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Top 50 Best Sellers Amazon [November 2021]

Top Arts, Crafts & Sewing best sellers on Amazon

With a percentage of 15%, the Arts, Crafts & Sewing category is one of the most sold on Amazon for the month of November 2021. Every house has at least one element that belong to this category, but we will focus on two sub-categories that are among the top selling sub-categories of the month, for instance, fabric, painting and dyeing and organisation and storage.

Top Fabric, Painting and Dyeing on Amazon

For every passionate art person, there are some products that will catch their eyes and interest them a lot. To enjoy arts and crafts to the fullest one must chose the best product out there. Here are the the 5 most sold products in the fabric, painting and dyeing subcategory.

tie dye

Product name : Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Party


Product description : This product is ideal for big group activities such as summer camps, parties, school events, family reunions, and other group activities. It includes 18 easy-squeeze bottles of highly concentrated safe cleaning solution. One-step dyes in 14 prominent shades — simply mix with water to activate.

Price range: from $16.39

black paint

Product name : Jacquard Textile Paint 2.25 Oz Black

Product description : This is a high-quality textile paint with a deep semi-opaque shade. It is machine washable and colorfast.

Price range : from $3.95

marker pens

Product name : Fabric Markers Pens Permanent 24 Colors

Product description : This fabric paint pen set is great for kids since it allows them to express themselves on handmade garments, wall art, tote bags, canvas shoes, and other surfaces. These non-toxic fabric pens, created with high-quality ink, are fade-resistant and waterproof, guaranteeing that your artwork keeps its shine over time.

Price range : from $12.99

color markers

Product name : Mosaiz Fabric Markers Set of 26 colors

Product description : As canvas pens and clothing paint pens, this DIY art set is ideal for fabric painting, drawing, and writing on textile. These markers are ideal for personalising clothing. It is a kid and adult-safe kit that is unscented, chlorine proof, durable, and fade resistant.

Price range : from $16.47

color squishies

Product name : Paint Your Own Squishies Kit

Product description : These DIY Squishy toys aren't simply adorable and fun to look at. Our DIY Squishy kit allows your youngster to express themselves creatively. These homemade squishes are composed of squishy, non-toxic slime. Our paintable squishies kit is a fantastic activity for youngsters since it allows them to express their creativity and feeling of wonder.

Price range : from $29.99

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Top Organization & Storage on Amazon

In order to organize our products, our art and crafts we need the perfect organization & storage products. That is why we choose the 5 items most sold on Amazon.

pencil case

Product name : EASTHILL Big Capacity Pencil Pen Case

Product description : A pencil case with a big storage capacity, it can hold up to 50 pens or 90 pencils, as well as tiny stationery in the mesh bag, such as erasers, stickers, and so on. A few shorter pens that are often utilized might be placed in the center of the tiny mezzanine.

Price range : from $14.99

paint case

Product name : ARTDOT Diamond Painting Storage Containers

Product description : All of your drills will be nicely organized with 60 bottles that come with a foam foundation. When moving, a screw cap helps keep drill bits from leaking. A mesh pocket large enough to hold all of your diamond painting equipment.

Price range : from $25.99


Product name : Akro-Mils 44 Drawer

Product description : There are 8 tiny drawer dividers and 4 big drawer dividers included, which are molded into the rear of the cabinet. Finger grip drawer pulls provide for quick access, while rear stop tabs keep goods from leaking.

Price range : from $45.20 


Product name : SGHUO 3-Tier Stackable Storage Container Box 

Product description : All three layers click together to form an easy-to-use container. It includes a sturdy cover that clicks shut to keep contents securely secured without slipping. There is also a grip on the top that allows it to be easily carried about with you.

Price range : from $17.99

canvas bags

Product name : ZeeDix 10 Pack Blank DIY Craft Bag Canvas

Product description : The exterior of the bag is basic, making it the ideal blank canvas for you to customize and personalize. You may use it as a cosmetics bag, a coin purse, or even a travel bag to carry all of your essentials!

Price range : from $9.99

Top Beauty & Personal care best sellers on Amazon

The must have products for our satisfaction, the beauty & personal care products have a sold percentage of 20% for the month of November 2021.

Top Hair Care on Amazon

Here are our top 5 selected products for hair care!

hair dryer

Product name : REVLON Brush Hair Dryer And Volumizer 

Product description : In one step, you may style, dry, and volumize your hair. It has a high drying power, reduces frizz by 30%, and helps prevent hair damage. It has a one-of-a-kind non-detachable oval brush shape for smoothing hair, while the round ends provide volume. It has a nylon pin and tufted bristles for detangling, increased volume, and stability.

Price range : from $34.88

anti dandruff shampoo

Product name : Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Product description : This salon-tested dandruff treatment shampoo is carefully intended to be mild and may be used on color-treated, chemically processed, and gray hair. This itchy scalp shampoo's rich, thick lather rinses clean, leaving hair feeling fresh, and helps ease flaky, itchy, and scaling scalps.

Price range : from $3.95

hair ties

Product name : Goody Ouchless Womens Elastic Hair Tie

Product description : Our most popular hair ties are ideal for tying up your hair at any time of day. Our non-metal hair ties will not snag or pull your hair. It secures your hair throughout the day. There are 27 black hair elastics included.

Price range : from $4.11 

hair root cover

Product name : L'Oréal Paris Magic Root Cover Up

Product description : Our Magic Root Cover Up instantly hides grays for immaculate roots. Get smooth coverage with our lightweight product, which is devoid of ammonia and peroxide and leaves no smearing or sticky residue when dry.

Price range : from $5.72

hair oil

Product name : Moroccanoil Treatment Oil

Product description : Moroccanoil treatment is the ground-breaking conditioning, styling, and finishing solution that sparked a worldwide infatuation with its main ingredient, organ oil. This nourishing multitasker detangles, controls frizz and flyaways, and even shortens the time it takes to blow dry your hair.

Price range : from $15

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Top Makeup on Amazon

Please take a look at the following top 5 products from the subcategory makeup


face roller

Product name : REVLON Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller 

Product description : This face roller is built of genuine volcanic granite, which absorbs excess oil quickly. It's our go-to for always-fresh, shine-free skin. It won't ruin your makeup if you use it on a clean or completed face.

Price range : from $9.98

eye color

Product name : Julep Eyeshadow 101 Crème to Powder Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick

Product description : This water resistant, crème-to-powder eye makeup stick slithers across lids with ease before drying to a water resistant, wrinkle-free powder finish. You don't need a brush to get the look you want, thanks to the easy application, built-in smudger for seamless blending, and waterproof powder finish.

Price range : from $9.80

eyeliner pencil

Product name :NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Mechanical Eyeliner Pencil

Product description : With this eyeliner pen, a precise line is simply a twist away. The intense pigmentation covers like a liquid eyeliner, and the creamy composition lasts for hours. There's no need to sharpen this eyeliner; simply twist it up and apply for a winged-out appearance.

Price range : from $4.99 

micellar water

Product name :Bioderma - Sensibio - H2O Micellar Water

Product description : Sensibio H2O is our finest washing and makeup-removing micellar water, and it is gentle on sensitive skin. It respects your skin's hydrolipidic layer by eliminating pollutants and make-up while being gentle on it.

Price range : from $14.99

eyelashes fake

Product name : HBZGTLAD 6 Pairs Fluffy False Eyelashes

Product description : These artificial eyelashes are composed of thin fiber material and are soft and easy to wear. The ultra thin fiber eyelashes may offer you a natural and lovely look.

Price range : from $7.98

Top Patio, Lawn & Garden best sellers on Amazon

With a percentage of 25% the Patio, Lawn & Garden category has been selling a high number of products. It is an essential in every house as the different subcategories serve different purposes.

Top Generators & Portable Power on Amazon

In order to make products work, we need power! These are the top 5 items from generators & portable power

power station

Product name : Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240 

Product description : This entry-level transportable power station has a 240Wh lithium-ion battery pack and weighs only 6.6 pounds. The sturdy grip makes it convenient to transport for outdoor activities such as camping, road trip, backyard camping, and so on.

Price range : from $175.99

car inverter

Product name : BESTEK 300W Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V

Product description : The tough metal shell protects the device from drops and bumps. The smart cooling fan technology keeps the automobile power inverter running quietly, and the fan speeds up when the gadget becomes hot or the output power surpasses 70W. There is an 18-month warranty available.

Price range : from $35.99

battery power

Product name : Champion Power Equipment - Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator

Product description : The Champion 2000-watt Dual Fuel inverter generator provides innovative, adaptable power. Rely on the 80cc engine for up to 11 hours of run time at a low 53 dBA.

Price range : from $561.09 

solar battery

Product name : Sunway Solar Car Battery Trickle Charger & Maintainer 12V

Product description : The solar battery charger panel easily installs to the windscreen or dashboard and connects into your vehicle's 12 volt cigarette lighter! The solar charger comes with a suction cup.

Price range : from $27.99

battery gauge

Product name : 2 AWG Gauge Red + Black Pure Copper Battery Inverter Cables Solar

Product description : WindyNation's Power-Flex welding battery cable is a very flexible industrial grade electrical cable made in the United States to the highest requirements! Every time, a high strand cable count paired with soft, supple EPDM insulation results in a flexible cable. Tears, cuts, abrasion, water, dampness, and oil-based solvents do not harm our cable.

Price range : from $14.97

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Top Outdoor Decor on Amazon

Here are the five top sold products from Outdoor Decor

stepping stone paint

Product name : Creative Roots Paint Your Own Stepping Stones Multipack

Product description : The three 7-inch ceramic stepping stones serve as canvases for you to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces! Place your stepping stones in an interior plant pot, terrarium, or outdoor garden – just be sure to preserve them from the weather with an exterior lacquer!

Price range : from $19.99

outdoor lights

Product name : Brizled Color Changing Christmas Lights, 65.67ft 200 LED

Product description : It is a perfect light decoration for Christmas or any other event, for outdoor space. There are 11 lighting modes and color changing options adjusting to any type of occasion.

Price range : from $27.99


Product name : Homemory Battery Tea Lights with Timer

Product description : The flameless LED candles that flicker are great for decorating. It may be placed in votive holders, on dining tables, or on the windowsill or on the terrasse to enjoy the hazard-free flickering illumination. It is ideal for enhancing the atmosphere of Halloween, Valentine's Day, Christmas, and anniversaries.

Price range : from $15.99


curtain light

Product name : YEOLEH String Lights Curtain

Product description : These lights are perfect for indoor/outdoor patio decorations. You can use them on any occasion and they will always lighten your celebrations!

Price range : from $13.45

outdoor solar lights

Product name : Aootek solar lights 120 Leds

Product description : Aootek solar lights detect changes in the brightness of their surroundings automatically. When the brightness is sufficiently low, it will automatically turn on for the duration of the night without the need for motion sensing.

Price range : from $37.99

Top Toys & Games best sellers on Amazon

Toys and Games are children's best friends. This category has made a sold of 15% in the month of November 2021. There are several categories but please take a look at the two we selected for you: Stuffed Animals & Toys & Action & Toy Figures

Top Stuffed Animals & Toys on Amazon

We present to you the five most sold toys in the stuffed animals & toys category.

octopus plushie

Product name : TeeTurtle | The Moody Reversible Octopus Plushie

Product description : This tactile fidget toy is great for stress alleviation and allows you to express yourself without saying anything! Get this award-winning Octopus Plushie to express your true feelings to your friends and family.

Price range : from $15

elf plush toy

Product name : Christmas Elf Behaving Badly Plush Toy

Product description : Our premium Christmas toy elf is constructed of super-durable vinyl and has robust stitching all the way around. It will last for many more Christmases to come.

Price range : from $9.90 

magic toy

Product name : Magic Mixies Magical Misting Cauldron with Interactive 8 inch Blue Plush Toy

Product description : Your Magic Mixie listens to your touch and responds to your wand - they love to perform spells with you and may even grant you a wish!

Price range : from $99.99


dog toy

Product name : Little Live Scruff-A-Luvs Cutie Cuts

Product description : In your own grooming salon, you can transform your scruffy pet into a pampered pup by trimming their fur, washing them, combing, grooming, and giving them a beautiful makeover with surprise themed accessories! Which Puppy are you going to reveal?

Price range : from $29.97

toy baking set

Product name : My First Baking Plush Playset with Sounds

Product description : The five-piece playset is baby-safe and has high-quality embroidered detail on each plush play piece, as well as distinctive elements like as squeaks, rattles, and noises for added gastronomic fun.

Price range : from $25

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Top Action & Toy Figures on Amazon

Here are the five products from the subcategory Action & Toy figures.


caravan playset

Product name : Caravan Playset

Product description : Bluey's Ultimate Caravan Adventures Playset allows you to embark on the ultimate caravan trip with Bluey's family and friends. Flip and fold the caravan open to reveal a bedroom, kitchen, and dining area for your Bluey figures to enjoy!

Price range : from $44.84

bundle home toy

Product name : Bluey Mega Bundle Home, BBQ Playset, and 4 Figures

Product description : The Bluey Mega Bundle is the ideal bundle for immersing yourself in Bluey's universe. This massive toy Playset is full of molded details and opening doors for more excitement, and it is large in size and features. The Bluey Family house contains four distinct rooms as well as a giant wall panel that slides down to make an incredible outside patio!

Price range : from $59.99


Product name : Starlight Idol Magical Flying Pixie Toy

Product description : Pixie, the Crystal Flyers Starlight Idol, can truly fly! Launch her from the ground or hoist her into the air, then direct her with your hands. She can tell if your hands are raised or lowered!

Price range : from $23.75



Product name : 5 Surprise Mini Brands Series 3 Limited Edition

Product description : THE LARGEST MINI COLLECTION EVER - Inside, you'll find 24 Adorable Mini Brands Series 3 to add to your collection. Inside, you'll find uncommon Mini Brands – unbox to find out!

Price range : from $32.99

marvel figurines

Product name : Marvel Titan Hero Series Action Figure Multipack

Product description : Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther are among the renowned Marvel characters represented in this 6-figure multipack.

Price range : from $54.99

Top Kitchen & Dining best sellers on Amazon

With a sale of 25%, the Kitchen & Dining category is also among the top selling categories. It includes essential products for every home, products which are used in the day to day life.

Top Bakeware on Amazon

We present to you the five most sold products in the bakeware subcategory.


Product name : Reynolds Kitchens Cookie Baking Sheets

Product description : These double-folded cooking paper sheets fit regular cookie sheets precisely and lay flat without curling. You may reuse these oven paper sheets up to three times and keep your cookie sheets free of stuck-on food.

Price range : from $13.92


Product name : Nordic Ware 3 Piece Baker's Delight Set

Product description : A good selection of baking pans for any kitchen, including a quarter sheet, half sheet, and jelly roll. It is built of pure aluminum with galvanized steel rims to avoid warping. These high-quality pans will never rust and will consistently create nicely browned baked products.

Price range : from $35.50

food coloring

Product name : Wilton Icing Colors 12-Piece Gel Food Coloring Set

Product description : With this package of 12 Wilton icing colors, you may colour your cake batter and icing practically any hue. The concentrated gel-based recipe colors your batter, buttercream, or royal icing without thinning it down, so go ahead and color away!

Price range : from $18.99


sondiko torch

Product name : Sondiko Butane Torch

Product description : Caramelizing sugar on top of crème brulee, coating a baked ham, searing a steak, roasting bell peppers, melting cheese, and toasting breadcrumbs are all great uses for the torch. It may also be used to light your fireplace, candles, or cigars, as well as for hobbies, arts and crafts projects, jewelry making, welding, many camping uses, dabs, and much more.

Price range : from $22.99

mixing bowls

Product name : Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls (Set of 5)

Product description : Metal mixing bowls bring diversity and utility to your kitchen with a selection of 5 sizes—34, 1.5, 3, 4, and 5 qt. For all-purpose kitchen workhorses that can handle everything from preparing, mixing, and stirring to kneading bread like a pro

Price range : from $15.29

Top Dining & Entertaining on Amazon

In the subcategory Dining & Entertaining, these are the five products most sold on Amazon

stainless rambler

Product name : YETI Rambler 20 oz Tumbler

Product description : These Ramblers have our YETI MagSlider Lid, the only drink lid that employs magnets to hold your water, beer, or favorite drink in place. Our Ramblers are BPA-free, dishwasher friendly, and have a No Sweat Design, which keeps your hands dry.

Price range : from $29.98

can opener tool

Product name : KitchenAid Classic Multifunction Can Opener

Product description : The KitchenAid can opener is composed of tough 420 J2 stainless steel and is intended to effortlessly pierce and open a wide variety of cans and bottles. The can opener's head has a built-in bottle opener.

Price range : from $17.81


Product name : YETI Rambler 14 oz Mug

Product description : Unlike typical camp mugs, its double-walled vacuum-insulated body protects hands from hot or cold contents while keeping coffee, chili, porridge - whatever else you can think of - well-insulated.

Price range : from $29.98


warm buffet tray

Product name : Oster Buffet Server Warming Tray

Product description : Food warmer with three 2.5-quart trays maintains hot meals at the correct temperature; great for parties and holidays. Each pan is 5.11 W × 8.58 L x 2.44 D inches in size. Its stainless steel housing is robust, and the domed clear lids with grips trap warmth and moisture.

Price range : from $44.99

kitchen mat

Product name : KMAT Kitchen Mat [2 PCS]

Product description : The KMAT anti-fatigue kitchen mats are ergonomically designed. The extra thick mat provides pleasant support to assist improve circulation and posture when working in the kitchen or at any work station.

Price range : from $29.99

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