top 50 best sales Amazon

Top 50 Best Sellers Amazon [May 2022]

Best industrial and scientific sales on Amazon

This is the best sales category, industrial & scientific, with 25% of sales in may 2022 !

Best industrial electricity en Amazon

They are the five items about industrial electricity.

Énergie Solaire Autonome

Name of product : Autonomous solar energy

Product description : Create and install your own mobile photovoltaic system in campers, vans and cabins.


Price : from 9.95 €

Appareillages et installations électriques industriels

Name of product : Industrial clothing and electrical installations

Product description : The technical characteristics and operating modes of each type of equipment, as well as their interactions, are required for the design of electrical systems, the preparation of charge sheets, the review of manufacturer catalogs, and the expertise processes. This book will show you how to determine the ideal operating, protection, and industrial equipment, installations, and tables while adhering to current regulations.


Price : from 63 €  

Moteurs électriques industriels

Name of product : Industrial electric motors

Product description : This book is a compilation of current knowledge on electric motors and major energy conversion applications, particularly in the industrial and transportation sectors.

Price : from 39 € 

Aide-Mémoire Électricité - Électronique de commande et de puissance - Électrotechnique

Name of product : Electricity job aid, Control and power electronics, Electrical engineering

Product description : This book is a compilation of current knowledge on electric motors and its major uses in energy conversion, particularly in the industrial and transportation sectors.

Price : from  23 €

Génie électrique

Name of product : Electrical engineering

Product description : This book covers the broad spectrum of electrical engineering and technology.

Price : from 45 €

Best robotics products sales on Amazon

This is the sub-cotegory in Robotic with the five best products.

Aspirateur Robot

Name of product : Robot vacuum

Product description : 3000 Pa Trifo Robot Vacuum, animal hair robot vacuum, 120 min autonomy, intelligent monitoring, auto-charge (new max)


Price : from 119,99 € 

Robot Pâtissier

Name of product : Stand mixer 

Product description : multifunctional 6 speed 3.5L professional kneader 1000W powerful, kitchen robot with mixer, whip, acekool MC3 hook


Price : from 68,99 €

ALLCELE Robot Enfant Jouet,

Name of product : ALLCELE toy child robot

Product description : rechargeable remote controlled robot toys with LED eyes, interesting music and sounds for boys and girls, age 3/4/5/6/7/8, birthday gift (blue)

Price : from 29,99 € 

Bosch MUM4405 Robot 500 W, 3,9 L Blanc

Name of product : Bosch MUM4405 Robot 500 W, 3,9 L white

Product description :

  • Power : 500 W
  • Four speeds : white plastic housing
  • Cable drum
  • Many accessories included
  • Guarantee: 2 years


Price : from 91,95 € 


Name of product : KLARSTEIN Bella

Product description : Robot pastry, robot kitchen, bread kneader, 6 power levels, pulse function, planetary system, stainless steel bowl, 3 pieces, 1200 W


Price : from 79,99 €

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Best musical instruments sales on Amazon

In may 2022, sales of musical instruments grew 15%. On Amazon, the most popular sound and stage instruments are listed.

Here are the top five products in the sound and stage category.


Pack 4 Enceintes Sono

Name of product : Package 4 Sono Speakers

Product description : Sono 2400W Total Ibiza Sound 3 way 4×600w, cabling, PA DJ MIX, ideal bar club animation wedding party.


Prix : à partir de 309 €


Name of product : PA package complete

Product description : sonic 2400 USB/BT MKII, 2 speakers 12”, subwoofer active 18”, animation mobile wedding


Price : from 469,90 €

Ibiza Port 8 VHF

Name of product : Ibiza Port 8 VHF

Product description : Portable PA speaker, speaker with wireless microphone and MP3 player (USB SD, ABS chassis, long battery life)


Price : from 189 €


Name of product : PORT15VHF-MKII

Product description : 700w standalone portable sound system, USB-MP3 Bluetooth, 4 micros wireless and wirless VHF, Pa Sono speaker dj karaoke speech fitness


Price : from 369 €

Lixada 12 LEDs Par Lights

Name of product : Lixada 12 LEDs Par Lights

Product description : 8 channels RGBW mix of stage light with DMX strobe and active sound mode for Disco Party Christmas DJ Club KTV

Price : from 23,99 €

Best musical instrument accessories sales on Amazon

Here are the top 5 of musical instrument accessories.


Name of product : Plugger

Product description : speakon male / speakon mal speaker cable. Length 10 meters. Loudspeaker, stage return. Easy range adopted by audio professionals.


Price : from 14,95 € 

Casque micro sans fil UHF

Name of product : UHF wireless micro

Product description : UHF wireless and portable 2 in 1, range 50.3 m, voice amplifier, stage speakers, sound system suitable for teacher.


Price : from 21,68 €

Casque micro sans fil UHF

Name of product : Alto Professional Bluetooth Total 2 

Product description : XLR Bluetooth receiver for active mixers and sound systems


Price : from 49,99 €

Portique NJS064 pour jeux de lumière + Dispatching + Fixations, Sonorisation DJ

Name of product : Gantry NJS064 for light games, dispatching, fixations, DJ sound system.

Product description : Ideal pack to complete your play of light with a portico, a dispatching and the necessary fixations for 4 games.


Price : from 84,90 € 

Contrôleur de Musique de LED

Name of product : LED music controller

Product description : LED 20 IR buttons remote sound controllers for RGB band lights with DC 12V-24V 6A IR remote control


Price : from 18,87 €

Best animal articles sales on Amazon

In the month of May 2022, there were 15% more sales in the bestsellers of animal-related products. The products listed below are organized into two different subcategories.

Top articles for birds on Amazon

Here are five articles for birds.

Couverture de Cage à Oiseaux Réglable Extra Large

Name of product : Extra Large adjustable bird cage cover

Product description : seed, feather, nylon bird cage cover, soft/airy, for parrot, parakeet, Ara (white)

Price : from 16,79 €

TRIXIE 5825 Balançoire à étrier, en Bois

Name of product : TRIXIE 5825 stirrup swing, wood

Product description : stirrup swing for parakeet, parrot, canary, cockatoo, hummingbird


Price : from 1,99 €

Name of product : Trixie water/feed dispenser, 16 cm

Product description  : fountain water dispenser and bird food : easy to set up and clean


Price : from 1,99 €

Ferplast Cage Rectangulaire

Name of product : Ferplast rectangular cage 

Product description : Ferplast rectangular cage for small exotic birds and canaries, 2 small cages, accessories and rotating feeders blue. 39 x 25 x 41 cm


Price : from 31,59 €

TRIXIE Baignoire Couverte pour Oiseaux

Name of product : TRIXIE covered tub for birds

Product description : Bath for birds, semicircular shape, suitable for small birds


Price : from 16,99 € 

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Best articles for fish and aquatic animals sales on Amazon

Here are the five articles for aquatic animal selected by ourprofessionals. 


WAVE Zen Artist Vasque pour Aquariophilie 35 x 28 cm

Name of product : WAVE Zen Artist basin for aquariophilia 35 x 28 cm

Product description : freshwater and/or marine aquarium, ideal for hosting fish, shrimp, crab, snails, and invertebrates.


Price : from 35,66 €

Noame of product : AIME fish bowl

Product description : plastic aquarium ball, 25 cm for aquaria. You can put sand, quartz, or plant to bring a pleasant atmosphere to your fish.

Price : from 21,14 €

Aquarium Distributeur Automatique pour Poisson

Name of product : automatic dispenser for fish 

Product description : 200ml adjustable, multifunctional fish guppy, food dispenser, feeder accessory.


Price : from 27,39 € 

Europet Bernina Décor pour Aquarium en Polyrésine Cottage avec Pont et Plantes

Name of product : Europet Bernina polynesian decoration with bridge ans plants

Product description : decor usable in freshwater and seawater, does not alter. has no influence on the biological balance of the aquarium. Rinse with clean water before use.


Price : from 13,99 €

PiniceCore Poissons en Verre Flottant

Name of product : PiniceCore floating glass fish 

Product description : mini fish figure in glass


Price : from 28,48 €

Best cameras sales on Amazon

Cameras account for 20 % of sales in May 2022.

Best camera DSLR on Amazon

Here are the top five of camera DSLR .

Nikon D3500 Appareil photo reflex numérique 24,2 mégapixels Version internationale Noir

Name of product : Nikon D3500 24.2 megapixel DSLR international version black

Product description: This refurbished product has been tested and certified to look and work like new. Functional testing, a basic clean, an inspection, and reconditioning are all part of the renovation process. The item comes with all necessary accessories and can be sent in a generic box.


Price :  from 596,72 €

Jeankak Appareil Photo numérique DSLR 33MP

Name of product : Jeankak DSLR 33MP digital camera

Product description: HD, digital zoom 16-24X camcorder photo with wide angle lens and 24x telephoto lens and LED and tripod, two power units remote control


Price : from 286,46 €

Panasonic Lumix DC-GX880KEGS

Name of product : Panasonic Lumix DC-GX880KEGS 

Product description : digital camera, 16 megapixels, 4K video recording, compact, wifi, with Lumix G Vario lens 12 to 32 mm.

Price : from 435,89 €

Appareil Photo numérique 4K 48MP

Name of product : digital camera 4K 48MP

Product descrption : 3.0 inch ultra-clear screen vlogging camera with wide angle lens and 16x digital zoom camera

Price : from 199 €

Nikon Z5

Name of product : Nikon Z5

Product description : full format hybrid digital camera kit with Nikkor 24-50 mm f/4-6.3

Price : from 1650,60 €

Best digital photo frames sales on Amazon

Here are the top five of the digital photo frames selected.


Cadre Photo Numérique Intelligent

Name of product : smart digital photo frame

Product description : 10.1 inches IPS touchscreen HD Wifi photo frame with automatic rotation multifunctional photo frame


Price : from 92,99 €

AEEZO Cadre Photo Numérique

Name of product : AEEZO digital photo frame

Product description : WiFi 10.1 inches IPS touchscreen HD, automatic rotation, easy setup for sharing photos and videos, digital photo frame smart wall mount, black


Price : from 109,99 €

Cadre photo numérique 1920 x 1200 FHD IPS

Name of product : digital photo frame 1920 x 1200 FHD IPS

Product description: 16:10 electronic photo frame upgrade design photo/music/video player/calendar/alarm with remote control, magnetic holder, 8 inch wall mount

Price : from 59,99 €

Cadre photo numérique HMTECH 10,1

Name of product : digital photo frame HMTECH 10,1

Product description : FHD Smart WiFi with IPS touchscreen, 16GB storage, automatic rotation, wall mounting, photos or videos anywhere via the free app

Price : from 107,94 €

Cadre Photo Numérique Électronique WiFi

Name of product : Digital photo frame electronic WiFi

Product description: dragon touch photo frame electronic connected IPS 16 GB display storage with photo/viceo/calendar/alarm clock/weather function - classic 10


Price : from 89,89 €

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Best household appliance sales on Amazon

We present you our best selection of household appliances that made 25% of sales in May 2022.

Best Ice cream makers on Amazon

This is the ice cream makers sub-category.

Sorbetière à Glace 2L

Name of product : ice cream maker 2L

Product description : ice cream maker electric-ice maker-stainless steel-timer-removable ice maker-ice maker recipe-DIY at home


Price : from 42,99 €

Name of product : Lagrange 409001 12W ice cream maker 1.5L raspberry LCD screen

Product description : electronic display with retro-lighting, automatic shut-off, transparent lid with opening, cooling thank, 1.5L capacity, storage lid


Price :  from 49,90 €

Duronic IM540

Name of product : Duronic IM540

Product description : ice cream maker, ideal for creating desserts and any type of artisanal ice cream


Price : from 50,99 €

Name of product : ice cream maker 

Product description : soft serve homemade electric ice cream machine KECOOLKE frozen yogurt 1.5L, sorbet, gelato


Price :from 49,99 €

Name of product : Krups Perfect Mix 9000 ice cream maker

Product description : ice cream, sorbet, ice yogurt, 1.6L capacity, automatic operation, LCD display, splash proof cover, easy to clean GVS241

Price :  from 81,64 €

Best wine cellars sales on Amazon

Here are the top five of wine cellars.


Taurus WC12T - Cave à vin

Name of product : Taurus WC12T - wine cellars

Product description : thermoelectric for 12 bottles, silent, does not vibrate, special insulation from inside, glass door, adjustable temperature, touch screen interior light, black


Price :  from 101,55 €

Name of product : service cellar

Product description : climadiff, touch control, ultra-silent and vibration free, small footprint, 12 bottles [energy class G]


Price :  from 199 €

Klarstein Shiraz Cave a vin

Name of product : Klarstein Shiraz wine cellars

Product description : single-zone wine fridge, aging wine cellar, prosecco and beer, touch screen, bar refrigerator, indoor fridg, 5-18°C, 12 bottles[energy class G]


Price : from 249,99 €

Kalamera - Cave à Vin

Name of product : Kalamera - wine cellar

Product description : 33 bottles, wine fridge, 7 removable wooden shelves, touch panel control with silent LED screen, interior lighting, temps : 5-18°C, 100 L, black [energy class G]


Price : from 499 €

H.KOENIG Cave à vin

Name product : H.KOENIG wine cellar

Product description: black, capacity : 31L - 12 bottles, adjustable temperature from 11°C to 18°C, touch panel control, LED lighting, low noise level


Price : from 189,99 €

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