Top 50 best sellers Alibaba Sept 2021

Top 50 Best Sellers Alibaba [September 2021]

Top Home & Garden bestsellers on Alibaba


Home & Garden is a very trendy section on Alibaba for September 2021, with a percentage of 25%. The variety of products in sub-categories like cleaning appliances are incredible.

The products listed underneath might be interesting for you to sell,  in your business.


Top Cleaning Appliances on Alibaba

Since there are a lot of articles, we've picked many that you might want to add to your activities.

Sweeping vacuum robot cleaner

Product name : Sweeping Robot Vacuum Cleaner USB Automatic

Product Description : Cleaning tool, available in 3 different colors, very easy to use


Price range : From $12.6

Portable cool face

Product name : Portable Cool Face Fine Ultrasonic Humidifier Mist Sprayer 


Product Description : Personal care beauty equipment that is used for skin and hair moisturizing.


Price range : From $8.75

Floor robot vacumm cleaner

Product name: Floor Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Product Description : Vacuum, sweep, mop various kind of floor, electric battery type, available in black and white

Price range : From$7.15

Electric face sauna

Product name: Electric face sauna beauty equipment 


Product Description : Face steamer that cleans, moisturizes and nourishes the face, available in 3 colors, blue, pink and purple


Price range : From$5.20

Facial steamer

Product name  : Facial steamer moisturizer

Product Description : Solve the problem for dry and sensitive skin. This steamer cleans, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, available in 5 different colors


Price range : From $56

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Top Blenders on Alibaba

We have chosen some interesting goods for you that you can add to your business.


Travel smoothie blender

Product name : Travel smoothie blender


Product Description : A portable blender available in 2 different colors,  pink and white, with a LED indicator


Price range :From $7.65


Vacuum maker blender

Product name : Vacuum maker blender 

Product Description: High speed motor smoothie/ice crusher/soup cooking vacuum maker blender. Multifunction for soy milk, smooth soup, rice milk, chunky soup, juice, smoothie, shake, grind and pulse. Available in 5 different colors



Price range : From $47

Professional nutrition blender

Product name : Professional Nutrition Blender


Product Description: Electric mixer, kitchen appliance juicer machine, multipurpose, available in 7 different colors


Price range :From $10

USB portable blender

Product name: USB Portable Blender


Product Description : Small, portable and multi-use, can be used as common a cup and juicer blender, can mix all kinds of vegetables and fruits, available in 10 different colors. 


Price range :From $6.50

Household kitchen

Product name: Planetary food mixer


Product Description: Kitchen tool, with variable speed, available in 4 different colors, the wire whipper is made of stainless steel, while the mixing beater and dough hook are made of aluminum alloy.


Price range: From $56

Top Home & Garden bestsellers on Alibaba


The Home & Garden category has an amount of 25% of this month's bestsellers.

Because of the enormous amount of goods, DocShipper presents to you, the top 5 products of each of the top 2 sub-categories.


Top  Cookware on Alibaba

We have picked some goods for you to add to your business from a lot of options available for sale.

Bamboo steamer basket

Product name: Bamboo steamer basket


Product Description : Steamer basket, kitchen usage cooking with a round shape, customizable


Price range: From $0.66


Glass cooking pot

Product name: Glass cooking pot


Product Description: A big size transparent clear pyrex glass cooking pot, available in 3 different sizes, 3L 3.5l 4L


Price range : From $9.30

Cookware set

Product name : Cookware set 

Product Description: Cookware sets, made aluminum alloy, available red/white/gray/black/coffee


Price range: From $38

cookware sets

Product name: Cookware Set


Product Description: Pots and pans set for a home cooking usage, in aluminum alloy, available in blue color


Price range: From $56.50

Stailess steel food warmer

Product name: Stainless steel food warmer cooking stock pot


Product Description: Stainless steel food warmer cooking stock pot with tap, with a size of 40cmx26cm and a volume of 32L, available in grey

Price range: From $30.25

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Top Home Decor items on Alibaba

The list above is a top 5 of the best products from all sales of home decor items with unique features.


Caramic flower vase

Product name: Ceramic Flower Vase

Product Description: Gold plating chinese porcelain ceramic vases for wedding decoration home decor, in gold color, available in size S and L


Price range: From $2.51

LED water bubble wall

Product name: LED water bubble wall

Product Description
: Restaurant decoration screen led water bubble wall room divider panel with a height of 190cm, a length of 60cm and a width of base of 22cm


Price range :
From $174

Plant Hanger Macrame

Product name : Plant Hanger Macrame

Product Description : Wall decoration, macrame plant hanger indoor outdoor hanging planter basket cotton rope, home decor in 100% cotton


Price range: From $1.60

Flower art wall deco

Product name: Flower Art Wall Deco

Product Description: Home decor room decor wall decor with a size of 40*60 cm, available in 10 different patents in gold color

Price range: From $4.41

Ceramic flower vase

Product name : Ceramic Flower Vase

Product Description: Vase classic and modern in ceramic with a height of 21 cm


Price range: From $2.56

Top Beauty & Personal Care bestsellers on Alibaba

The beauty & personal care category is a top-selling category on Alibaba in September 2021, with a proportion of 20%.

Top Skin Care items on Alibaba

From all the different products in the Skin Care category, listed here some of the best items that you. might be interested in.

Jelly master powder

Product name: Jelly mask powder

Product Description: Natural Peel Off Rubber Facial Mask for hands, face, body, nose, neck and breast.  Made of collagen, vitamin C, glycerin, for all types of skin


Price range: From $0.19

Turmeric powder face mask

Product name: Turmeric powder face mask

Product Description :Deep cleansing, for all types of skin, made with organic, mineral, vitamin C, vegan, herbal. This mask is sulfate-free, silicone-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free

Price range : From $1.49

Eyelash patch

Product name : Eyelash Patch

Product Description: Eyelash anti-wrinkle, anti-puffiness, nourishing, remove dark circles, moisturizing, available in 7 different colors


Price range: From $0.02

Cleansing facial mask

Product name : Cleansing Facial Mask

Product Description:  For all types of skin, this cleansing mask nourishes, is a pigmentation corrector, moisturizes, and cleans pores. Available in black color


Price range : From $0.40

Pulling Wrinkle Firming Mask

Product name  : Pulling Wrinkle Firming Mask

Product Description: For dry to all types of skin, this mask moisturizes, is anti-wrinkle, whitening, nourishing is a pore cleaner, lightening and is a pigmentation corrector


Price range : From $0.99

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Top Makeup tool on Alibaba

Here is a list of the best items for this category.

Eyelash applicator eyelash tweezer

Product name: Eyelash applicator eyelash tweezer

Product Description : Eyelash makeup work, available in 17 different colors


Price range: From $0.50

White makeup brushes

Product name: White makeup brushes set

Product Description: This kit is eco-friendly, available in different sizes, used for concealer, foundation and all types of makeup products.

Price range: From $6.16

Cosmetic kit makeup

Product name: Cosmetic kit makeup brushes sets tools

Product Description: This kit of professional makeup brushes is available in 8 different colors and is customized


Price range: From $1.88

Beauty Tweezers Eyelash Tweezers

Product name: Beauty Tweezers Eyelash Tweezers

Product Description: Effectively remove all of your hair, available in 4 different colors


Price range : From $21

Shape makeup brush

Product name: Shape makeup brush

Product Description: This foundation powder brush is used with concealer, foundation and all type of makeup. Available in 2 different colors


Price range: From $0.99

Top Toys & Hobbies bestsellers on Alibaba

The category below, is a very popular one on Alibaba in September 2021, with an 15% sales volume. In this category, you can find everything for children and infant.  Here are several products that you could find interesting.

Top Toys Animal on Alibaba

From all the goods in the Toy animal category, here is the best-selling items that you might find useful for your business.

Plush bear toy

Product name: Plush bear toy

Product Description : Teddy bear, available in different color that you can choose from


Price range: From $1

3D cat cosplay costume

Product name : 3D cat cosplay costume

Product Description : The size of this costume is customizable, made in high quality and is very soft


Price range: From $2.99

Custom Plush Toy

Product name : Custom Plush Toy

Product Description : Toys that are customizable, made of PP 100%, very soft, unisex


Price range: From $0.99

Plush elephant toy

Product name: Plush elephant toy

Product Description : Elephant stuffed toy, can be used as a gift, give away, souvenir, promotion and play and so on. Available in 14 different colors


Price range: From $1

Soft Plush Long Cat Pillow

Product name : Soft Plush Long Cat Pillow

Product Description: Long cat cushion, perfect for children with different sizes, 50cm ,70cm, 90cm ,110cm ,130cm, 150cm and available in 2 different colors


Price range: From $5.66

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Top Educative Toys on Alibaba

Here is the list of the best-selling product in Educative toys category.

Big paper house

Product name: Big paper house

Product Description: DIY paper house with different designs and different sizes available

Price range: From$5.21

Wooden BrainTraining Puzzle

Product name : Wooden BrainTraining Puzzle

Product Description : Teaching aids toy, unisex, made of hoods for children from 2 to 7


Price range: From $0.60

Preschool Toy

Product name : Preschool Toy

Product Description  : Wood camera, made of eco-friendly material, available in 6 different colors, unisex


Price range : From $1.60

Push pop bubble fidget sensory toy

Product name : Push pop bubble fidget sensory toy

Product Description: Stress relief made of silicone, available in different sizes and different colors

Price range: From $0.55

Paper House

Product namePaper house

Product Description: DIY graffiti cardboard house, eco-friendly, customizable,


Price range: From $15

Top Consumer Electronic bestsellers on Alibaba

The Consumer Electronic goods category is a very popular on Alibaba in September 2021, with a proportion of 15%.

Top Earphone & Headphone on Alibaba

We have selected amazing items that you can add to your company from the earphone & headphone products.


BT Wireless Headset Earbuds

Product name : i7s BT Wireless Headset Earbuds

Product Description : Waterproof, noise-cancelling, microphone, LED headphones


Price Range : From $0.68

Led stereo headset wireless headphones

Product name : Led stereo headset wireless headphones

Product Description: Portable media player, mobile phone, aviation, computer and so on. Bluetooth and waterproof, this headphone is available in 3 different colors

Price range : From $8.44

InPods 12

Product name : InPods 12

Product Description : Blue tooth earphone, available in 8 different colors, waterproof, with a working-time of 3 to 4 hours



Price range : From $1.54

Stereo headphone

Product name : Stereo headphone

Product Description: Stereo headphone for iPhone 4/5/6 with a microphone, available in white and black

Price range : From $0.59

TWS Earbuds

Product name : 12 BT5.0 TWS Earbuds

Product Description : Design headphones, available only in black color, with a microphone and a charging time of 2 hours


Price range : From$4

Top Digital Camera on Alibaba

Here is a selection of top digital camera available on Alibaba that you can find interesting.

Digital camera

Product name : Digital Camera

Product Description : Camera with a 8X Digital Zoom,24x optical zoom, with a rechargeable battery pack and a dual power mode. Available in black

Price range : From $169.99

Digital Camera

Product name : Digital camera

Product Description : Available in 5 different colors, with a rechargeable battery, with a focal length of 7.36 mm


Price range : From $26.56

Touch screen 4k wifi video camera professional

Product name: Touch screen 4k wifi video camera professional

Product Description : Camera waterproof, with a 4K resolution video, with a rechargeable battery pack, available in black


Price range : From $84.5

Box camera

Product name: Box camera

Product Description : Box camera with a fixed focus, available in white


Price range : From $106

Fashion digital camera

Product name : Fashion digital camera

Product Description : Camera with SD card, with flash mode, with a rechargeable battery pack,  available in 5 different colors


Price range : From $17

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