Top 50 Best Sellers Alibaba [August 2021]

Top 10 Consumer Electronics best sellers on Alibaba

Consumer Electronics is one of the most popular categories on Alibaba for August 2021, with a percentage of 25%. The variety of goods in sub-categories such as video games & accessories and Speakers are amazing.

The goods listed below may be of interest to you as you choose what to sell in your business.

Top Video Games & Accessories on Alibaba

Because there are so many items, we've chosen a few that we think you'll like adding to your activities, so you can have more fun.


Product name :  iPhone mobile phone charging cable

Product Description : 100 cm long USB mobile phone cable for iPhone charging, 1000 mA cable, OD3.0MM


Price range : From $0.2


Product name : Fast charger Lighting Cable

Product Description :It is 3-in-1 micro-lighting cable that comes with magnetic 180 degree swivel USB 2.0 available in 0.5 m, 1 m and 2 m made of Nylon and aluminium, charges 1.5x faster than traditional chargers.


Price range : From $0.15


Product name: Vibrating Console Controller

Product Description : Only available in white, this console controller for PS4, Switch, and Android has an 8 to 10-hour battery life, a touchpad, and vibration.


Price range : From$15.00


Product name: Travel storage case for Nintendo Switch

Product Description : With this heavy-duty storage case, you'll be able to bring your Nintendo Switch, controllers, and games with you everywhere you go.


Price range : From$4.73


Product name  : Xbox One Wireless Controller

Product Description : This Xbox One wireless controller is black and comes with a one-year guarantee. Its design makes playing comfortable and easy to control.


Price range : From $26.00

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Top Speakers on Alibaba

We've chosen a few fascinating goods for you to add to your business because there are so many to choose from.


Waterproof-Bluetooth -Speaker

Product name : Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Product Description : Waterproof Bluetooth speaker with built-in LED is ideal for listening to music while being outside. With a 40W power output, it comes in pink, green, or black.


Price range :From $11.90



Product name : Digital Wireless Alarm Clock 

Product Description: Small wireless alarm clock with a mirror appearance that can also be used as a post radio, available in white, black, and pink.


Price range : From $4.88


Product name : Kisonli Factory Speaker Set

Product Description: Three black Kinsonli Factory speakers with a 65dB intensity and a multi-function remote control are included in this package.


Price range :From $5.74


Product name: In-ear headphones with speaker charging base

Product Description : This 2 in 1 has a charging base with 8 hours of battery life to enjoy listening music, Its design makes ear headphones more comfortable.

Price range :From $10.70


Product name: Karaoke kit with Speaker

Product Description: Karaoke station featuring two wireless microphones, a mood light, and a 90 dB speakers. This pack comes in three colors: black, red, and blue.


Price range: From $36.99

Top 10 Household Appliances best sellers on Alibaba

The home appliance category, which accounts for 30% of this month's bestsellers, is included in the list.

There are so many goods to choose from that it might be difficult to narrow down your options. DocShipper presents the top five products in each of the top two sub-categories as a result.

Top  Coffee machine on Alibaba

We have picked some great products for you to add to your business from the various options available for sale of coffee machines.


Product name: Coffee Maker JPE

Product Description : With a big capacity and a digital display, the JPE black drip coffee maker is the ideal choice to enjoy your morning every day.


Price range: From $30.00



Product name: Multi-function Kettle for Coffee & Tea

Product Description: With a 700 mL tank that can be operated by your smartphone, this 2-in-1 kettle can prepare coffee and tea.


Price range : From $20.35


Product name : Homezest Drip Coffee-maker

Product Description: Easy-to-use coffee maker with a 12-dose capacity and a heat-retaining carafe, available in black or white.


Price range: From $20.00


Product name: Portable Manual Espresso Machine

Product Description: Pink, green, orange, and black are some colours offered for this portable espresso machine. It's ideal for camping vacations.


Price range: From $9.00


Product name: Automatic Espresso & Cappuccino Machine

Product Description: Espresso, long coffees, and cappuccinos may all be made with this Italian-style espresso machine, which has a pressure of 19 bar. There are two colours to choose from: black or white.


Price range: From $370.00

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Top cooking appliance on Alibaba

The following is a list of the best-selling products from all sales of cooking equipment with unique features.



Product name: Multifunctional Electric Grill Amber Gril

Product Description: This Amber Hot electric grill, with a dimension of 29,5X24 cm and a power of 2000 W, allows you to make grills.


Price range: From $14.00


Product name: Master Kong Vertical Electric Egg Cooker

Product Description: You'll be able to prepare omelettes in no time with this egg cooker. This gadget has a non-stick coating that makes it simple to clean and can cook up to 4 eggs.


Price range : From $5.90


Product name : 2 in 1 Hot Air Dryer

Product Description : Thanks to its rotating basket, this 2-in-1 device can be used as both an oven and a hot air fryer up to 220°C. You'll be able to program it according to your recipe using a multifunction digital panel.


Price range: From $63.20


Product name: Moco Electric Air Fryer

Product Description: With a capacity of 2.2 L, this compressed air fryer from MOCO, you can cook your fries with very little grease. It has various programs that allow you to prepare a variety of dishes.


Price range: From $18.50


Product name : Portable Pizza Oven

Product Description: With a dimension of 34*12*42.5 cm and a capacity of 1200W, this tabletop electric pizza oven is excellent for creating your own pizzas.


Price range: From $12.00

Top 10 Apparel best sellers on Alibaba

The apparel category is one of the best-selling categories on Alibaba in August 2021, with a proportion of 20%. This category includes anything from wedding outfits to sportswear.

Top Wedding Outfits on Alibaba

From the different products in the Wedding Outfits category, here is a selection of our best picks that may be of interest to you.


Product name: Sleeveless Heated Jacket

Product Description: Black, blue, and white sleeveless waterproof heated jackets are available in a variety of sizes and colours. It has a 5-hour battery life and can be charged through USB.


Price range: From $19.99


Product name: Lotio

Product Description : This three-piece suit comes in ten various colours in sizes M, L, and XL, making it great for weddings. Trousers, jacket, and blazer are the three items included.


Price range : From $29.20


Product name : Long Beaded Evening Dress

Product Description: This lovely beaded evening dress will be perfect for all of your celebrations. Red, blue, and black are the three colours available, as well as sizes M, L, and XL.


Price range: From $13.00


Product name : Christmas Outfits For Little Girl

Product Description: A young girl's outfit with reindeer and fir tree motifs would be ideal for dressing your child for the holidays. Made of 98 percent cotton and available in different sizes ranging from 3 to 8 years.


Price range : From $5.37


Product name  : Long Sleeve Lace Wedding Dresses

Product Description: For your wedding, long white robes with lace embellishments are excellent. Possibility of having a made-to-measure size and made of 100% polyester material.


Price range : From $138.00

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Top Sportswear on Alibaba

Here is a shortlist of the best products in this category.


Product name: Women's High Waist Sports Leggings

Product Description : These leggings are perfect for sports and workouts. There are nine various colours to choose from, as well as sizes S, M, and L.


Price range: From $2.65


Product name: Men's Round Neck Sports Shirt

Product Description: This cotton sports shirt is ideal for all of your sports training sessions. Available in 5 colours and sizes: M, L, XL, XXL

Price range: From $5.03


Product name: Tee-shirt Croc Top Fitness

Product Description: This Croc shirt is ideal for working out at the gym. It's made of 90% nylon and comes in six different colours.


Price range: From $0.50


Product name: Basketball Anti-UV Arm Guards

Product Description: Because it is breathable and UV resistant, this arm warmer is excellent for all of your outdoor sporting activities. There are five colours to choose from.


Price range: From $0.30


Product name: Men's Sports Set

Product Description: Sports set (jacket and jogging suit) in polyester, available in 7 colours and 5 different sizes.


Price range: From $12.79

Top 10 Beauty & Personal care best sellers on Alibaba

The beauty products category is one of the most popular on Alibaba in August 2021, with a 20% sales volume. This category includes anything from skin care to infant care. Below are several products that could be of interest to you as you choose what things to sell in your business.

Top baby care on Alibaba

From the various goods in the Baby Care category, here is a selection of our best-selling items that could be of interest to you.


Product name: Baby Wipes

Product Description : These wipes are ideal for keeping your baby clean. The wipes are extremely soft and alcohol-free and come in packs of 80.


Price range: From $0.80


Product name : Baby Lotion

Product Description : This aloe vera baby lotion is ideal for keeping your infant clean. The lotion in these tubes is 250mL.


Price range: From $0.52


Product name : Syndet Soap Base

Product Description : This coconut oil soap foundation may be used to make your own handmade soaps in any colour or scent.


Price range: From $5.50


Product name: Bamboo Cloth Wipe 

Product Description : These beautiful reusable wipes are composed entirely of bamboo fibres and come in a variety of colours. It is 20X20 cm in size.


Price range: From $0.29


Product name : Disposable Nappies for Children

Product Description: These ultra-absorbent children's diapers are available in a variety of sizes and are ISO 9001 certified and comfortable for your child.


Price range: From $0.05

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Top Skin Care Tools on Alibaba

This is a list of the best-selling product in the skin care tools category across all sales.


Product name: Face Massage Tool

Product Description: Rose quartz is used to make this face massager. It tightens your pores and leaves you with a nice sensation.


Price range: From$0.99


Product name : Make-up Remover Cotton Pad

Product Description : These 100 percent cotton make-up removal discs are  organic, allowing you to remove your make-up without harming your skin.


Price range: From $1.38


Product name: Depilatory Wax Strip

Product Description: A pack of 100 disposable depilatory wax sheets from Beauty Papa will help you to effectively remove all of your hair.


Price range : From $0.54


Product name : Reusable Make-up Remover Pads

Product Description  : This box of reusable bamboo cotton pads includes Konjac sponges for effective cleaning.


Price range : From $0.27


Product name : Soft Cleaning Sponge Glove

Product Description: This ultra-soft flannel, which comes in a variety of colours, can help you clean your body. It has 16X21 centimetre dimensions and may be customized with a logo.


Price range: From $0.55

Top 10 House & Garden best sellers on Alibaba

The Home & Garden items category is one of the most popular on Alibaba in August 2021, with a proportion of 10%. This category contains a diverse range of items divided into sections such as drinking glasses, home organization storage, and so on.

Top Glasses on Alibaba

We have picked some fascinating goods for you to add to your company from the various home and garden products.



Product name : Isothermal Stainless Steel Cup

Product Description : This resealable mug will go with you everywhere you go, whether it's to the office, camping, or taking a walk in the woods. It has a capacity of 0.8 L and comes in 15 different colours.


Price Range : From $1.91


Product name : Customizable White Mug

Product Description: These white ceramic mugs may be personalized and will serve as a wonderful base for your designs. They're also available in black and have a capacity of 30 CL.


Price range : From $0.173


Product name : Mini Espresso Maker

Product Description : Aluminium small coffee machine that can be customized to create espresso. There are 9 colours and several capacities (50 mL, 150 mL, 300 mL, and 450 mL).

Price range : From $2.51


Product name : Frosted Glass Flask 

Product Description: These 400 mL frosted glass bottles are excellent for accompanying you while sports training.

Price range : From $0.3373


Product name : Design Ceramic Cup

Product Description : These handcrafted mugs are constructed entirely of Nordic ceramic. The volume of these mugs is 300 mL.


Price range : From$11.93

DocShipper info : PETE stands for polyethylene terephthalate. This particular plastic is made of molecules composed exclusively of the elements' hydrogen, carbon and oxygen.

Even though polyester or PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is a polluting substance derived from petroleum, it is nonetheless recyclable.

Top des meilleures ventes pour les rangements et organisations pour la maison sur Alibaba aout 2021

Voici une sélection des meilleurs produits vendus parmi toutes les ventes liée à la catégorie rangement pour la maison.


Product name : Transparent Storage Boxes

Product Description : Jewellery, make-up, and desk organizers may all be stored in these boxes. They come in five different sizes and three distinct colours: transparent, pink, and brown.


Price range : From $0.2509


Product name : Laundry Basket

Product Description : Wooden laundry basket made from recycled materials that is waterproof and comes in two sizes: 40X30 cm and 40X40 cm.


Price range : From $2.06


Product name: Transparent Storage Box

Product Description : This transparent box has a capacity of 30 litres and is constructed entirely of recycled plastic.


Price range : From $2.12

cintre en velour

Product name: Black Velvet Hanger

Product Description : The gold text on these black velvet hangers may be personalized. 39.5 cm and 44.5 cm are the two sizes available.


Price range : From $0.7698


Product name : Transparent Shoe Boxes

Product Description : To store your shoes, use transparent plastic boxes. They're also available in red and black, with  several dimensions.


Price range : From $2.62

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