How to buy on TAOBAO

How to buy on Taobao? [FULL GUIDE]

What is Taobao? (C2C Platform)


Taobao, founded in 2003, is an online shopping platform for consumer-to-consumer retail. It belongs to Jack Ma's Alibaba Group which connects consumers from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

According to iResearch, in 2013, Taobao was the largest online shopping destination in China. Besides, from 2012-2014, Mobile Taobao App was the most favored mobile app in China.

Now let's skip those official comments, Taobao is nowadays a place you can buy various goods at the most cost-efficient price, and of course, with nice quality if you have your purchase in control. You can see the videos and the pictures and also the comments of pictures from who have ever bought the same products, so the chance of getting scammed is lowered greatly than before.


What is Tmall? (B2C Platform)


T-mall is a business-to-consumer platform based on the Taobao platform. It's different from Taobao, as you can see the difference between Amazon and eBay. Shop owners in Tmall should hand in all legal documentation to confirm their credibility so that it would be a legal guarantee for the buyers in Tmall. If you want to purchase authentic products which are of great quality and reliability, our suggestion for you is to buy on Tmall.

How to start buying on Taobao?

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How to buy a specific product on Taobao APP?

Tip 1: Use translation tools to translate what you want to purchase, then copy-paste it. Here we will take earphones as an example. The Chinese for earphones is "耳机", so we will search this in Taobao. You can see the picture and the price there. There are various products from different brands. So we choose the first one from HUAWEI, you can click the yellow one "Purchase Now" and then buy it.


Tip 2: This is a really perfect function in Taobao App, you can take a picture of what you want to purchase and then upload, or you can even get the desirable picture of the products from your client then upload. It's really fast and convenient since it saved you lots of time. See here we upload the picture of Electric Toothbrushes and within 2 seconds you get the results of the same products.


How to place an order on the Taobao website?

Step 1: Search the product's name: 耳机 (earphone), then click the one you are interested in.

step by step

Step 2: Our suggestion for you is to check the cumulative evaluation first because it can reveal a lot of things. Kindly check the reviews with pictures first. If you do this step on a mobile phone, you actually have the chance to see the video review.


Step 3: Click "Buy now", there will be a popup like a requirement of your address, which should be very complete.

step 3 - buy now

Step 4: Once you finished your address filling, here is the shipment choice you can go with if you are in a certain area.

step 4 shipment

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Step 5: After confirming the details, you will be in another popup from the Alipay page. Set a password for the Alipay account and then you can enter your our card, VISA, Master, credit card, etc. After your payment, you can just wait until you get the goods!

step 5 - alipay


What if I want to refund for my products?

To be honest, returning the products is a really difficult process. In China, you just simply send it back to the seller and at most cost 2 euros, however, for foreigners it's actually kind of out of question considering the distance, delivery time, and the expensive shipping fees.

However, you have the right to get a refund if you get defective products or it's just not what you thought. You can submit a refund request directly to Taobao, and don't forget to record a video when you open the products to demonstrate as an example once your products are broken or damaged. Normally, the seller will have to respond to your request within 48 hours, if not, Taobao will refund you if you provide enough evidence.

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Keywords of Chinese for you to search on Taobao

There are some bonuses for you to get a quick start in Taobao of the Chinese characters. Feel free to use them if you need any products listed below. Or you can go Deepl to get a very accurate translation.

What are Best sales days of Taobao?

Top selling products for you to buy on Taobao

If you want to dropship with Taobao, you can take deep consideration with our suggested products list below. These are all trendy and desirable ones in Taobao which you can get with a relatively cost-efficient price, which save you costs greatly.

Regulations for buying products from China

What are the Pros and cons of Taobao?

How can Docshipper help you?

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