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TOP 50 best sellers Amazon [December 2021]

Top arts, crafts and sewing best sellers on Amazon

Products in the arts, crafts, and sewing area have a 15% sales rate and are ideal for gift giving. This category has several sub-categories, however to make it easier for you to pick, we have selected two sub-categories with the top selling goods.

Top craft supplies & materials on Amazon

Here are the five most popular products in the sub-category craft supplies & materials, which will make fantastic gifts for art enthusiasts!


Product name : Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio

Product description : This notebook will appeal to all aspiring fashion designers. It makes fashion more enjoyable and cool for kids and adults by allowing them to design an infinite number of fashion show ready ensembles to build their very first portfolio. It's an excellent present for those fashion designers!


Price range : from $21.99 

doll clothes

Product name : BARWA 36 Pack Doll Clothes and Accessories

Product description : 16 packs 4 sets of different designs and 10 hangers 10 doll outfits shoes may express the doll's different looks. Children may dress up the dolls for various events. Give these doll clothing as a Christmas present. They'll be a hit with your youngsters.


Price range : from $15.39 


Product name : Made By Me Create Your Own Bead Pets

Product description : Get one of the five design templates offered to learn how to make ten different beaded creatures, or come up with your own! By using accompanying rings and clips, you can attach your beaded creatures to a backpack, lunchbox, or keychain!


Price range : from $12.99 


Product name : Modeling Clay Kit - 36 Colors Air Dry Magic Clay

Product description : Encourage your child's creativity while also helping them develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. They'll be occupied most of the day with these play dough crafting while they engage in enjoyable, sensory play. This entire magic clay set is ideal for a child's birthday or Christmas present.


Price range : from $19.99


Product name : 100 Pack Brown Kraft Paper Christmas Gift Tags

Product description : These Christmas gift tags are made of kraft paper, which is safe and non-toxic, thick and difficult to break, and has smooth writing surfaces. The string is robust and will last a long time. It may be used to wrap and label Christmas gifts.


Price range : from $9.99

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marker pens

Product name : Crayola Ultra Clean Washable Markers

Product description : This set contains ten Ultra Clean markers in classic colors that are ideal for the classroom. They're washable on skin, clothes, and now painted walls, and they're a popular item on back-to-school shopping lists for school projects, homework, and crafts.


Price range : from $3.65

gel pens

Product name : Castle Art Supplies 100 Gel Pens


Product description : Open the present box to find the most diversified selection of gel pens available, stylishly divided into four folding and vertical parts to make selecting the correct pen simple and enjoyable. Colorists, crafters, card makers, note takers, scribblers, and all artists will appreciate the stunning variety of colors and effects created by in-house artists - glitter, swirls, neons, pastels, metallics.


Price range : from $27.99


Product name : Cricut Tools Essential

Product description : This 7-piece kit comes with everything you need to slice, cut, score, weed, burnish, and trim a wide range of materials. Ideal for vinyl, paper, iron-on, and other crafts.


Price range : from $20.10

album photo

Product name : Fabric Frame Cover Photo Album 200 Pockets

Product description : The textile cover has a frame for inserting a favorite photo as well as a luxury rounded spine. It has innovative bi-directional pockets for inputting photographs in either horizontal or vertical orientation.


Price range : from $18.82


Product name : Just My Style Create Your Own Custom Dream Journal

Product description : With this spiral-bound diary, you may keep track of your daily routine, favorite memories, and future goals. Make each page unique by using the provided stickers, frames, cut-out shapes, and other embellishments. Improve your creative writing abilities while also practicing spelling, penmanship, and grammar.


Price range : from $12.99

Top camera & photo best sellers on Amazon

In our digital age, cameras are the means by which we produce images to save our memories. This category, camera & photo, accounted for more than 20% of sales in December 2021, and it has a huge number of things that would make fantastic gifts for photography and/or videography fans!

Top camcorders on Amazon

Here are our top 5 best-selling goods in the camcorders sub-category!


Product name : Video Camera Camcorder kimire


Product description : The video camera is great for taking beautiful photographs and uploading them to YouTube. When the camera is linked to the computer, it may be used as a webcam. This video camera has a Halt mode that allows you to pause the recording when necessary and then continue it without beginning a new one, making it easier to edit and publish the movies.


Price range : from $65.99


Product name : AILEHO Kids Camera

Product description : This children's camera has a non-toxic silicone covering. The silicone coating on the kids camera, unlike other cheap plastic kids cameras, is high temperature resistant, soft, abrasion resistant, soft feeling, durable, and not easily broken. It considerably improves the quality of this kids camera and making it an excellent anti-fall present for children.


Price range : from $32.88


Product name : Video Camera 4K Digital Camera

Product description : A compact and simple-to-use 4k video camera for people of all ages. The camcorder is an ideal present for family, friends, and classmates on special occasions such as Christmas, Halloween, birthday, anniversary, graduation, and so on.


Price range : from $149.99


Product name : Kids Video Cameras


Product description : The camera incorporates time-lapse, burst, playback, sound recording, games, 13 optional languages, photo timestamp. This boy and girl toy is a perfect choice as a birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas or vacation gift for boys and girls ages 3 to 9.


Price range : from 


Product name : Insta360 GO 2 64 GB Edition - Small Action Camera


Product description : A tiny and powerful action camera that weighs about one pound. To capture clear 1440p video, a strong 1/2.3" image sensor is used. Sturdy and resistant to water to a depth of 13 feet. Mounts almost anywhere: Design of a portable camera. Mount the GO 2 anyplace with its built-in magnetic components and shoot hands-free.


Price range : from $310.99

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Top digital cameras on Amazon

Digital cameras have become an important part of modern life. I invite you to look at the top five products in this sub-category.


camera for kids

Product name : Digital Camera for Kids

Product description : The Sevenat digital camera for kids is built of non-toxic and eco-friendly materials. It is compact and light, long-lasting, simple to operate, and child-safe. This tiny camera for kids has a 32GB SD memory card, so you won't have to worry about storage space! Meanwhile, it integrates a rechargeable lithium battery, so all your child has to do is open the ignition key and click the amazing moment!


Price range : from $53.99

kodak camera

Product name : Kodak PIXPRO Digital Camera

Product description : The KODAK PIXPRO FZ43 Camera is now available. The FZ43 is the ideal beginner camera to carry everywhere because it is small, intuitive, and simple to operate. The convenience of AA batteries, one-touch video, red-eye reduction, and face detection are only the beginning.


Price range : from $62

panasonic camera

Product name : Panasonic LUMIX FZ300 Digital Camera

Product description : Do you need a camera to accompany you on your outdoor adventures? This long-zoom digital camera has a tough, splash-proof, and dust-proof housing that can resist even the roughest conditions. With the Panasonic DMC-FZ300K, professional-quality multimedia imagery has never been easier to achieve. 4K PHOTO technology enables you to capture 30 frames per second of crystal clear 4K Ultra HD video and extract it as individual images, ensuring that you never miss a special photo shoot anymore.


Price range : from $447.99

kodak camera set

Product name : Kodak PIXPRO AZ421 Digital Camera

Product description : This one-of-a-kind bundle has everything you need to capture clear, high-quality photos and video in any situation. Its user-friendly features and accessories make it the ideal present for everyone.


Price range : from $234.95

camera for kids

Product name : HANGRUI Kids Camera

Product description : This digital camera for 6 year old children is made with brilliant colors and a cute look, and it is an excellent companion for children's childhood. As a result, this camera is the ideal birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or vacation present for children. It is also appropriate as a present for youngsters aged 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 years.


Price range : from $34.99

Top handmade products best sellers on Amazon

Handmade products are commonly overlooked, yet they are an excellent method to create one-of-a-kind items. In point of fact, this category has a 10% sales rate and multiple sub-categories.

Top baby products on Amazon

Here are our top five best-selling goods in the baby products subcategory.

baby bracelet

Product name : ID Bracelet Baby Gift Personalized

Product description : Personalized bracelets from Petite Boutique are significant and enduring. It enables you to commemorate and recall all of life's essential and memorable events. A wonderful present for newborns and children on their birthdays, baptisms, Christmas, Easter, communion, or confirmation.


Price range : from $15.98

wooden name

Product name : Custom Personalized Wooden Name Sign

Product description : Our Charlotte typeface personalized wood sign is a perfect accent to a nursery, bedroom, or the area above your fireplace mantle. Charlotte is a contemporary calligraphy and script typeface with elegant capital letters and traditional cursive lowercase letters. We recommend capitalizing just the initial letter of the word(s) for your bespoke sign in the Charlotte font.


Price range : from $19.99

stuffed toy

Product name : GRAY Personalized Elephant

Product description : This plush gray elephant is the ideal newborn boy or girl souvenir! Birth statistics are customised with high-quality heat transfer vinyl in white or your preferred color. Each elephant comes with a beautiful ribbon in the same color as the elephant.


Price range : from $36.99


Product name : MIYOCAR personalized pacifier and clip

Product description : Pacifier and pacifier clip personalized! It is possible to create any text and name. A wonderful present for a baby shower or Christmas! Make a unique present for your newborn and leave a lasting impression. Everything is produced by hand!


Price range : from $25.99


Product name : Personalized Dinosaur Shirt Boy Set of 2


Product description : A pair of t-shirts for two kids, large and little! This is a terrific present for siblings who are still youngsters because it is customizable and handcrafted!


Price range : from $32.99

Top handmade pet supplies on Amazon

The following are the 5 items in the handmade pet supplies category.

animal tags collar

Product name : Cats Dogs ID Tags Personalized

Product description : You must be concerned as a pet owner about what would happen if your pet went missing. Personalized identification tags are one of the greatest methods to assure your pet's safe return.


Price range : from $7.19

dog collar

Product name : Personalized Floral Dog Collar With Metal Buckle

Product description : These personalized dog collars are created entirely in the United States! The zinc alloy metal buckle, sliding adjustment mechanism, and thick gauge D-ring, as well as our soft, yet robust canvas webbing in 1 1/4 inch, 1 inch, and 3/4 inch widths, make them extremely durable. Our focus is to get a personalized collar that fits exactly, and we promise a long life for the collar as well as 100% pleasure.


Price range : from $16.99

dog bandana

Product name : Patriots Football Print Pet Dog Bandana

Product description : These high-quality, handwoven bandanas have a collar passage sleeve built in. There's no need to bind them! There are six sizes available to provide a great fit for your dog.


Price range : from $11.45

dog blanket

Product name : Dog Personalized Blanket Plush

Product description : This is a customized pet blanket that comes in several sizes. Dog blankets are useful for traveling, protecting furnishings, and making thoughtful gifts for dog lovers or anybody expecting a new puppy. It's also a space in the house that kids may name their own.


Price range : from $16

dog bowl stand

Product name : Personalized Raised Dog Bowl Stand


Product description : This exquisite elevated dog feeder was created with both aesthetic and durability in mind. A proper eating posture aids in the prevention of stomach disorders, the reduction of bloating, and the relief of neck and back strain. The top of the feeder and the internal storage compartment have pet-safe, water-resistant polyurethane treatment.


Price range : from $70

Top musical instruments best sellers on Amazon

This is the category for musicians! Musical instruments account for 15% of total sales. There are other sub-categories, and we have selected two of them for you. The items in this category make excellent gifts.

Top bass guitar on Amazon

There are several models of bass guitars. We'll let you discover the five we picked.

bass guitar

Product name : Best Choice Products Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar


Product description : A 4-band EQ-7545R guitar preamp is included to generate high-quality sound for both beginners and experts. The wood composition produces a lovely tone that is excellent for unplugged jam sessions or concerts. A 4-band EQ and built-in volume control enable you to modify the bass, midrange, treble, and presence. It's ideal for novice guitarists or pros who want to practice on the fly because it's ready to use straight out of the box.


Price range : from $99.99

guitar bass

Product name : Davison Full Size Electric Bass Guitar with 15-Watt Amp

Product description : This bass guitar is as gorgeous as it is functional, with a vibrant, eye-catching finish that is guaranteed to draw attention. A maple neck with a nicely polished maple fingerboard and a chrome bridge complete the traditional design, making this bass a sight to see when played.


Price range : from $174.99

guitar bass electric

Product name : Ibanez 4-String Bass Guitar

Product description : The Ibanez GSRM20GSR models, which are outfitted with high-output pickups, provide the comfort and playability of sound pros at "entry-level" rates.


Price range : from $179.99


Product name : Fender Rumble LT-25 - Digital Electric Bass Guitar Amplifier

Product description : This amplifier is ideal for any bassist seeking for a great-sounding, simple-to-use amplifier with a simple user interface. A compilation of 50 presets covering a wide spectrum of music - a "best of" selection of electric bass tones. The adaptable signal chain, along with high-quality built-in amp and effects models, generates incredible sounds, making it a great practice amp for the home or office.


Price range : from $165.43

upright bass

Product name : Ibanez UB804 Upright Bass


Product description : The Ibanez UB804 upright bass is an amazing upright bass with a very contemporary appearance. Ibanez has brought the upright bass to a whole new level for an instrument that hasn't been very inventive in the last several centuries. The maple body of this bass is complemented by a 5-piece maple and walnut neck. It has a Piezo pickup that has been particularly built.


Price range : from $999.99

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Top electronic music, DJ and karaoke on Amazon

The top five selling goods in the electronic music, DJ, and karaoke sub-category are shown below.


Product name : Alesis Melody 32 – Electric Keyboard Digital Piano


Product description : It doesn't get any more enjoyable than this to learn to play the piano! The Melody 32 combines 32 mini-keys, 300 tones, USB or 4 AA batteries, built-in speakers, 40 demo songs, and even free tutorials, providing you with everything you need to perform, practice, or simply enjoy learning the piano.


Price range : from $49.32


Product name : Singing Machine Karaoke Machine

Product description : Have a good time with your family and friends by using this karaoke machine with music and spectacular light effects! A dimmer switch provides you entire control over the party scene, while 54 Disco Lights LEDs flash and change color. With this Bluetooth-enabled system, you can easily play all of your favorite music, or you can download the Singing Machine app to access hundreds of beloved karaoke tracks.


Price range : from $72.99


Product name : eKids Disney Frozen 2 Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Product description : This karaoke microphone will be the ideal present for your child, allowing them to sing along to their favorite songs like a star. With a real karaoke microphone and built-in sound and voice effects to sing along to your own music, this Bluetooth karaoke microphone for kids allows children to sing at the top of their lungs or create their own party.


Price range : from $23.99

electric drums

Product name : PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set

Product description : If you want to practice drumming in your apartment but don't want to bother your family or neighbors, here is the place to be. Choose the Paxcess wheeled drum kit. You may enjoy your own musical world in peace after connecting in headphones via the phone jack. You can not only practice more quietly, but also more efficiently, which is ideal for private practice or late-night playing.


Price range : from $81.99


Product name : OneOdio Wired Over Ear Headphones


Product description : The OneOdio Studio headphones provide clean, pleasant sound. Large 50 millimeter drivers with neodymium magnets produce stereo sound with strong bass, clear voices, and sharp highs. Padded ear cushions are intended to provide monitor comfort as well as noise isolation. The headband is adjustable and extendable, allowing you to find the ideal angle for you.


Price range : from $34.99

Top clothing, shoes & jewelry best sellers on Amazon

Lastly, clothing, shoes, and jewelry have a 40% sales rate for our final best selling category in December 2021. As with any category, there are many subcategories, but to assist you pick better, we have chosen two subcategories that are most likely to interest you.

Top boys’ fashion on Amazon

Customers are increasingly shopping for gifts for adults, but especially for children, as Christmas approaches. There are a lot of articles for tiny boys in this sub-category of fashion for boys! Here are our picks for the top five best-selling items!

pajama set

Product name : 3-Piece Snug-Fit Cotton Christmas Pajama Set


Product description : This complementing 3-piece pajama set is made of 100% imported cotton and is machine washable. It contains two long sleeve shirts and one pair of ribbed cuffed pants. The shirts have a Santa image, while the bottoms have a covered elastic waistline. Cotton pyjamas are not flame resistant. Cotton pajamas should always fit snugly to safeguard the safety of youngsters.


Price range : from $13.49

pokemon watch

Product name : Pokemon Kids' Quartz Watch

Product description : The Pokemon Digital Quartz Kids watch is fashionable and appealing, and it will make you appear fashionable every time you wear it. The strap is simple to use and adjusts to accommodate most wrist sizes. Ash Pikachu Black design on the dial and strap, LCD, The Pokemon watch for kids is an excellent present for children.


Price range : from $13.02

snow boots

Product name : Waterproof Winter Snow Boots


Product description : Your little angel will look adorable in these Dream Pairs snow boots. Choose one of the coordinating colors. Combine them with their favorite leggings and sweatshirts for a cute look. These boots are loaded with a lot of synthetic down. This contributes to the warmth of the shoes. Make certain that your children are both warm and trendy.


Price range : from $37.99


Product name : 2-Pack Fleece Full Zip Hoodies


Product description : Imported polyester in its whole. These hoodies are machine washable and have a zipper closure. Your youngster will be kept warm by their soft and comfy fleece. They have ribbed cuffs and hems, as well as a contrasting lining in the hood.


Price range : from $15.19


Product name : Marvel Avengers Fleece Half-Zip Hoodie


Product description : With this Marvel fleece hoodie, your youngster will be ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Join the Avengers initiative of S.H.I.E.L.D. to combat bad people like Hydra and Thanos and preserve the planet. In this wonderful outfit featuring his favorite superhero figures, your young hero will feel like one of the Avengers, and he'll want to wear it all the time!


Price range : from $18.99

Top girls’ fashion on Amazon

In the same line as the previous subcategory, here are the top five best-selling goods in the girls' fashion sector!


girl pajamas

Product name : Girls' 4-Piece Pajama Set (Cotton Top & Fleece Bottom)


Product description : The top is made entirely of cotton, while the bottom is made entirely of imported polyester. It is machine washable. Sleepwear must be flame resistant or fitted for safety reasons. Fitted tops and loose fitting flame resistant bottoms characterize this outfit. Two long-sleeved cotton shirts with lightweight fleece pajama bottoms. The pants include an allover design and a covered elastic waistband.


Price range : from $16.89

unicorn bathrobe

Product name : Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe

Product description : This brilliantly colored unicorn hooded bathrobe is ideal for young girls! The robe is made of polyester and has a drawstring closure. It's the ideal present for tiny girls!


Price range : from $18.99


Product name : Inspirational Tree of Life Leather Bracelets


Product description : Every lady deserves to have exquisite jewelry to make herself lovely and pretty, and the Tree of Life Bohemian Bracelet may materialize your great present concept, since it is simple to match with evening gowns and many different types of clothing.


Price range : from $17.98 

winter hat

Product name : Girls Winter Hat with Pompom Ears Elastic Knitted


Product description : This winter knit pom pom beanie for kids will not only keep your kids warm and snug, but it will also look great on your little one. It's a terrific winter item to wear and may give a bit of elegance and whimsy to any winter ensemble.


Price range : from $17.99

customized chain

Product name : Awegift Personalized Name Necklace


Product description : Unique tiny name necklace ideal as a bridesmaid present for ladies, newborn girls, mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, friends, nieces, girlfriends, classmates.... Genuine gold-plated 18K stainless steel necklace that will not fade, rust, tarnish, corrode, stain, or turn black over time, and is extremely durable. Hypoallergenic, and it makes you appear more lovely and smooth.


Price range : from $19.99

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