. Excellent flexibility at low temperatures and resistance to low and high temperatures. Excellent resistance to impact and perforation. Excellent resistance to chemical etching.

Price: from $1.50

Import Baby Bottle Warmer China

Product Name: Kezu Polyurethane Paints Water-based Waterproofing

Product Description: Polyurethane Paints Water-based Waterproofing Pu Sprayable Coating Liquid Poly urea Grouting Materials.


Price: from $2.09

Import Small knee brace China

Product Name: CABERRY waterproofing coating materials

Product Description: JS waterproof coating is a two-component composite waterproof coating that is composed of organic liquid and inorganic powder. It is a new environment-friendly waterproof material with both the high flexibility of organic material and excellent durability of inorganic material.

Price: from $1

Import Seat potty for baby turtle shaped China

Product Name: Epoxy waterproof new material

Product Description: Epoxy waterproof new material is suitable for bathroom balcony swimming pool roof.


Price: from $3.75

Import safety lock cartoon puppy child China


Product Description: ISONEM M 35 is a cementitious, one-component crystallized waterproofing product. When applied on concrete surfaces on positive or negative sides, the product provides waterproofing in depth by penetrating into the concrete.

Price: from $1.13

Top-selling Soundproofing materials on Alibaba

Here are our picks for the best products in the Soundproofing materials sub-category.

Import electric water gun kids China

Product Name: Decorative Acoustic Panels Soundproofing Materials 

Product Description: Polyester fiber acoustic panel recycled, sound absorption, noise control, eco-friendly, colorful, indoor-use, flame retardant.

Price: from $3

Import Fully Automatic Gel Water Gun Pistol China

Product Name: Office Pod Meeting Work Pods Acoustic Silent Cabin 

Product Description: Pods Acoustic Silent Cabin For Office Soundproof Booth.


Price: from $650

Import Toy Machine Gun China

Product Name:  Professional Foam Panels Soundproof Acoustic Foam

Product Description: High-density materials are tiny particles designed that are effective to absorb noise and eliminate echoes.

Price: from $0.30

Import water electric high pressure toy gun China

Product Name: Decor soundproof akupanel acoustic 

Product Description: Suitable for indoor walls High-temperature resistance; Stuck very firmly and avoid the piece going off; Washable and durable; Dustproof and the color never fades.


Price: from $35

Import airsoft water gel ball toys gun China

Product Name: Factory Sound Reducer Soundproofing Materials

Product Description: Applicable for a studio, hospital, kindergarten, cinema, and Hotel.


Price: from $6.80

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