How to import Air Conditioner from China

How to import Air Conditioner from China? [FULL GUIDE]

In order to fight against the unbearable heat of the summer and the freezing cold of the winter, the purchase of an air conditioner is the best solution! Sold in households all over the world, the air conditioner will allow you to adjust the temperature in your home to your liking!

How to select them? Where to find the suppliers? What are the hot sales? You will find all the answers to your questions in our article below, and discover all the tips to import an air conditioner from China!

Enjoy your reading!

How to understand an air conditioner?

First, the technical parts are essential for you to go deeper into this market. To know how air conditioners work, you need to have knowledge of the system and the classifications.

The main structure and working principle of air conditioners

Air conditioner mainly includes three modules: heat pump, heat exchanger and air supply device. The heat pump is a system composed of a compressor, refrigerant and throttling and pressure relief device. Most household air conditioners are heat pump type, i.e., both hot and cold air conditioners. A small number of low-end air conditioners are cold air type, i.e., single cold air conditioning. Air conditioning heating is the reverse process of refrigeration, the only difference between the two is that the refrigerant flow direction is reversed. The device that controls the flow of refrigerant is called a "four-way reversing valve" and costs only a few dozen dollars. Single-cooled air conditioners save even this cost, and the poor quality can be imagined. Therefore, do not import a single-cooled air conditioner. Residential split wall-mounted and floor-mounted air conditioners are generally equipped with a rotary compressor (Hitachi air conditioners use a turbo compressor).

Depending on the number of rotating shafts (or cylinders) in the pump body, a rotary compressor can be divided into a single-rotor (single-cylinder) compressor and a two-rotor (two-cylinder) compressor. Among them, the single rotor compressor rotor rotation due to centrifugal force, rotating vibration track large. The double-rotor compressor using the upper and lower two sets of eccentric rotor offset each other centrifugal force, vibration track small. Double-rotor compressor in vibration control and operational efficiency are better than single-rotor compressor. Domestic air conditioning refrigerants mainly include R410A and R32, of which R410A is a mixture of 50% R32 and 50% R125.


At present, all mainstream independent brand air conditioners have been fully upgraded to R32 refrigerant, and the air conditioners sold by Japanese brands in China are also transitioning to R32 refrigerant. The heat exchanger (evaporation & condensation coil) of air conditioners is generally female copper tube + fins. Except for some high-end models, the structure of air conditioner coils is similar, the main difference is the number of materials used, such as the number of rows of coils, the number of copper tube roots and the thickness. The larger the contact area (i.e., heat transfer area) between the outside of the coil and the air and the inside of the coil and the refrigerant, the higher the heat exchange efficiency, the more powerful the cooling and heating, and the better the energy-saving effect. The air conditioner throttling components mainly include a capillary tube, thermal expansion valve and electronic expansion valve, whose function is to throttle down the refrigerant in the medium-temperature and high-pressure state and turn it into a low-temperature and low-pressure state for heat absorption and evaporation.

Most full-DC inverter air conditioners are equipped with electronic expansion valves. Its working principle is: the sensor collects the temperature, pressure and other information, the microcontroller sends out commands after the operation, and the stepping motor controls the gap (opening) between the needle valve and the valve hole, so as to adjust the refrigerant pressure and flow. The air conditioner indoor unit generally adopts a cross-flow fan (also called "cross-flow fan").


DocShipper Tip: Some older low-end domestic fixed-frequency air conditioners are still using R22 refrigerant. Do not import any R22 refrigerant air conditioner.

  • R22 air conditioners are low-end fixed-frequency tertiary energy-efficient air conditioners that will be phased out. Poor performance and not environmentally friendly (ozone layer destruction);
  • R22 air conditioners do not have a price advantage.

Fixed-frequency and variable-frequency model

Fixed-frequency air conditioning refers to the use of a fixed-frequency compressor motor to run the air conditioning at a fixed speed. When the room temperature reaches the set value, the air conditioner stops running; when the room temperature exceeds a certain range of the set value, the compressor is restarted.


Inverter air conditioners mainly include DC inverter and full-DC inverter air conditioners. The "full DC inverter" refers to the fact that the air conditioner compressor and internal and external fans are driven by DC inverter motors. There is a widely spread viewpoint on fixed-frequency air conditioners and inverter air conditioners: by comparing the price difference between air conditioners and the difference in electricity usage, it is argued that fixed-frequency air conditioners are more worthy of purchase than inverter air conditioners. Those who hold this view often assume two sets of data (the price and electricity cost of fixed-frequency and inverter air conditioners), and then use simple calculations to conclude that "it is difficult or impossible to make up for the difference in the price of the air conditioner itself by saving electricity costs with an inverter air conditioner. Some even use this to criticize inverter air conditioners as an IQ tax. This logic and viewpoint seem reasonable, but it does not stand up to scrutiny. The reasons are as follows:

  1. The current price of energy-efficient full-DC inverter air conditioners has dropped to a very low level. The price advantage of a fixed frequency air conditioner is limited. Due to pricing inertia, some major brands of fixed-frequency air conditioning prices are even more expensive than the same number of new horsepower energy-efficient full-DC inverter air conditioners. If you spend more money on a fixed-frequency air conditioner, are you sure it is better than a comparably priced or even cheaper first-class energy-efficient full-DC inverter air conditioner?
  2. Even if you spend a few hundred dollars less by purchasing a cheaper fixed-frequency air conditioner (usually the lowest-end air conditioner of a second- or third-tier brand), in the subsequent long-term use, the extra money spent on electricity is likely to make your overall cost far exceed the cost of buying and using a first-class energy-efficient inverter air conditioner.
  3. The evaluation dimensions of air conditioners include cooling and heating performance under various operating conditions, energy efficiency levels, indoor/outdoor unit operating noise, temperature control accuracy and uniformity, air supply comfort and product stability. Fixed-frequency air conditioners are usually at the bottom of the scale, regardless of their operating conditions. In summary, it is irresponsible to attribute the difference between a fixed-frequency air conditioner and an inverter air conditioner simply to "different power consumption.


DocShipper Tip: The bedroom is generally not recommended to use fixed frequency air conditioning, try to choose full DC inverter air conditioning, especially the energy-efficient full DC inverter air conditioning. While for a living room with a stand-up air conditioner. If the frequency of use is very low, you can consider the R32 refrigerant fixed-frequency cabinet (less than $400 for the 2-hp model or $600 for the 3-hp model). If the frequency of use is high, it is recommended to buy inverter cabinets, especially energy-efficient full DC inverter cabinets.

DocShipper info : Due to the characteristics of fixed-frequency air conditioners, be sure to match the number of air conditioners and the area used as accurately as possible when choosing a fixed-frequency cabinet.

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What are the different categories of gas?

R410A gas category

More environmentally friendly than its predecessor "R22", "R410A" is a refrigerant that does not contain chlorine.

Incompatible with the old R22 installations but much more efficient, the R410A system is used thanks to more modern cooling and heating devices with a higher efficiency.

The high-efficiency R410A device has superior air quality, reliability and comfort. Energy costs are also lower with this device, and it also offers the opportunity to receive energy tax credits.

This class of gas also saves money. R410A has a lower cost than the R22 system, and is also more efficient in use. This is because it both absorbs and releases more heat than its predecessor, thus saving energy, which helps reduce costs and any risk of compressor failure. Efficiency is also increased due to the synthetic oil being more soluble than the mineral oil used previously. As a result, operation is cooled and wear is minimized.

The R32 gas category


As a member of the large family of saturated hydrocarbons, R32 is considered a pure fluid. R32, otherwise known as difluoromethane, consists of 2 fluorine atoms and 2 hydrogen atoms. It is a methane molecule.

This type of gas has been developed in order to respect the European regulation F-Gas, which imposes the reduction of hydrofluocarbons, the objective being that this production is zero by 2025.

The R32 was created in order to replace the R410A. Moreover, the compositions of these two components are quite similar: 50% of the composition is identical, and the thermodynamic properties are similar. Moreover, the performance of R32 is 5 to 7% higher.


What are the different types of air conditioners?

Split air conditioner

climatiseur-vent-froidBeing the most popular installation on the market, the air conditioner "SPLIT" consists of two blocks connected by an electrical cable and pipes with a relatively small diameter. This system is fixed air conditioning, and requires a relatively large space outside your home to install the block called compressor.

For its installation, it's important to note that the two units, outdoor and indoor, must be placed near each other. The distance must not exceed 30 meters. Despite these obligations, its installation remains simple.

For its use, a remote control is at the disposal of the purchaser in order to allow to regulate various details such as the ambient temperature, or the inclination of the shutters of blowing, the speed of blowing and the time periods of operation.

The multisplit

Also installed for regular use, the Multi-Split air conditioner consists of a compressor block located outside the house and 2 to 5 blocks inside. Each unit operates independently. This type of air conditioner is ideal when several rooms need to be air conditioned, especially when they are far away. Indeed, the pipes are long enough to connect relatively distant rooms.

Inverter technology

This type of technology is frequently used by major brands. This system allows to manage the unit located outside, and allows a moderation of the power produced by the unit according to the user's demand. This technology represents a significant asset to reduce the costs generated by heating, as well as to optimize the Coefficient of Performance, known as COP.

The mobile air conditioner

equipement-unite-climatisation-portableThe mobile air conditioner is a good alternative when you don't wish to have a fixed system. This system is ideal if you don't own your home, if you change your home on a regular basis or if you wish to invest in an installation at a lower cost. In addition to a home, the mobile air conditioner can heat outdoor spaces and / or dedicated to the event. This type of air conditioning doesn't require an outside installation, so no work is required!



DocShipper Tip : To further reduce your electricity bills, we recommend that you : 

  • Set the temperature correctly. You can install a control system with a floating set point. In this case, the temperature in your home will adapt according to the decrease or increase of your outside temperature.
  • Increase the temperature at night. The temperature can be maintained 2 to 4 degrees higher at night.
  • Reduce fan speed when cooling or heating is not required.
  • Protect yourself from the sun's rays. In summer, make sure to close the shutters and protect your home from the sun.
  • Vegetate the walls. The plants present on the walls reduce the emissions of solar radiation, and thus reduce the heat.

When you want to import mobile air conditioners, always make sure to check the compliance in terms of safety. Opt for devices with, for example, automatic shutdown devices in case of possible overheating, or a safety switch in case of tilting of the device.

The mobile air conditioner without exhaust

The mobile air conditioner without evacuation is more respectful of the environment thanks to its system not using the refrigerant. Its operation is also in the continuity of the respect of the environment: the evaporation of water allows a cooling of the air.

Note however that for an optimal use, the mobile air conditioner without evacuation must be used in a room lower than 20m2.

The mobile air conditioner with exhaust

This system is more efficient than the non-exhausted model. Its technology consists of installing an exhaust pipe to the outside to reject the hot air.

Its use is relatively precise: the temperature setting is to the nearest degree, thanks to the increasingly effective electronic control.

Some models of mobile air conditioner also has the ability to reduce the level of humidity in the home. The dehumidification of the air is done thanks to the evacuation of the water by a container (which it is imperative to empty from time to time).

DocShipper Tip: In general, to optimize the use of mobile air conditioning, you should:

  • Avoid opening doors and windows for optimal use
  • Close the shutters and curtains
  • Set the temperature no higher than 5 to 7 degrees with the outside temperature
  • Perform regular maintenance of the device
  • Opt for equipment that does not consume a lot of energy

Which mobile air conditioners to buy?

The LG air conditioner

Climatiseur LGThis portable air conditioner and dehumidifier produced by the LG brand has a thermostat control and a 2-way air diflection. It is controlled by a standard remote control and has 2 fan speeds. Its operation is quiet, and its use is relatively simple: the device has a timer on / off 24 / 24 and has an automatic restart.


Climatiseur Toshiba
The Toshiba air conditioner

This lightweight, mobile dehumidification and cooling solution from Toshiba features
quick and easy installation. A remote control is available to the user to simplify the use of the air conditioner. Its lightness and mobility are also considerable advantages.



What are the hot sales kind of split AC in China?

Usually, to start with a new field to do imports, target at those hot sales wouldn't be a bad idea.

Gree air conditioners

gree-fairyAs the biggest and one of the oldest brands in the Chinese household application market, Gree air conditioner is the world's number one selling brand, is in the air conditioning business from birth. With their own research and development department, Gree has the vision to hold the core technology to stay highly competitive performance on the market. Also, Gree has the first "Export Exemption" Eligibility in Chinese air conditioner brand and it has renewed this year. For importers like you, there's no doubt that's great news,  one less paperwork you would do from the list!

Midea air conditioners

Midea air conditioners

Not a specialist in air conditioners, Midea is a whole brand for all kinds of household
appliances. In China's market, the most advanced technology of inverter is Midea, and the quality of Midea's air conditioners itself is very high. There's a slogan: If you want to select a frequency-conversion air condition, never miss Midea. Midea inverter air conditioners have high advantages of low noise, long service life, wide voltage start (to protect household appliances), power saving, constant temperature and comfort, etc. Meanwhile, Midea inverter air conditioners use international brand imported compressors, which have more stable performance, higher operating efficiency and longer service life to attract more customers and have good customer retention.

Haier air conditioners

Haier air conditionersResearch and development resources are the richest, research and development capabilities are the strongest, Haier's sales service has been approved by the whole nation, besides its machine quality is guaranteed. The main feature is to achieve fast refrigeration and high thermal efficiency. There are other good performances that can be taken into account: the appearance, cost, frequency conversion. After all, non-fluoride Haier started to do refrigeration from the beginning and is China's first world-famous brand. As one of the world's top 500 enterprises, it has manufacturers across the globe.


Hisense air conditioner

Hisense was founded in 1969. Hisense air conditioning is focusing on the main Hisense air conditionerinverter, whose technology is the best R & D on the Chinese market, while it's working in confined spaces, the function takes the best care it could do of human body. Due to its function with hydroxyl negative ions, it's able to keep a constant temperature with defrost capability, and that's owing to the internal temperature of the space to the intelligent control. Hisense's high-end air conditioners use the more stringent APF energy efficiency standard to achieve true energy efficiency. Equipped with the "FPA2.0 full purification system", which can efficiently filter out inhalable particles in the air, remove up to 97% of benzene, formaldehyde, odor gases in the air, improve the overall air quality, and keep you away from PM2.5 worries.




Split-system AC VS. mobile AC

As we have seen before, there are two types of air conditioners: the split air conditioner and the mobile air conditioner. Below, we compare the two systems, to help you make your choice:

  • Mobility

A mobile air conditioner can be moved from one room to another. Thus, you can refresh or heat any room in your house. The mobile air conditioner is therefore a rather interesting backup solution. The split air conditioner, on the other hand, remains fixed, and can therefore only heat or cool a single room.

  • The power

Despite the fact that the split air conditioner is fixed, and therefore it can't be transferred from one room to another, this type of air conditioner is more powerful than its competitor. This type of air conditioner will be more efficient than the mobile air conditioner.

Indeed, the mobile air conditioner only covers an area up to 30m2, while a split system can cover a room of 50m2.

  • Electricity consumption 

The split air conditioner consumes a lot of electricity, in order to keep the desired temperature inside the room. The electricity consumption will be higher with this system. This is related to the efficiency of the system, which is much higher when using a split air conditioner.

  • Sound volumes

The volume of noise depends on the model. However, in general, the fixed air conditioner will be less noisy than its competitor. This is mainly due to the fact that the unit with the motor is located outside.

  • Maintenance

The maintenance of a split air conditioner is relatively simple: a simple cleaning with a slightly damp sponge, or simply with a dry cloth is enough.

The maintenance of a mobile air conditioner is also easy: you only have to dust the filters every 15 days.

Note however a significant difference: the split system includes two units, the cleaning time is therefore multiplied by two with this system.

  • Price

The cost of a mobile air conditioner is lower than that of a stationary air conditioner. In fact, you can get a mobile air conditioner from $ 300. For a split air conditioner, count more between 500 and 2000$. However, the efficiency of a split air conditioner is less good than that of a mobile air conditioner. The quality price / efficiency ratio is therefore relatively balanced between the two types of air conditioners. AC mobile VS fix

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How to find suppliers from different cities in China?

Map china

No matter you will start as an individual or depend on the sourcing agency to search, as long as you decide to explore the Chinese market, you couldn't overlook Alibaba. As the biggest online shopping platform which generates almost every commodity in the market, it's convenient and easy to give it a try first.

Before you search the keywords by yourself, we've done some researches already and organized the very reliable and competitive suppliers here, as your very first references.

Harvest Eco Solutions (Shanghai)

Established in 2004, Harvest Eco Solutions Limited has more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing air conditioners. As a professional eco supplier, Harvest is not only specialized in refrigeration, ventilation, and air conditioning, but also in solar applications. The very full range of product lines from off-grid solar air conditioners to hybrid solar air conditioners, that offers sufficient eco-solutions for heating and cooling inhouse and commercial utilization. With the vision of embracing a better living environment, Harvest endeavors to build an environment-friendly consuming habit for the necessary amenity.

Dongguan Shengguang Industrial Equipment (Dongguan)

Dongguan Shengguang Industrial Equipment is an air conditioner manufacturer specialized in R & D, and their core technology helps to produce and take a position in the business of industrial refrigeration equipment trades. Compare to other competitors, they have outstanding performance in the outer appearance, installation, and aftersales service of refrigeration systems. For this company's hot sales, which include oil coolers, water coolers, heat exchangers for electrical control boxes, air conditioners for electrical cabinets, air dryers for adsorption cooling, and micro-thermal and precision air filtersTheir experienced engineers highlighted the revolution of air conditioner installation and maintenance, and that ensured a long lifespan of their products.

Shenzhen MoreTrade Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen)

Shenzhen MoreTrade Network Technology Co., Ltd. has established in 2002 and renamed it to the current one in 2015. For the past decade, this company is devoted to developing the R & D department to retain the high-tech product lines in the household appliance field. Air conditioners in More trade are only one of their whole range of electronic appliances. With a very mature classification of split system air conditioners for different usages: residential, light commercial, and commercial types for segmented markets. It has already established two factories in Shenzhen and Foshan, also owned a high-tech industrial park for development. Their distinguished performance on annual capacity has been around 120 million units.

Suzhou Huarui Heat Control Technology (Suzhou)

Suzhou Huarui heat control technology Co., Ltd. is a supplier and service provider that specializes in providing base station, machine room, and cabinet heat dissipation solutions for telecommunications and electricity industries. The company was founded in 2006, located in the beautiful Suzhou Wuzhong District Taihu Taihu coast, covering an area of 10000 square meters. In 2008, the company passed the British Lloyd ISO9001 quality certification, and in 2010 the high-tech enterprise certification in Jiangsu Province, the total number of employees at present 200, more than 40 professional technical team. The products of the company are now widely used in well-known domestic equipment manufacturers such as HUAWEI technology, Shanghai Bell, American Tyco and other enterprises. The products are widely used in terminal users such as mobile, Unicom, telecommunications, and state electricity. In foreign markets, the company's products have successfully entered Japan, Germany, North American markets, and in Africa, The Middle East and Australia have established partners and after-sales service outlets.
"Huarui thermal control" is committed to providing efficient and green energy solutions for the cooling of electronic equipment.

Aux Group (Ningbo)

AUX is a professional air conditioning manufacturer with very mature technology. For that, compared to other brands as we mentioned before, there's not a big gap in the fundamental functions and performance. As a strong brand in the domestic market, its product positioning is functional and practical, like the branches of Chinese smartphones Xiaomi, Redmi. Their economical price is appealing to many commercial users, AUX would be their first choice for facilities. Therefore, the high market share has been accomplished.

We hope those suppliers above will give you some ideas about sourcing air conditioners in China. We encourage you to do as many researches as you can to get more comparisons to start your sourcing journey. Also, if you hesitate to make a decision, Docshipper always will be at your service to help you with the sourcing part. Find us and send your inquiry!


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