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TOP 50 best sellers Alibaba [December 2021]

Top fashion accessories best sellers on Alibaba

For the month of December 2021, fashion accessories have a sales ratio of 15%. There are other subcategories, but for our top 50, we choose two that are likely to interest you throughout this time period.

Top hair accessories on Alibaba

Here are the top 5 best-selling hair accessories !


Product name : Headband Print Hairpin Pearl Flower

Product description : This elastic band with a pin appearance is ideal for creating various hairstyles. It's an excellent present idea.


Price range : from $1.19


Product name : Flower woven knit crochet headband

Product description : This product is available in a variety of colors, allowing you to personalize it to your liking. It's a one-size-fits-all.


Price range : from $1.50


Product name : 18 Piece Sets Hair Clip Sets Rubber Hairpin

Product description : A cute set of hair clips available in different colors and customizable to your preferences. Perfect gift for little girls!


Price range : from $1.50


Product name : Double sided printed paisley bandana

Product description : Beautiful bandana, 100% cotton that can be styled in different ways. You can put your logo on it. High quality fabric, avoids allergies. Pins are not easy to remove from the thread.


Price range : from $0.59


Product name : Bow Knot Scrunchy Printed Floral

Product description : These scrunchies are available in 11 colors and are made from fabric with an elastic band. They give a special style to hairdos.


Price range : from $0.38

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Top scarf, hat & glove sets on Alibaba

Here are our top 5 items in the scarf, hat & glove sets sub-category.



Product name : Women's pink scarf

Product description : A cashmere and wool blend scarf that will keep you toasty in the winter but can also be used in other seasons!


Price range : from $13.50


Product name : Knitted beanie scarves

Product description : Warm and fluffy knit scarves and caps with a cotton inner. Both parents and children will like it!


Price range : from $5.95


Product name : Set of winter ski gloves

Product description : Knit glove set for men and women for skiing, winter, and outdoor activities. Touch screen navigation is compatible with fingers.


Price range : from $5


Product name : Winter scarf, hat and gloves set

Product description : Women's simple fur scarves, gloves, and caps in a new design. Especially warm in the winter and very useful in really cold temperatures.


Price range : from $1.84


Product name : Winter hat and scarf set

Product description : Warm winter hats and scarves with pom-poms for infants. They are knitted and keep you quite warm in cold weather.


Price range : from $6.67

Top luggage, bags & cases best sellers on Alibaba

With a sales ratio of 10%, the luggage, bags, and suitcases area includes various subcategories with wonderful things to select from if you want to start selling!

Top handbags on Alibaba

Here are the top 5 items in the handbags' subcategory !


Product name : Women's branded handbags

Product description : Made with genuine leather, this woman's handbag is ideal for sale. You can customize it with your own logo.


Price range : from $28


Product name : Luxury handbags

Product description : This leather handbag offers the impression of a premium purse and is ideal for personalization. Its quality will be comparable to that of other bags.


Price range : from $7.15


Product name : Luxury handbags for women

Product description : These are luxury-style purses that may be customized and come in six different colors. They are composed of polyester or Spandex.


Price range : from $10.50


Product name : Winter handbag for women

Product description : New bag design composed of wool and polyester, followed with a wool and polyester cap. It is versatile.


Price range : from $11.15


Product name : Sequins embroidered handbags

Product description : These purses are composed of leather sequins that have been stitched. They are now quite stylish and will make a great sales product.


Price range : from $11.37

Top wallet on Alibaba

Here are the 5 articles in the wallet sub-category.


Product name : Women's wallet

Product description : This women's wallet is made of real leather and is excellent for selling. You may personalize it with your own logo and select your favorite colors.


Price range : from $3.85


Product name : Gift box for men

Product description : A box prepared in advance that contains a watch, a wallet and a belt in a box that you can give as a gift. The quality is high and the material used is leather.


Price range : from $8.66


Product name : Leather wallet for women

Product description : Women's wallet has a large capacity and RFID protection, as well as a travel bag strap. It's constructed of real leather and may be customized.


Price range : from $9.98


Product name : HUMERPAUL Anti-theft wallet

Product description : Bluetooth anti-theft wallet with a wonderful design. It is composed of real leather and comes with a remote GPS tracking gadget.


Price range : from $15.66


Product name : Leather credit card wallet with zipper

Product description : Genuine leather credit card wallet with zipper, RFID blocking accordion for men and women.


Price range : from $4.80

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Top gifts & crafts best sellers on Alibaba

The gifts and crafts sector has a 25% sales proportion. This category covers products such as party favors, presents, and other items that are appropriate for the current time period.

Top festive & party supplies on Alibaba

Here are some of the things available in the festive & party supplies' subcategory.


Product name : Indoor fireworks

Product description : You can light up any celebration and make your evening even more spectacular with this inside firework! Stage jet with a height of 3 meters and a duration of 35 seconds.


Price range : from $0.50


Product name : Aluminum fringed curtain

Product description : These lovely curtains are vibrant, lovely, elegant, and appealing. They may add glitz to parties, festivals, and celebrations, as well as making your party activities more engaging.


Price range : from $0.10


Product name : Birthday cake candles

Product description : Place the candle on its pointed end in a non-edible, non-flammable, side-tilted holder, - light the ignition head, and then walk away. The fireworks last around 45 seconds. Excellent for illuminating birthdays!


Price range : from $0.20

glitter powder

Product name : Glitter powder 

Product description : This glitter powder in a bottle is used in stationery, toy accessories, and costumes. There are almost 100 different types of bottles.


Price range : from $2.50


Product name : High quality Christmas tree

Product description : This Christmas tree appears to be very real, fresh, and dense, with robust branches. The branches are composed of PE material, giving the tree a very sophisticated appearance and feel.


Price range : from $6.90

Top gift sets on Alibaba

Here are the top 5 selling goods in the gift sets category for gift ideas.

gift box

Product name : Business gift set

Product description : This box is great for gifting to a coworker or business partner, especially during the holiday season. It includes a pen, tie, and cuff links.


Price range : from $16


Product name : Gift set reed diffuser

Product description : Long-lasting scent that may be used in any setting. It is a natural technique to adorn a room that does not require the use of electricity or alcohol.


Price range : from $3.23

gift box

Product name : Luxury corporate gift box

Product description : A USB key, a vacuum cup, an external battery, a pen, a notepad, and a portable mouse are all included in this lovely present package. The box comes in four distinct colors.


Price range : from $28.50

gift box

Product name : Business set with personalized logo

Product description : This gift set may include a variety of goods like as keychains, pens, business card holders, and so on. You may also customize it.


Price range : from $1.50


Product name : Gift box with mugs

Product description : Mug and box may be customized and given on any occasion. The boxes come in a variety of colors and with Mr. and Mrs. designs.


Price range : from $20

Top toys & hobbies best sellers on Alibaba

There are many things in the toys and hobbies category that are suitable for giving as presents to both children and adults. In December 2021, this category's sales increased by 20%.

Top action figure on Alibaba

When it comes to action figures, the options are numerous, but here are our top five.


Product name : Mario vinyl figure

Product description : These figurines are crafted of high quality, durable vinyl to ensure that you can enjoy premium grade Super Mario toys.


Price range : from $1.95


Product name : Mini Child Toy Action Figure Pokémon

Product description : These little figurines constructed of non-toxic and long-lasting PVC are great as presents for Pokémon aficionados.


Price range : from $0.08


Product name : Luffy one piece figure

Product description : This figurine, made of resin and PVC, is great for gifting to One Piece enthusiasts. It will look great as a piece of décor.


Price range : from $7.90

figurine marvel

Product name : Marvel metal robot figure

Product description : Marvel's superhero adventure toys are built for toddlers' hands. As a result, it's ideal for giving to new fans or adding to your Marvel toy collection.


Price range : from $354.48


Product name : Super Mario PVC Figurine 6pcs set

Product description : These PVC birthday party Mario figurines are based on the game's first prototype character and are a tiny version of it. Each character model has a unique design, giving it a unique Super Mario character.


Price range : from $3.86

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Top doll on Alibaba

Here are the five best-selling dolls.


Product name : Little mermaid dolls

Product description : This mermaid doll is great for introducing children to a wonderful world! Children will be overjoyed to get this doll as a gift!


Price range : from $5.79


Product name : Big doll house

Product description : This two-story house would make an excellent present for children. They will be able to explore a fictitious universe and tell their own stories.


Price range : from $39.32


Product name : Afro-American doll

Product description : This lovely doll, made of non-toxic PVC, will be ideal for your children, allowing them to play with her and outfit her to their liking.


Price range : from $4.50


Product name : Silicone doll

Product description : This cotton and silicone baby doll measures 55 cm (real infant size). It is absolutely safe and would make an excellent present for your youngster.


Price range : from $28


Product name : Doll in wedding costume

Product description : This doll toy is the ideal present for youngsters, especially if they are attracted by the world of fairy tales. It is made of PVC, is non-toxic, and blends the imagined world with role-playing.


Price range : from $2

Top lights & lighting best sellers on Alibaba

The lights and lighting category had a 30% sales percentage.

Top holiday lighting on Alibaba

In this sub-category, holiday lighting, you will find the top five selling items below.


Product name : LED fairy curtain

Product description : The star-shaped light garland lights your night and provides a magical feeling; it is a lovely decoration for a home, garden, wedding, or Christmas tree, for example.


Price range : from $3.37


Product name : Smart light decoration

Product description : This 33-foot light garland is constructed of PVC and can be twisted and sculpted into whatever design you like. Let your imagination go wild while decorating your room, wall, ceiling, window, or Christmas tree.


Price range : from $12.77


Product name : LED Artificial Night Tree

Product description : This vibrant cherry tree is ideal for adorning the space of your choosing in your house. There are six distinct hues to pick from.


Price range : from $1.11


Product name : LED String Light

Product description : The weatherproof nature of the string light allows it to be mounted both indoors and outdoors. It's ideal for creating a warm and romantic environment.


Price range : from $1


Product name : Christmas light balls

Product description : The bauble light may be hung on a line (the top of the bauble can have a ring to hang on the line) or grounded (can be custom manufactured to ground), and the light color, bauble size, IP level, light quantity, and light pattern can all be modified.


Price range : from $15.50

Top chandeliers & pendant lights on Alibaba

Here are five chandeliers and pendant lights to consider.


Product name : Crystal chandelier

Product description : The gorgeous crystal ceiling chandelier is an ideal light fixture for the hallway, corridor, bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, or any other area of your choice.


Price range : from $1 000


Product name : Long crystal chandelier for stairs

Product description : This tall chandelier for your stairwell will provide a unique and exquisite touch to your property. With sparkling light, a transparent crystal ball with various facets and pearls emits a charm reminiscent of a light dream.


Price range : from $115.30


Product name : Classic glass bubble ceiling

Product description : Illuminate and adorn your rooms: this trendy lamp is ideal for modern, antique, industrial, rural, and northern style houses, and it can fit in any kind of space, making it an excellent option for welcoming guests.


Price range : from $13.50


Product name : Ring chandelier

Product description : Elegant ceiling pendants, whether used as desk lights, dining room lamps, bedroom lamps, kitchen lamps, or dining table lamps, can flawlessly beautify and create a romantic environment.


Price range : from $188.10


Product name : Vintage Austrian crystal chandelier

Product description : This wonderful chandelier with etched crystal pendants will suit you to illuminate the bedroom, living room of your house or apartment, and will go nicely in your classic, baroque, or eclectic style design.


Price range : from $39

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