Top 50 Best Sellers Alibaba [October 2022]

Top 50 Best Sellers Alibaba [October 2022]

Each month, Docshipper provides you with a list of the top 50 best-selling products on Alibaba, along with information on the features and price of each product. A wide range of products in all categories is available on the market. So if you are looking for ideas of products to import from China to sell in another country, this guide is made for you. To find a reliable supplier, contact us.

Sports and leisure bestsellers on Alibaba

Sport is a must, and having the perfect outfit to practice it takes research and time wasting. We make it very simple for you to find the best products sold for this theme.

Top selling bicycle accessories on Alibaba

You will find our selection of the best products sold in the sub-category bicycle accessories

hollow brick block

Product Name: Bicycle coffee cup holder

Product Description: Suitable for cups, such as coffee, tea or hot chocolate in the morning. It can be personalized too.

Price: from 1.25$

professional building red

Product Name: Led bicycle lamp

Product Description: USB rechargeable bicycle headlamp. Easy installation, no tools required.


Price: from 1.32$

hydraulic pressure hollow block

Product Name : Bicycle bell

Product Description: LOGO and color can be customized.

Price: from 1.52$

Roll forming machine

Product Name: Electric bike lock

Product Description : anti-cut, anti-drill, anti-saw, size 65*55 mm

Price : from 8.07$

Block Brick Making Machine

Product Name :Phone holder for bicycle.

Product Description : Waterproof material: the zipper and rain cover can help you protect your items perfectly

Price : from 1.82$

The best fishing products to find on Alibaba

Here are our top product selections in the Fishing sub-category.

Apparel textile

Product Name : Fishing suit

Product Description : Breathable multifunctional fishing pants with gloves


Price: from 13.62$

Cloth Fabric Machine

Product Name: Fish finder

Product Description : A Portable wireless fish finder with 100M sounder


Price : from 45.39$

Textile Recycling Machine

Product Name: fishing chair

Product Description : folding fishing chair with bag

Price : from 1.82$

Automatic label cutting

Product Name: Underwater video fish finder

Product Description : Fish finder video underwater camera 4.3 inches

Price : from 46.40$

Professional apparel textile

Product Name : Fishing outfit

Product Description : Unisex uniform, waterproof and breathable 3 layer polyester fabric.


Price: from 43.88$

Info Docshipper : Are you interested in dropshipping and reselling products imported from China? We recommend this article: Sourcing Products from China : All you need to know

Best selling beauty and personal care products on Alibaba

The beauty and personal care category again broke its record with 28% of sales in the top 5 categories.

Best selling beauty and personal care products on Alibaba

Here are our picks for the best products in the Hair Care & Beauty sub-category.

Storage Trolley

Product Name :Hair loss treatment product

Product Description : Contains essential oils, natural plant extracts and D-biotin to help refresh the scalp.

Price : from 1.91$

Velvet pink chair

Product Name : Gloss Lipstick

Product Description : Wateproof liquid matte lipstick


Price : from 1.62 $

Lounge Chair

Product Name :Korean cleansing foam

Product Description : All skin types, Normal, Combination, Oily, Damaged skin, Sensitive, Dry


Price : from 0.55$

marble top console table

Product Name: Lip oil

Product Description: 4 colors Moisturizing, Nourishing, Brightening.


Price : from 0.79$

Shoe Rack Bench

Product Name: Nail dryer

Product Description : Two-handed nail lamp 86W


Price : from 15.13$

The best perfume and deodorant products to find on Alibaba.

Here are our picks for the best products in the Perfumes & Deodorants sub-category.

swing garden chair

Product Name : Parfum body splash

Product Description: Floral, fresh, warm and spicy, woody and earthy.


Price : from 1.23$

Office Furniture Movable

Product Name : Body mist 

Product Description: Deodorant spray for the body 100ml, 150ml, 200ml .


Price : from 0.35$


Product Name: Baby cologne

Product Description: Personalized bottle of baby cologne with fresh citrus.


Price : from 3.03$

Portable Wine Table

Product Name: Spray Victoria Secrets 

Product Description: Fresh flowers, citrus and fresh fruits, fruity flowers.


Price : from 3.03$

Single Sofa bed 

Product Name : Perfume box for women

Product Description : Fresh, floral, woody and earthy, warm and spicy

Price: from 2.43$

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Best electrical equipment and supplies products on Alibaba

Electrical equipment and supplies account for 22% of sales.

Best selling low voltage products on Alibaba

Here are our picks for the best low voltage products subcategorie.

Spectrum Lamp vertical 

Product Name: Low voltage products

Product Description : Advanced design / Stable performance / Durable

Price : from 504.30$

Bulbs Led

Product Name: Power distribution board


Product Description: Waterproof electrical switchboard with 10-way switch


Price: from 5.05$

Spiral Lamp

Product Name: Low voltage filtering product

Product Description: Stainless steel 565x510x280mm/ Voltage: 220V/400V/440V/480V


Price: from 1,511.88$

Fluorescent Corn LED

Product Name: Electrical junction boxes

Product Description: IP65 Waterproof ABS plastic housing


Price: from 0.30$

Flower Energy Saving

Product Name: Car circuit breaker

Product Description : Car circuit breaker 5A 10A 15A 20A 25A 30A with manual reset


Price: from 0.30$

Electrical Supplies Bestsellers on Alibaba

These are our picks for the Electrical Supplies subcategory.

String Lighting For Party

Product Name: Power supply cable

Product Description: 1.5 m power supply cable, 250V US

Price : from 0.50$

Bulb string lights

Product Name: Electrical outlet

Product description: High quality 220v industrial electrical outlet, power 20a 16amp 3pin

Price : from 0.50$

36LEDS Cherry Blossom

Product Name: Electrical wall outlet

Product Description: Modern design, available color : gold/white/grey


Price : from 0.70$

Twinkle fairy starry led 

Product Name: Electrical wall switches

Product description: Stainless steel electrical wall switches

Price: from 1.31$

Wedding light

Product Name: Switch plug

Product Description: Size: 86mm*88mm with Maximum voltage: 220V-250V


Price: from 0.20$

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Best selling Furniture products on Alibaba

Furniture represents 18% of the sales in october 2022.

Best sales of Outdoor Furniture on Alibaba

Here are our picks for the best selling products in the Outdoor Furniture sub-category.

3d Foam Wallpapers

Product Name: Outdoor furniture set

Product Description: 4 pieces Modern patio furniture

Price: from 53.55$

Geometric diamond wallpapers

Product Name:Patio garden sofa

Product Description: Modern outdoor furniture in teak wood


Price: from 447.05$

Nonwoven Wall Paper

Product Name: Concrete garden chair

Product Description : This product can be used for exterior and interior decoration.


Price: from 198.69$

Custom Wallpaper Modern

Product Name: Garden patio set

Product Description: a high quality steel garden dining patio 7pcs


Price: from 85.94$

3D Wallpaper Home

Product Name: Garden furniture

Product Description: Two double sofas, a corner sofa, a fireplace table and two benches.


Price: from 524.54$

Commercial Furniture Bestsellers on Alibaba

Here are our picks for the best products in the "Commercial Furniture" subcategory.

Colorful Mosaic

Product Name: bar chairs

Product Description : This chair can be used in a living room, dining room, hotel, recreation center, wine cellar, home bar or villa.


Price : from 24.84$

Grey Mosaic 

Product Name: Office chair

Product Description: modern 2D adjustable headrest

Price : from 64.58$

Bathroom Mosaic

Product Name: School furniture

Product Description : Single desk and chair set. All sizes of tables and chairs can be customized.

Price : from 22.09$

Blended Blues Glass Mosaic

Product Name:Laboratory furniture

Product Description : This furniture can be used in a hospital, school, university, pharmaceutical plant, chemical laboratory


Price : from 1,490.16$

Blue series ceramic

Product Name: Bar stool Chair

Product Description: Contemporary bar chair made of solid wood.

Price : from 37.76$

Info Docshipper : Don't forget to order a sample before stocking up, a manufacturer will do anything to sell his products. If this one is with the Chinese standards, it does not mean that it will be with the standards of your country. For more informations, please contact us.

The best Watches Jewelry Eyewear products on Alibaba

Watches, jewelry and eyewear products account for 15% of October sales. They are also in high demand throughout the year.

Top jewelry sales on Alibaba

Here are our picks for the best products in the "jewelry" sub-category.

Bubble Gun

Product Name: Huggie earrings

Product Description: Stylized Korean letters necklace.


Price : from 0.99$

Guns Water Electronic

Product Name: 14K gold necklace

Product Description : Customized logo on the product. Can be a perfect gift for women.


Price : from 2.36$

Gun Rocket Bubble

Product Name: Stainless steel ring

Product Description: Unique stainless steel shell ring

Price : from 1.87$

Bullet Toy Guns

Product Name: Stainless steel bracelet

Product Description: Meng Yong Jewelry Stainless steel bracelet


Price : from 0.52$

money gun

Product Name : Crystal butterfly necklace

Product Description : Gold/silver necklace, simple vintage and trendy

Price : from 0.34$

Top selling watch boxes and cases on Alibaba

Here are our picks for the best products in the Watch Boxes & Cases sub-category.

Bath Toy Animal

Product Name : Watch gift box

Product Description: Haoty watch box, Size: 80*80*45mm, or customized


Price : from 0.90$

Baby Play Mat

Product Name: Leather watch box

Product Description: Black watch storage box. Size: 220*160*100MM


Price : from 17.89$

Push Walker Play

Product Name: Wooden watch box

Product Description : OLaipacking brand watch packaging box. Colors: Black/White/Custom


Price : from 4.77$

Toddler Educational Learning

Product Name: Storage box for watches

Product Description : Wooden watch organizer box. Size: 120*120*90mm


Price : from 0.19$

music box carousel alibaba

Product Name : Packaging box for watches

Product Description : Watch box of the brand LSX . The shape and color can be customized.


Price : from 0.20$

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