Top 50 best sellers Alibaba [APRIL 2021]

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Top "Luggage, Bags & Cases" best sellers on Alibaba

With a percentage of 20%, the category "Luggage, Bags & Cases" is the third best-selling category in April 2021 on Alibaba.

In this category, you can find different types of bags: to carry business stuff, to go on vacation or simply to go on a shopping trip!

Below, we list some best-selling products this month!

Top "Business Bags & Cases" best sellers on Alibaba

In this category, you will find all the bags and various protections for your professional affairs!

housse ordinateur portable

Product name : Waterproof laptop bag - Boommall

Product Description : This waterproof sleeve will ensure the safety of your computer every time you transport it! Developed in different sizes, this bag will protect your computers, whatever its size: 12", 13" or 15"!

This bag is also available in several colors: pink, blue, green, yellow, or even light and dark gray, there is something for everyone!

Price range : From $4,46


Product name : Tablet and laptop bag - Kalidi

Product Description : This felt case will protect your electronic devices in all circumstances!

Equipped with two pockets, each with a zipper, this case will protect both your computer and your tablet at the same time! The main pocket will protect your 11" to 18" laptop, while the front pocket will keep your tablet safe.

This 2-in-1 sleeve is available in 36 different colors, and can also be customized with a logo or graphic personalization.

Price range : From $1,50


Product name : Waterproof leather bag - Pengjie

Product Description : This waterproof leather bag will protect your computer, but also all your important documents.

Equipped with a shoulder strap, this bag also has a pocket on the front to keep your documents or your most important papers close at hand.

This water resistant, wear resistant and lightweight bag is available in three different colors, depending on the customer's request. It is also customizable with a logo or graphic personalization.

Price range : From $11,42


Product name : Hard case for laptop - R & S

Product Description : This protective laptop sleeve will protect your device against all shocks. Available in 11 different designs, this case will protect your 13" computer.

Again, the option of customization is available.

Price range : From $4,80


Product name : Protective cover for tablet - GreatAsia

Product Description : This protective cover designed for 10" android tablet is available in 4 different colors.

Customizable, it will ensure optimal protection of your tablet, the shell and the screen.

The little extra? The function of maintaining your device horizontally, without you needing to hold it! You can watch a movie without having to hold your tablet.

Price range : From $0,33

Top "Luggage & Travel Bags" best sellers on Alibaba

You will find in this category all the ideal bags designed to travel.



Product name : Set of 3 suitcases - Emay Bagages Usine

Product Description : This set is composed of 3 suitcases.

Each of these suitcases has two storage compartments and a customizable combination lock, which will protect your belongings from theft for the duration of your trip. The interior is fully lined, and the wheels are easily maneuverable and shock resistant.

The shell of the case is durable and lightweight. The thickness is thick enough to ensure optimal protection for your belongings.

Featuring a matte finish with anti-scratch, these cases are expandable with a zipper to increase the capacity of the products.

Price range : From $9,89


Product name : Waterproof leather travel bag - Dide

Product Description : This protective leather bag will allow you to travel safely! Waterproof, this bag will protect your personal belongings.

It has 5 different pockets:

  • On the side, you will find a compartment to store your shoes.
  • The main compartment closes with a zip.
  • Inside, you will find a compartment for a camera.
  • A second pocket is located on the side, also closing with a zip.
  • Finally, a small zippered pocket allows you to store your belongings that must remain within reach, easily and quickly accessible.

Price range : From $10,89


Product name : Protective cover for clothes - Xuanying

Product Description : This bag will allow you to transport your clothes safely. Equipped with a zip, this bag will protect your suits, dresses, coats or sweaters from dust or any other material or microbe that could damage your personal belongings.

You will be able to travel with your belongings in complete peace of mind.

Price range : From $0,90


Product name : Vintage travel luggage set - Foreverstanding Stationary Co.

Product Description : This travel set consists of 6 different pieces. Each of the cases is made of leather, ensuring a very good quality of the product.

Available in 4 different colors, this vintage style set can be customized with a logo or graphic personalization. Each case is equipped with a small handle for easy transportation.

The main material is wood, and wheels attached to the cases allow for easy movement.

Price range : From $1 470


Product name : Travel case for electronic devices - Brilliant

Product Description : This case allows you to carry all your electronic devices and accessories safely while traveling. With two compartments, you can store all your chargers and accessories for phones, computers or other devices.

The pouch closes with a zipper, and you have the option of customizing the color as well as adding a logo or graphic personalization.

Price range : From $2,69

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Top “Home Appliance” best sellers on Alibaba

With a percentage of 35%, the category "Home Appliance" is the first best-selling category in April 2021 on Alibaba.

In this category, you can find different types of home appliance : vacuum cleaner, home heaters, air conditioners, cooking appliances,...

Below, we list some best-selling products this month!

Top “Cleaning Appliances” best sellers on Alibaba


Product name : Autonomous robot vacuum cleaner - Liecoux

Product Description : With a power of 28 W, this autonomous robot vacuum cleaner has an autonomy of 100 minutes.

Thanks to its voice recognition capability and the mobile application available to the user, its use is relatively simple. The device can be controlled remotely. The vacuum cleaner cleans all types of floors, such as wood or even marble, and goes under all your furniture thanks to its 7.4cm height.

When in use, the device emits little noise (45db). It has an anti-collision device thanks to its obstacle recognition factors, and automatically returns to its base when its work is finished.

Price range : From $108

aspirateur sans fil

Product name : Cordless vacuum cleaner - Gamana

Product Description : This cordless vacuum cleaner will keep your home clean! With 2 levels of speed, the vacuum cleaner has an autonomy of 40 minutes.

With your order, different tips will be delivered to you, and this to adapt to all your surfaces!

To empty the vacuum cleaner, a simple button allows the release of its reserve. Your vacuum cleaner is thus emptied simply and quickly.

Price range : From $33

Nettoyeur de vitre autonome

Product name : Autonomous window cleaner - Devvis

Product Description : This autonomous window cleaning robot will save you from the heavy task of washing windows! Also practical when these are inaccessible, the robot spends about 2 minutes per m2.

With a power of 80W, the robot has the option of remote control. It also offers 3 different cleaning modes: Z, N and N+ Z.

When the robot finishes its work, it returns to its starting base.

Price range : From $95

Aspirateur de poche

Product name : Pocket vacuum cleaner - Yantu

Product Description : This bagless, cordless handheld vacuum cleaner has a power rating of 80W.

Lightweight, the device allows for a thorough cleaning of small surfaces.

The device is available in two colors: white or black, and can be customized with a logo or graphic personalization.

Price range : From $1,99

Balais serpillère

Product name : Cordless electric mop - Xiaomi SWDK

Product Description : Equipped with a power of 25 W, this cordless electric mop allows a deep cleaning of all types of dirt: greasy stains, juice, milk, footprints, dust ... With its 8cm height, the device has been designed to go under all your furniture

The vacuum cleaner adapts to all types of surfaces: wood, parquet, marble, and, for an autonomy of 50 minutes.

Price range : From $33,66

Top “air conditioner” best sellers on Alibaba


Product name : Split Air conditioner - Kanion

Product Description : 

This air conditioner is a fixed model. It will allow you to regulate the temperature according to your desires: it will heat the atmosphere in winter and will cool you in summer!

A unit located outside, and connected to another block inside the house, will evacuate and regulate the air inside.

This split air conditioner has a timer, as well as a sleep mode. It has a power of 1095W, and covers an area ranging from 20 to 25 m2.

Price range : From $175


Product name : Solar split air conditioner - Yingli Solar

Product Description : This solar split air conditioner will also cool you down during the hot summers, and warm you up in the freezing winters.

Thanks to its solar function, this air conditioner will allow you to reduce your electricity bills.

Equipped with two blocks (one indoor and one outdoor), as well as solar panels, this air conditioner has a power of 3500 W, and covers an area ranging from 18 to 23 m2.

Price range : From $1290

Climatiseur mobile

Product name : Mobile air conditioner - East

Product Description : This mobile air conditioner will allow you to cool down or to warm up, no matter in which room you are located! You can indeed move the product according to your desires!

This air conditioner can regulate the temperature between 15 and 31 degrees. With a power of 200W, the product can also serve outside your home.

Price range : From $125


Product name : Indoor spraying system

Product Description : This indoor vaporization system is portable. You can bring it everywhere you want!

This object will be able to refresh you during hot weather, and also relieve you from humidity. It can indeed contain up to 6 L of water, and can be controlled remotely.

Available in two colors (white support and interior or white support and blue interior), this product can be customized with a logo.

Price range : From $31

AC de poche

Product name : Mini portable air cooler - OEM

Product Description : This mini portable air cooler will allow you to cool down wherever you are: at the office or at home.

Simple to use, fast and easy to carry, 3 airflow speeds are offered.

The advantage of this product is its double functionality. Indeed, this mini air cooler can also be used as a soothing night light thanks to its integrated 7-color LED light.

This item can also be customized with a logo or graphic personalization.

Price range : From $9,25

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Top "Gifts & Crafts" best sellers on Alibaba

With a percentage of 5%, the category "Gifts & Crafts" is the fifth best-selling category in April 2021 on Alibaba.

In this category, you can find different types of gifts or crafts: decorative items for various events, cultures or gift ideas

Below, we list some best-selling products this month!

Top "Festive & Party Supplies" best sellers on Alibaba

In this category, you will find all the decorative items for the holidays, or original ideas for invitations!

Ballon à miroir gonflable

Product name : Inflatable mirror ball - Singar

Product Description : These inflatable mirror balls are ideal for all your events: weddings, birthdays, end of year parties...

Ideal accessory for a refined decoration, these balloons are available in multiple sizes: from 0,5 m to 5 m diameter. Sold individually, these decorative objects are available in various colors: silver, gold, red, blue or green.

The use of this object of decoration is relatively simple: it is enough to have a small compressor to inflate the ball.

Price range : From $59

paillettes de décoration

Product name : Sequins for decoration- Yium KM

Product Description : These decorative sequins will be perfect to decorate your tables during your events!

Available in multiple colors (silver, gold, pink, blue, orange, and many other colors), the size of the glitter is also up to the buyer: the diameter varies between 0.1mm and 3.2mm.

The sequins also have a silver sheen.

Price range : From $5,50

assiettes - verres - pailles - serviettes de décoration

Product name : Plates, cutlery and other disposable party items - Youmao

Product Description : 

This kit is composed of :

  • 16 dessert plates
  • 16 standard plates
  • 16 napkins (size: 25 x 25 cm)
  • 16 cups
  • 16 forks
  • 16 knives
  • 16 spoons
  • 1 tablecloth (130 x 220 cm)

Ideal for children's birthday parties, this complete kit is available in 12 different colors.

Price range : From $2,80


Product name : Invitation card - DIY

Product Description : This invitation card will surprise your guests! Original, it can also be sold with its envelope.

Customizable, your invitation will fit the format of your choice.

Price range : From $0,10

Décoration d'anniversaire

Product name : Decoration "happy birthday" - Youmao

Product Description :  This decoration item is available in 6 different colors. Designed for decoration on birthday cakes, it measures 10 x 15 cm, and is carefully laser cut.

Price range : From $0,25

Top "Pottery & Enamel" best sellers on Alibaba

You will find in this category all the pottery and sculptures you can buy to decorate your home.


vase décoratif avec plante

Product name : Decorative vase with plant - Worthful

Product Description : This ceramic pot comes with a plastic plant inside.

Available in multiple colors (yellow, white, blue, red, and many others), this pot will perfectly decorate your interior or your office.

This pot is customizable with a logo or a graphic personalization.

With an original size of 10 x 10 cm, the pot can be personalized with a size defined by the customer.

Price range : From $0,99

Pot pouvant contenir des aliments

Product name : Food storage jar - CY

Product Description : This porcelain pot was designed to store food. Featuring a sealed bamboo lid, this product is available in several colors: blue, yellow and pink.

Modern in style, this item can be customized with a logo or graphic personalization.

Price range : From $1,98

Décoration cactus en céramique

Product name : Cactus decoration - Aphacatop

Product Description : These cactus will perfectly decorate your interior or your office!

With a modern Nordic style, these white ceramic cactus are available in different models and sizes, ranging from 17 to 28 cm.

Price range : From $7

Fleur pour décoration murale

Product name : Wall decoration flowers - WG

Product Description : These ceramic flowers are designed for wall decoration.

Multiple sizes and colors are available. Personalization of your merchandise is also accepted: size, color, shape...

Price range : From $2

Service à thé

Product name : Tea set and cups - Kalandi

Product Description : This tea set, along with its matching cups and stand are made of ceramic. Hand painted, this complete service will be as useful as decorative.

The teapot measures 25 cm high and 16.6 cm wide. The 6 cups measure 9 x 5 cm. Finally, the stand on which these products are placed measures 29 x 40 x 7 cm.

Price range : From $25

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Top "Lights & Lighting" best sellers on Alibaba

With a percentage of 10%, the category "Lights & Lighting" is the fourth best-selling category in April 2021 on Alibaba.

In this category, you can find different types of lights and lighting: indoor lighting, LED, lamps, outdoor lighting...

Below, we list some best-selling products this month!

Top “Indoor Lighting” best sellers on Alibaba

In this category, you will find different type of indoor lighting.

Lumière en forme d'objet au choix

Product name : Veilleuse LED - Juncheng

Product Description : These luminous objects made up of a system of lighting LED will decorate your interior using form or image of your choice.

With this choice of image, you can personalize your interior with this decorative object, while providing an additional source of light.

You also have the opportunity to choose from 7 different shades of light.

Price range : From $1,98

Lampes suspendus

Product name : LED Decorative Chandelier - Tpstarlite

Product Description : Ideal for decorating and illuminating your living room, bedroom, restaurant or stocking, these modern decorative chandeliers are made of aluminum and metal, and are powered by an LED light source.

The lamps have a diameter of 40cm, and a height of 23.8cm. Different colors are available: white, black, red, pink, yellow, orange, blue, green, purple or gray.

Price range : From $11,50

Spot lumineux

Product name : LED Spotlight - Canmeijia

Product Description : These spotlights are powered by an LED source. Designed to illuminate any kind of room, especially stores, especially ready to wear, these lamps have an aluminum alloy.

The lamps are available in four different sizes, with power ranging from 12 to 40W.

Two colors are also available: white and black, and three color temperatures are also available: warm white, cool white and natural.

Price range : From $1,62

Lampe de bureau LED

Product name : LED Desk Lamp - Giftwhole

Product Description : These LED desk lamps are made entirely of aluminum and acrylic.

With a modern style, these lamps will serve you in many situations: mood light, reading light, table light for a restaurant or a hotel.

Price range : From $25,10

Bande lumineuse LED

Product name : LED Strip Light - OEM

Product Description : These LED strip lights are designed to be installed under your furniture, in a closet or on stairs.

These lights are equipped with a motion detector, lighting up when they detect a presence.

The light emitted can be multicolored, white, warm white or cold white, depending on the consumer's request. The installation is magnetic, and the object can be customized with a logo of your choice.

Price range : From $3,49

Top “Crystal Lights” best sellers on Alibaba

You will find in this category multiple crystal lamps to light up your home.



Product name : Crystal chandelier - Showsun

Product Description : This chandelier will light up your living room or hotel lobby with incandescent bulb or LED system. Two lighting colors are available: warm white and white.

With a power of 40 W, the diameter of this crystal chandelier is 160 cm, for 55 cm height.

Price range : From $1 999

Lampe de table

Product name : Crisal lamp - YF

Product Description : This modern crystal lamp will perfectly decorate the rooms, whether it is for a hotel or for a house. It measures 54 cm height in total, for 30 cm diameter.

Its emitted light is of yellow color, diffused by an incandescent bulb.

Price range : From $14,95

Lumière ambiance en crystal

Product name : Color Diffuser Crystal Bar - Benoy

Product Description : These decorative objects allow to diffuse a light of atmosphere, in the place which you wish!

Small and easily transportable, this item is made of crystal.

7 different colors are available for this model, which diffuses light using an LED system.

Price range : From $8


Product name : Crystal wall lamp - Maifalighting

Product Description : This wall sconce is designed to design your interior and provide an additional source of light.

With a size of about 20 cm by 12 cm, different models are available.

The light emitted by the LED system will be cool white or warm white color, according to customer's request.

Price range : From $4,70

Lampe de salon en crystal

Product name : Retro crystal lamp - Etch 

Product Description : With a height of 160 cm and a diameter of 40 cm, this retro-style lamp is available in 3 different colors: black, smoked gray and amber.

The light emitted is yellow or white, and has a power of 30 W.

This product will be perfect to decorate the interior of your home, or that of a hotel!

Price range : From $49,99

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Top “Furniture” best sellers on Alibaba

With a percentage of 30%, the category "Furniture" is the second best-selling category in April 2021 on Alibaba.

In this category, you can find different types of lights and lighting: antique furniture, for children, home, outdoor, wood,...

Below, we list some best-selling products this month!

Top “Home Furniture” best sellers on Alibaba

In this category, you will find different type of home furniture : sofas, armchairs, tables...


Product name : Coffee table set - Shengjie Keju

Product Description : This set of two coffee tables will dress up your living room. Of a modern style, the two tables are dissociated one from the other, thus allowing the user to install them as he wishes. The small tables are made of metal.

The color of these products, as well as their size, are customizable.

Price range : From $108

Meuble de télé

Product name : TV cabinet - Joysourcefurniture

Product Description : This TV stand is fixed directly to the wall. Composed of two doors, this product is made up of a wooden support and doors in high gloss melamine particle.

Modern and customizable, the cabinet is 160 cm long, 40 cm wide and 38 cm high.

Price range : From $39,49


Product name : Foldable storage stool - Quansheng

Product Description : This stool has multiple functions.

First, it will serve as a seat in your living room or bedroom, and will also serve as a storage unit. When you no longer see a need for it in your home, you can store it in a closet with its folding function.

Easily transportable, this modern style fabric stool measures 38 x 38 x 38 cm when open, and 38 x 38 x 7 cm when folded. Also, its color is customizable.

Price range : From $2,70

etagère fixation murale

Product name : Wall shelves - MJ

Product Description : This set of wooden shelves in a vintage style is fixed directly to the wall.

Designed to hang your things in a living room, kitchen or bathroom, these shelves measure 40 cm long, 15 cm wide and 7 cm high. You can also hang a metal bar on one of the two shelves. This bar measures 36 cm long.

Price range : From $5,90

Canapé convertible

Product name : Convertible sofa - United Home

Product Description : This fabric sofa available in one color (gray) can be converted into different positions. Composed of 6 different blocks and independent of each other, this sofa can be positioned according to the desire of its user.

Each block measures 81 x 81 x 82 cm.

Price range : From $29

Top “outdoor furniture” best sellers on Alibaba

You will find in this category multiple outdoor furniture, as garden furniture, outdoor chairs, deckchairs, tables...


Hamac extérieur

Product name : Canvas hammock - Woqi

Product Description : This canvas hammock, originally designed for two people, can be customized in terms of color, size and even logo.

3 "standard" sizes are available: 250 x 86 cm, 270 x 120 cm, 270 x 150 cm or 270 x 180 cm.

It can be carried and hung anywhere.

Price range : From $2

Transat extérieur

Product name : Sunbathing - Shiguang

Product Description : This rattan and wicker sun lounger designed for outdoor use is available in several colors: white, black, red, or in various customizable colors.

Waterproof and heat-resistant, this modern style sun lounger can be used to dress up your home or to serve guests in hotels or on the world's most beautiful beaches.

Price range : From $100

Canapé d'extérieur

Product name : Outdoor wicker sofa - OEM

Product Description : This modern style wicker garden sofa is designed to dress up your exteriors, but also hotels or other hospitality structure with an exterior.

Available in various colors (white, gray, cream, brown, black, yellow being the basic colors, you can also choose a color of your choice), the size is also customizable according to the buyer.

Cushions are also provided.

Price range : From $50


Product name : Folding chair - Delux

Product Description : These metal folding chairs are designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

The chairs are available in several colors: black, white, blue, gray, red, and brown.

Designed for occasional use, such as large events with many people, the maintenance of these chairs is relatively simple.

The size of the product is 46 x 44 x 78 cm.

Price range : From $3,50

Parasol fixe

Product name : Garden Parasol - Linhai Fenghui Home Funishing Company Limited

Product Description : This parasol designed to shelter you from the sun during your summers on the terrace is made of aluminum. With a width of 3m x 3m, this parasol measures 2.80m high.

The parasol is mobile, so it can be moved easily. Note however the presence of a relatively heavy base to keep the parasol in place.

With its modern design, this parasol can be folded and unfolded according to the wishes of its user.

Price range : From $123,80

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