the way to find the best supplier

How to find the best supplier?

The best supplier lays a solid foundation for the supply chain

What is a supply chain

Supply chain refers to the network structure formed by upstream and downstream companies that provide the products or services to the consumers involved in the production and distribution process.

supply chain

Instead of all those complicated definitions, we can describe the supply chain as a lush tree: the manufacturing company constitutes the root; exclusive agents are the trunk; distributors are the branches and treetops; the leaves and flowers are the end-user. All these fragments make the supply chain a complete process. Now recall that we have a role model company in supply chain management- Zara, try to understand the whole relationship and each fragment under this prestigious company. Find Zara's supply chain.

To put it in another way, in the supply chain "enterprise A, enterprise B, and enterprise C", enterprise A is the raw material supplier of enterprise B, enterprise C is the seller of enterprise B's products. If enterprise B ignores the interdependence of all elements of the supply chain and focuses too much on its own internal development, the ability to produce products continues to improve, but if enterprise A can not provide him with raw materials in a prompt manner, or the sales capacity of enterprise C can not keep up with the development of enterprise B's production capacity, then we can conclude that the development of enterprise B's productivity is not adapted to the overall efficiency of the supply chain since it ignores the integration of supply chain.

A competent supplier is the trump card of the enterprise performance

A competent supplier is one that has the processing technology of manufacturing high-quality products, sufficient production capacity, and the ability to offer competitive products while making a profit. Fast, continuous, and unpredictable competitive environment requires the best quality and service in the shortest possible time to influence the market demand quickly. That is, the choice of the supplier has a direct impact on the profitability of the business, provided certain requirements are met.

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Guidelines to follow during the selection of suppliers

The establishment of a good relationship is conducive to the reduction of costs, response time, and the creation of new market value. As we know that the core issue of those problems is how to select the ideal supplier since supplier evaluation problems involve many factors. Despite the fact that the evaluation system is diverse, here are some basic principles for people to following.

Preparations required for choosing the supplier


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Getting an assessment of the products

Now that we have already known all the principles as well as the preparations and the importance to choose a competent supplier, here comes the product part. We have to make sure every cycle of products will be perfect and no accidents will happen.

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Ways to reduce procurement costs


Reduce procurement costs through the choice of payment terms

If the capital of the enterprise is abundant, or bank interests are low, cash transactions can be used in a way that is more efficient and effective. But if it's not in this case, compare each way with professional suggestions. Remember to obey the rules that it should minimize the occupation of working capital and demand whichever you choose, which is conducive to expanding the scale of production.

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When people decide to choose a supplier, there are plenty of rules to follow. They should be familiar with all the information as much as possible, at the same time improve their own competence, not to mention the qualifications of the suppliers and products need to be inspected. Furthermore, when dealing with various suppliers from different countries who share totally different languages and cultures with you, the difficulties can drive you crazy sometimes. The best suggestion for you is to find a professional agent: Docshipper. Once you've found your positioned suppliers, there still will be a lot of things to manage if you want to import them from overseas markets. We've built our business model to assist our clients in the whole product cycle and our goal is " Focus on your marketing/sales, let us handle the rest!"

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