Top 50 Best Sellers Amazon [October 2022]

Amazon is a giant marketplace, and you can find almost everything you want on it. But you have to be careful because all products are not good to buy. As a sourcing expert, DocShipper provides you every month with our top 50 bestsellers on Amazon to help you select high-quality products at a good price. Thanks to these articles, you'll be ready to buy on Amazon and save time and money while looking for the best products.

Here are the 50 successful products on Amazon for October 2022 which will help you develop your business!


Best Sales of Computers and Accessories on Amazon

Computers and Accessories count for 25% of sales.

Top Routers on Amazon

Here are our selections of 5 best products in the Routers subcategory.


hollow brick block

Product name : NETGEAR Nighthawk Router

Product description : Wi-fi router, Wireless C1750 Speed Up to 1750 Mbps, 1500 square feet of coverage, and 25 devices Armor Security, 4 x 1G Ethernet and 1 x 3.0 USB Ports

Price : from $67.66

professional building red

Product name: Amazon eero 6 

Product description: Mesh Wi-Fi Router, eero's wifi coverage extends up to 1,500 square feet and supports WiFi speeds of up to 900 Mbps, TrueMesh technology, allows up to 75 connected devices, allows connection to Alexa

Price : from $75

hydraulic pressure hollow block

Product name : Google Nest


Product description : Pack of 3 pieces Wi-Fi Router including one main router and two extenders, second generation model, mesh Wi-Fi routers with 6600 square feet coverage, flexible, up to two hundred connected devices at the same time.

Price : from $159.95

Roll forming machine

Product name : TP-Link VPN Router

Product description : ER7206 model, professional and mutli-wan product, ethernet connection technology, cloud access, SDN compatibility.

Price : from $104.99

Block Brick Making Machine

Product name : TP-Link Nano Portable Router

Product description : AC750 model, includes multiple modes, compatible with smartphones, tablets, and laptops, has wireless travel system, and includes 2 years of warranty.

Price : from $39.99

Top best Laptop and Accessories sales on Amazon

Here are our selections of the best products in the Laptop accessories.


Apparel textile

Product name : LAPGEAR Lap Desk 

Product description : This lap desk is manufactured with vinyl and fabric, it is 12"D x 21.1"W x 2.6"H, different color choices, available for both right and left handed people.

Price : from $35,99

Cloth Fabric Machine

Product name : GVRIOY HDMI Adapter

Product description : HDMI Adapter with an USBC Hub and a 8 display docking station, 100W PD charging, fast data transfer.

Price : from $39.99

Textile Recycling Machine

Product name : Ixcv MacBook charger

Product description : 118W charger with an USBC hub, compatible with the lasts MacBook Pro and Air laptops, Ipad Pro and Air and all others USBC hub devices.

Price : from $29.99

Automatic label cutting

Product name : CloudValley Webcam cover

Product description : Pack of two webcam cover slides, manufactured in very thin metal, different colors available, 2 inches, compatible with MacBook Pro and Air version, iPad, and iPhone Plus, easy to use.

Price : from $5.94

Professional apparel textile

Product name : Lenovo Laptop Bag

Product description : Laptop shoulder bag, in grey fabric, measuring 12.21” x 2.17” x 16.15, fits laptops up to 15.6 inches.

Price : from $15.95

Top Sales of Cell Phones and accessories on Amazon

Cell Phones and accessories of 25% of sales on Amazon

Top best-selling on Amazon

Here are our selections of 5 best products in the carrier cell phones category.


Storage Trolley

Product name : Samsung Galaxy S7

Product description : Black and 32GB Verizon wireless version, 5.1 inches phone, Corning Gorilla glass technology, Android OS and 12PM camera.

Price : from $259

Velvet pink chair

Product name : ZTE Altair 2

Product description : 3G smartphone,Z432 model, connector micro USB, measures 2.4 inches, and has a QWERTY keyboard.

Price : from $47.90

Lounge Chair

Product name : HTC One M8

Product description : Gunmetal grey model with 32GB capacity and a 4.4 Android system, 5 inches screen, HTC technology ultra pixel camera and 2.3GHz processor speed.

Price : from $169

marble top console table

Product name : Nokia Lumia

Product description : 1520 black Model with a 16GB capacity and 4G technology. Microsoft Windows operator system and 6 inches screen.

Price : from $99.97

Shoe Rack Bench

Product name : Samsung Galaxy Note

Product description : Galaxy Note 4, N910T model with 32GB capacity and 4G technology. Measures 5.7 inches, black color.

Price : from $59.99

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Top SIM Card prepaid minutes on Amazon

Here are our selections of 5 best products in the SIM Card prepaid subcategory.


swing garden chair

Product name : Mint mobile prepaid SIM card

Product description : Free trial of 7 days, then from 5$ to have access to texting and data thanks to this 3-in-1 SIM card for GSM.

Price : from $0.99

Office Furniture Movable

Product name : Google SIM Card

Product description : Google Fi kit, includes 10$ of phone package, compatible with a wide range of phones, do not add contract fees, covers USA only.

Price : from $6.99


Product name : Cricket SIM Card

Product description : Wireless 3-in-1 prepaid SIM card, universal kit, ease of use, 4G and 5G available, includes talk, text, and data depending on the package you chose.

Price : from $9.03

Portable Wine Table

Product name : Orange SIM card

Product description : Prepaid SIM card kit for your trips in Europe which includes 20GB in 4G, 2 hours of call time and 1000 texts and this, available in 30 countries in Europe.

Price : from $38.98

Single Sofa bed 

Product name : Smart Watch SIM card

Product description : Prepaid SIM card kit for smartwatch  and Child trackers, including 30 days of service, 50 minutes of calling time, 100 texts, 100MB and 4/5G compatibility.

Price from $5

Best Appliances on Amazon

Appliances make up 20% of sales.

Best ranges sales on Amazon

Here are our selections of 5 best ranges subcategory products.


Spectrum Lamp vertical 

Product name : Frigidaire Range

Product description : Gallery Series Gas Range in Stainless Steel, including 5 Sealed Burners, Griddle, True Convection Oven, Self Cleaning, and Air Fry Function.

Price : from $1.193

Bulbs Led

Product name : Cosmo Gas Range

Product description : COS-EPGR366 model, Freestanding Gas Range with 6 Sealed Burners, Cast Iron Grates, and 6.0 cu. ft. capacity. 36-inch Stainless Steel Convection Oven

Price : from $3 705.59

Spiral Lamp

Product name : Furrion Gas Range

Product description : ‎F1S21L02A-SS model in stainless steel, includes the capacity to bake, cook, grill and fry in only one product. Inner volume of 1.79 cu. ft. / 50.79L.

Price : from $699

Fluorescent Corn LED

Product name: Summit Range

Product description: Freestanding Gas Range with Oven Capacity of 2.9 cu. ft. White Electronic Ignition Broiler Drawer Continuous Grates and Safety Brake System for Oven Display cases.

Price : from $595.74

Flower Energy Saving

Product name : Forté Range

Product description : Italian manufacturer, double over range in stainless steel, 48 inches and 325 pounds, self cleaning, all gas.

Price : from $3 399

Best Wine Cellars sales on Amazon

Here are our selections of 5 best wine cellar subcategory products.


String Lighting For Party

Product name : Antarctic Star Wine Cellar

Product description : Capacity of 18 bottles and 70 cans, all beverages mini refrigerator in black and glossy stainless steel. Customizable temperature from 40 to 61F° and 17.52 × 18.31 × 19.61 inches size.

Price : from $178.19

Bulb string lights

Product name : Cobalance bottle cooler 

Product description : Wine and other bottle of beverage electric cooler in stainless steel. Can keep wine aroma while cooling it to a customizable temperature from 41 to 64F°.

Price : from $74.68

36LEDS Cherry Blossom

Product name : Ivation Wine Cellar

Product description : Wine cooler with a 12 bottles capacity with a digital temperature control from 41 to 64F°. Dimension of 9.92"D x 17.72"W x 31.18"H and voltage of 120. Black and glossy model.

Price : from $249.99

Twinkle fairy starry led 

Product name: Ivation 28 bottles Wine Cellar

Product description: 28 bottles capacity beverage refrigerator, black and glossy single zone model with digital temperature control from 41 to 64F°.

Price : from $339.99

Wedding light

Product name : Wine Enthusiast Wine Cellar

Product description : Wine cooler with 6 bottles capacity and a LED temperature display.

Price : from $179.00

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Automotive on Amazon

Automotive make up 20% of sales.

Best Exterior accessories sales on Amazon

Here are our selections of 5 best exterior accessories subcategory products.


3d Foam Wallpapers

Product name : AstroAI Tool

Product description : 2-in-1 tool snow brush and ice scraper for vehicles in PVC available in orange, red and blue color.

Price : from $15.99

Geometric diamond wallpapers

Product name :  EcoNour snow cover

Product description : Car cover for cold weather and UV protection, water resistant, Oxford 600D fabric with a soft PVC bottom layer.

Price : from $29.99

Nonwoven Wall Paper

Product name : Kayme car cover

Product description : With 6 layers of material (aluminium and cotton), waterproof and all-weather resistant, universal fit for sedan, measuring 186-193 inches.


Price : from $51.97

Custom Wallpaper Modern

Product name : MOMONI Car Costume

Product description : Christmas decoration for all type of car including Rudolph's antlers, nose, and tail.

Price : from $13.99

3D Wallpaper Home

Product name : Peerless Tire Traction Chain

Product description : Auto-Trac Self Tightening Traction Chain, easy to install and remove, available for different size of tires.

Price : from $115.9

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Top Best Tools and equipment Sales on Amazon

Here are our selections of 5 best products in the tools and equipment subcategory.


Colorful Mosaic

Product name : Astroal Air Compressor


Product description : Portable and easy-of-use air compressor to inflate tires and other inflatable products. Digital pressure gauge and LED emergency light. 12 volts and 80 decibels.

Price : from $25.59

Grey Mosaic 

Product name : RAK Socket Tool

Product description : Universal socket tool in stainless steel, for car mechanic use, different sizes 1/4" to 3/4" (7mm to 9mm).

Price : from  $12.99

Bathroom Mosaic

Product name : AstroAl Digital Gauge

Product description : Tire pressure digital gauge for all types of tires, dimension: 5.31 x 2.17 x 1.06 inches, available in silver, red, and blue colors.

Price : from $8.99

Blended Blues Glass Mosaic

Product name : Motopower code reader

Product description : Battery powered scanner and code reader engine. Yellow model measuring 6.02 x 2.75 x 0.91 inches.

Price : from $20

Blue series ceramic

Product name : Noco Car Battery Booster

Product description : Battery booster pack made in Lithium and ion, 12 volts capacity and 8.3 x 4.1 x 4.6 inches dimension.

Price : from $70

The best Baby products on Amazon

Baby products account for 10% of September sales.

Top best car strollers sales on Amazon

Here are our selections of 5 best strollers products.


Bubble Gun

Product name : Summer Infant stroller

Product description : Lightweight with multiposition available, compact fold and extra storage. Made in polyester and metal.Grey model with Sun visor.

Price : from $54.71

Guns Water Electronic

Product name : Graco stroller 

Product description : The stroller is available in different colors like gray, blue, or pink. 3-in-1 product: car seat, infant stroller, and toddler stroller. Polyester and aluminum manufactured.

Price : from $230.99

Gun Rocket Bubble

Product name : Baby Trend Double Stroller

Product description : 2 places grey stroller, large cargo space, two cup holders, safety harness and flip-over basket.


Price from $209

Bullet Toy Guns

Product name  : Dream On Me Coast Rider Stroller


Product description : Easy-to-use, one hand fold with adjustable handles and soft ride wheels. Full black model, with stainless steel and aluminium.

Price : from $97.49

money gun

Product name : Disney Stroller


Product description : Umbrella stroller, including a basket and a 3-point secured harness, available in red or pink Minnie model.


Price : from $24.54


Top Nursery products Sales on Amazon

Here are our selections of the 5 best products in the Nursery subcategory.


Bath Toy Animal

Product name : Burt's Bees Baby Wearable blanket 

Product description : Available in many different colors, machine washable and zipper closure, make baby be safe and comfortable.

Price : from $15.99

Baby Play Mat

Product name : Graco playard bed

Product description : Pack and play playard bed, easy to pack and unpack, with full size bassinet, ideal for travel. Available in many colors. Manufactured with polyester, plastic and metal.

Price : from $55.99

Push Walker Play

Product name : Vtech Baby Monitor

Product description : Baby Audio monitor with rechargeable batteries which last 8 hours, alerting when there are sounds thanks to its crystal-clear sound technology, covers up to 1000 feets and easy-to-use. White and yellow model.

Price : from  $18.99

Toddler Educational Learning

Product name : Pro Goleem Baby Comforter

Product description : Elephant Baby Blanket also available in other animals and colors. Measuring 16 inches, very soft thanks to minky and satin fabrics.

Price : from $14.86

music box carousel alibaba

Product name : Hatch Dream Machine

Product description : Portable sounds and light machine, controlled by phone from anywhere, delivered with its charging base lasting 8 hours, white color, measuring 5.04"D x 5.04"W x 6.82"H.

Price : from $89.99

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