Top 50 best-sellers Alibaba [January 2022]

Top sports & entertainment best sellers on Alibaba

With a 15% sales record for the month of January 2022, sports & entertainment bestsellers are very famous among customers. 

Top fitness & bodybuilding on Alibaba

Fitness & Body Building is one of the subcategory and here are its five articles


Product name : YPOO home gym equipment treadmill

Product description : AC driving motor with low noise 4.0 HP DC Motor Continuous Power. The speed range is 1.0-18km/h. 1360x520mm Running Belt. Product dimensions are the following 183x86x135cm


Price range : from $305

knee wraps

Product name : Knee Wraps Copper

Product description : Knee braces are used to prevent or relieve discomfort caused by leg muscle spasms and knee-joint damage. The elastic material can aid in the maintenance of body temperature, the acceleration of blood circulation, and the facilitation of rehabilitation.


Price range : from $1.20


Product name : Rubber roll gymnastic mats

Product description : Rubber roll pad that is easy to use and store. It is  manufactured in a company for fitness, is  anti-slippery and shock absorbing


Price range : from $4.43


Product name : Gym Fitness plastic cement hex dumbbell

Product description : Rubber-covered Eco-friendly dumbbell with varying weights constructed of cement and pvc.


Price range : from $0.55


Product name : 100% natural latex girdle

Product description : High elasticity spiral steel bone supports, flexible and robust, bend easily but rapidly recover to the origin, three rows of hooks enable for size modification for the decreasing middle


Price range : from $5.41

Top musical instruments on Alibaba

Here are the 5 items from the Musical Instruments subcategory.



Product name : Eletric Keyboard Piano

Product description : Ideal for beginners to practice. With an external mic, your children may enjoy great music. Children may study, play, and fall in love with music.


Price range : from $11.89


Product name : 40 inch acoustic guitar

Product description : One water resistant acoustic guitar is included in this guitar beginning package. The size and height of the 30 inch guitar for kids first guitar have been intended to be easily accessible to individuals of all ages.


Price range : from $24


Product name : High quality antique Gramophone Player

Product description : A phonograph is a device that plays records, which are discs containing grooves that are amplified by a needle. This turntable gadget is now a relic, yet it was once the primary means through which recorded music reached the ears of home audiences.


Price range : from $25


Product name : Adult drum set

Product description : Superior distinct thickness and reverberation area to create good sound- Bass drum head tension is more than comparable items, and drum surface motion is greater.


Price range : from $350


Product name : Gold french horn

Product description : The most recent model in our traditional Geyer style horn family offers remarkable clarity as well as deep, rich resonance. It's a typical Geyer type horn with the same basic design as the YHR-871. It has the clean tone, deep resonance, and overall performance of a high-end instrument while remaining user-friendly.


Price range : from $1850

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Top timepieces, jewelry, eyewear bestsellers on Alibaba

The Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear category has made a 20% sales for the month of January 2022. These products are very much appreciated as gifts. 

Top watches on Alibaba

Here you will find 5 watches selected by our professionals. 


Product name : Casual Stainless Steel Quartz Watch

Product description : Men's gold-toned metal display with imprinted numerals on a gold-toned steel and linked chain. Quartz mechanism ensures exact timing and requires no care, resulting in a dependable and worry-free clock.


Price range : from $11.24


Product name : 2021 New Waterproof Android Smart Watch

Product description : Multi-Function and Suitability: SMS reminder, phone call, weather, alarm clock, app reminder, music playing, hand up to lighting up the display, shaking to capture photographs are all supported. Allow your phone to precisely match without updating your system.


Price range : from $19.80


Product name : Leather Strap Minimalist Ultrathin Wrist Watches

Product description : Keep track of the date and plan your daily activities - Work that is efficient and quick. Glow-in-the-dark watch pointers are available. Within 9inc. shockproof, the watch strap is easily adjustable. Waterproof up to 30 meters (100 feet).


Price range : from $12.80


Product name : Glasses Snake Head Designer Men's Military Watches

Product description : Exact timekeeping and simple reading, stainless steel case rear, to withstand the passage of time, stainless steel watchband, concealed butterfly double clasp, fadeless, ventilate, avoid sweat, fit wrist, quality assurance Water-resistant to 30m (100ft), can be splashed or momentarily immersed in water, but not ideal for swimming or bathing.


Price range : from $4.70


Product name : 2020 Minimalist Men's Fashion Ultra Thin Watches

Product description : Minimalist watch style with a distinct dial surface. This traditional, uncomplicated gentleman's watch is ideal for any event. Ideal for any type of business, informal, indoor activity, or everyday use.


Price range : from $1.80

Top loose beads on Alibaba

Loose beads are very much like by people and make amazing accessories. Here is our 5 top selection.



Product name : Vase Filler Aquarium Glass Gems

Product description : Earrings, Necklaces, Hand decorations, and Jewelry Design with Natural Gemstone Beads Guaranteed to be 100 percent natural color. Natural stones are one-of-a-kind. It is impossible for humans to regulate the color, transparency, fractures, flocs, and many other characteristics of natural stones, which may change somewhat from photographs.


Price range : from $2.33


Product name : Gemstone Beads

Product description : Our goods are well-known for their eye-catching designs, great polish, outstanding cutting, appealing designs, and many other qualities. Because the beads are natural and one-of-a-kind, they may not all have the same pattern as seen in the sample photographs. Please be considerate. Thank you very much!


Price range : from $100


Product name : 1500pcs Bottled 2mm Glass Seed Beads

Product description : We selected the most popular colors to assist you in creating a variety of stunning color jewels, like transparent dyeing bright colours, cream colors, AB colors, and metal colors.


Price range : from $0.28


Product name : Wood letter beads

Product description : Made of natural wood that retains its vivid natural color, the beads are delicately crafted to be attractive in shape, lively in color, and silky in texture. These beads are ideal for crafting bracelets and necklaces, as well as DIY projects, hair crafts, necklace pendants, house ornaments, and handcrafted presents.


Price range : from $10


Product name : Recycled glass beads Crystal with Plastic Box

Product description : Ideal for making bracelets, pendants, earrings, and other DIY beading crafts. Suitable for the creation of decorations, ornaments, clothing accessories, wedding designs, jewelry, and bead curtains. Macrame, hat making, hair activities for kids


Price range : from $3.35

Top beauty & personal care bestsellers on Alibaba

Beauty & Personal Care category made around 10% of January 2022 sales. These products are very much in demand all through the year. 

Top fragrance & deodorant on Alibaba

Please find below the five products from the Fragrance & Deodorant subcategory.


Product name : Bicycle Shape Spray Bottle Perfume

Product description : Each bicycle-shaped bottle has its own own gentle and fruity age-appropriate smell that is ideal for girls of all ages. It comes in a nicely designed Go Chic box that is suitable for gifting.


Price range : from $2.50


Product name : Body spray deodorant

Product description : Non-aerosol spray that is useful for a gentler and cleaner application. All-day hygiene beneath the arms or anywhere odor develops (all over your body, clothing, inside shoes, etc).


Price range : from $1


Product name : Multi Fragrance Unisex Tins Solid Perfume

Product description : This solid fragrance arrives in a compact tin container, making it easy to transport wherever you go. Fits in carry-on baggage, suitcases, dopp kits, gym bags, or desk drawers and is ideal for traveling.


Price range : from $3.78


Product name : Wholesale 250ml High Quality Body Spray Bodymist

Product description : The Shimmer Mist you know and love has returned with a new design! This glistening and aromatic Mist offers you a dazzling shine from head to toe. Spray on for long-lasting fragrance and glitter.


Price range : from $2.89


Product name : Good quality concentrated oil perfume

Product description : Because it is oil-based, it smells stronger and lasts longer than standard alcohol-based fragrances, which dissipate faster. Unique, one-of-a-kind, and very intense; a few drops go a long way.


Price range : from $4.96

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Top hair care on Alibaba

Here you will find the five products for Hair Care products.



Product name : ODM Factory Castor Oil

Product description : Grow longer and thicker hair quickly and naturally, while also reducing hair loss. Pure castor oil is an essential haircare pack that may be used to treat dry, fragile hair, dry scalps, and dandruff.


Price range : from $3.42


Product name : Private Label Scalp Care Intensive Hair Growth Serum

Product description : It improves hair density, promotes growth, and prevents hair loss. This serum includes natural components that rejuvenate the hair follicles on the scalp while also blocking the DHT hormone. It's simple to use and include into your hair care regimen, and it doesn't leave your hair greasy.


Price range : from $2.70


Product name : Natural mixing Argan oil series

Product description : Argan Oil offers helpful hair conditioning elements that help to heal split ends and control frizzy hair by sealing in moisture and entering hair strands with naturally occurring nutrients to tame unruly, fragile hair.


Price range : from $2.60


Product name : Black castor moisturizing free sulfate shampoo

Product description : Shea Hydration Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Shampoo eliminates buildup while infusing hair with nutritious moisture.


Price range : from $15.79


Product name : Serum Ginger hair growth oil

Product description : VigorWell Ginger Hair Growth Oil is a miraculous combination of natural and pure substances that efficiently promote new hair growth, minimize hair loss, and fortify thinning hair. Our premium product, which contains castor oil and caffeine components, is the key to stronger, thicker, and longer hair. Both men and women can wear it.


Price range : from $1.78

Top security & protection bestsellers on Alibaba

Security & protection category made a 20% sale for January 2022 as it includes essential products for our safety.

Top locks & keys on Alibaba

Here are 5 Locks & Keys products


Product name : China Factory Square Safety Pad Lock

Product description : Each lock has two keys: a spare key can save the key from inflicting excessive damage if it is lost. Before purchasing, please confirm with the security supervisor if a spare key is permitted.


Price range : from $2.80


Product name : MK710 Dial Combination Padlock

Product description : Indoor padlocks are best utilized as school locker locks and gym locks, as they provide theft prevention and security.


Price range : from $4.50


Product name : Folding Flip 3 Button Remote Smart Car Key

Product description : Installation is simple and does not need reprogramming. This is an excellent substitute shell for a damaged vehicle key remote or a worn key casing.


Price range : from $24.99


Product name : Smart fingerprint lock

Product description : The door handle with passcode has a beautiful silver design and is constructed of zinc alloy material, which is wire free, anti-corrosion, sleek, and modern. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations and is ideal for use in the home, apartment, or other private places.


Price range : from $22


Product name : Double cylinder deadbolt door lock

Product description : Phillips Screwdriver Replacement Installation All accessories are included with the door lockset, including keys, a latch, a striking plate, and screws.


Price range : from $1.20

Top self-defense supplies on Alibaba

Please find below 5 Self Defense Supplies


Product name : Abrasion cut resist cloth waistcoat

Product description : Perfect for tactical training, hunting, shooting practice, and CS games, this personal protective vest is ideal.


Price range : from $90


Product name : Self Defense Keychain

Product description : When you're in danger, use the ear-piercing sound to call the attention of others up to 300 yards away. Continuous sound for up to 70 minutes to ensure emergency use. It will take the place of self-defense weapons to ensure your protection.


Price range : from $4


Product name : Keychain Tactical Pen

Product description : The L-type bolt action mechanism is cleverly built for rapid pop out and return refilling. Super smooth bolt action mechanism for retracting refill to keep your pocket, notebook, or bag clean.


Price range : from $1.82


Product name : Smart fingerprint lock

Product description : Features a long straight silver blade with a golden hilt and faux ruby peen block


Price range : from $23.32


Product name : Custom Logo Cute Personal Safety Survival Keychain

Product description : Protect yourself by purchasing a smart Safety kit for women, which includes various essential items to help you feel safer on the road and deal with any unpleasant and perhaps harmful occurrences.


Price range : from $5.86

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Top furniture best sellers on Alibaba

The furniture category has made 35% sales in January 2022 and it has essential household elements. 

Top children furniture on Alibaba

Here are 5 Children Furniture products


Product name : Baby Kids Playpen Safety Yard

Product description : When mom or dad wants to cook, clean up, go to the toilet, etc., keep the baby secure in their play activity center.


Price range : from $55

sleeping pod

Product name : Kids Portable Sleeping Pod

Product description : The baby nest offers a complete sense of security, and wraps the baby all around to provide a nice night's sleep, all of which enable your baby safely transition to crib.


Price range : from $24.90


Product name : Cars bed

Product description : A completely new Lightning McQueen race vehicle design. Authentic automobile decal, constructed with a solid and sturdy wooden frame


Price range : from $97.30


Product name : Wholesale baby feeding electric swing chair

Product description : High chair that folds in one second with one hand. The ultra-slim foldable high chair is intended to fit into small areas. Because of the self-standing fold, you can fold it and forget it.


Price range : from $48


Product name : Hot sales Children Flip-Out Sofa 2-in-1

Product description : His sofa flips open to become a lounger/sleeper; Your youngster will love this sofa with siblings/friends for reading, resting, playing, or napping. Recommended for children aged 18 months and up; Fits 2 to 3 small children


Price range : from $14.90

Top commercial furniture on Alibaba

These 5 products are from the subcategory Commercial Furniture



Product name : Height Adjustable Massage Facial Salon Bed Beauty Spa Bed

Product description : The massage table contains a 2" sponge, a reinforced beech frame with support wires, and reinforced hardwood corner blocks for improved strength to hold up to 450 lbs. Massage bed massage table spa table


Price range : from $150


Product name : Doctor Stool with Height Adjustable

Product description : This rolling stool's seat cushion is composed of PVC and flexible cotton, making it incredibly pleasant and easy to keep and clean.


Price range : from $128


Product name : Modern boss table design

Product description : A durable desk with a stylish appearance. Stability is ensured by a thick metal frame and an additional metal bracket.


Price range : from $126.76


Product name : Gaming Chair

Product description : Ergonomic and pleasant design: neck-protecting headrest design, comfortable and broad lumbar pillow that may be close to the back, soft buttocks cushion, S-shaped wrap design backrest.


Price range : from $35


Product name : Executive office desk

Product description : Extended desktop offers plenty of room to spread out with materials and gives guests space to pull up a chair and collaborate


Price range : from $120

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