Aliexpress chinese panacea to sell products

AliExpress | Use the Chinese panacea to sell your products online

What is the best method to sell your products online?

As shown in the above statistics, traditional retail is suffered huge losses in 2020. Try our suggestion for you to survive the last quarter and open a new way for your business. Our approach is the suggestion for not only for retailers but also for people who would like to earn their own money instead of being a poor man working for a better living than their boss! Yep, be your own boss, and work for your own! Rather than make your business in a traditional while unlikely to see a future way, spend a few minutes to look into a better way of making a living.

forecast for retail sales growth

So what are these platforms? Nowadays, we have Amazon, AliExpress, eBay and Wish, etc…

Amazon: As the originator of global e-commerce, Amazon's influence on the entire world is huge. But Amazon's requirements for sellers are relatively high, such as product quality, brand, and other aspects of the requirements, the procedures are also more complex than the speed of sale and other platforms.

Aliexpress: As an important strategic product of Alibaba's future internationalization, Aliexpress has been developing rapidly over the past few years and has become one of the most active cross-border platforms in the world, and relying on Alibaba's huge membership base, it has become one of the richest platforms in the world in terms of product categories.

eBay: For foreign trade people engaged in international retail, the potential of eBay is still huge, because eBay's core market in the United States and Europe, which is a more mature market.

Wish: It is an app-based cross-border platform that has just emerged in the past few years, mainly relying on cheap prices to attract customers, and has very high popularity in the U.S. market, with core categories including clothing, jewelry, mobile phones, gifts, etc., most of which are shipped from China. Wish's main attraction is that the prices are particularly cheap, but because of Wish's unique way of recommending the platform, the product quality tends to be better. This has been a core factor in its development in just a few years.

Which one would be best for you? After our comparisons, the most suitable platform for you will be AliExpress. Why? Now go find all details about AliExpress you should learn about.

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Why should I rely on AliExpress?

What is AliExpress?


Take a look at the following numbers: AliExpress has 10 years of establishment, is localized for buyers and sells with 18 languages, supporting 38 local payment channels, available in 220 regions and countries, with 150+ Million buyers on the platform and enable payment in local currency in 51 countries. These statistics are not just numbers, it demonstrates the possibility for you to make your business. You don't have to worry about the languages and the paying methods, and about your product visibility, everything will be easy to deal with.

Selling on Aliexpress VS Selling on Amazon

Why do we suggest you selling on Aliexpress rather than on Amazon? You might have looked at many comparisons between Aliexpress and Amazon. Rather than mention statistics like "Amazon is apparently better because regarding market cap, it has $427 billion, while Aliexpress' $265 billion.", we would like to view the difference between these two from the seller's perspective as entrepreneurship or SMEs.

AliExpress vs. Amazon - How much you should pay?

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AliExpress vs. Amazon - Whose procedure is easier?

Apart from the documents needed, the estimated process time for AliExpress is 2 days, and for Amazon, normally it's 1-2 weeks. Choosing the Amazon platform requires your suppliers to have stable and reliable product resources, a certain amount of financial strength, local U.S. connections, and have a long-term commitment to research mentality. Amazon's store is more complex and has a very strict audit system, if you violate or do not understand the rules, there might be even legal risks. Most importantly, AliExpress is quite new for the Western sellers, while Amazon quite mature, which leads to more competition, and less margin for you. Thus, for newcomers, we would suggest you choosing Aliexpress.

How to Sell on AliExpress

Before AliExpress was only opened for Chinese sellers, but now it opens to 5 more countries sellers, which are: France; Russia; Spain; Italy; Turkey. Now Get started with Aliexpress! Here are the Only-3-Step procedures to register as a seller on AliExpress:

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Government Cooperation with AliExpress

AliExpress is at a fast development speed now and it cooperates with some governments to expand their business market. While the governments at the same time, need AliExpress' support to assist the progress of the SMEs.

AliExpress Global Logistics Rules Explained

AliExpress Global Logistics Rules In Russia

- Orders with actual payment amount >$5: standard and fast logistics services are allowed, but economic logistics services (i.e. unregistered surface mail) and simple logistics services are not allowed to ship.

- Orders with an actual payment amount of >$2 and ≤$5 are allowed to be shipped using online simple logistics services, standard and fast logistics services, but not economy logistics services (i.e. unregistered surface mail) and offline simple logistics services.

- For orders with an actual payment amount ≤$2 USD, you are allowed to use online simple logistics service, online economy logistics service, standard logistics service, and fast logistics service, but you cannot use offline economy logistics service (i.e. unregistered surface mail) and offline simple logistics service to ship your order.

AliExpress Global Logistics Rules in USA

- Orders with actual payment amount >$5, the use of the standard logistics services of "E Mail", "AliExpress hassle-free logistics - standard" (except for special categories of goods) and fast logistics services are allowed, but other standard logistics services and economic logistics services cannot be used.

- For orders with an actual payment amount ≤ 5 USD: Standard and fast logistics services and online economic logistics services are allowed, while offline economic logistics services (i.e. unregistered surface mail) are not allowed.

AliExpress Global Logistics Rules in France, Holland

- Orders with actual payment amount >$5, the "AliExpress hassle-free Logistics - standard" and services are allowed for standard logistics services (except for special categories of goods), but not for other standard and economy logistics services.

- Orders with actual payment amount less than $5: Online economic logistics service, standard logistics service and fast logistics service are allowed, offline economic logistics service is not allowed.

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How can you start your business successfully?

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