Top 50 Best Sellers Alibaba [July 2021]

Top 5 consumer electronics best sellers on Alibaba

The most selling category is the Consumer Electronics one for July 2021 on Alibaba with over 30% average. This was generated by the numerous products existing in sub-categories such as PowerBanks, accessories, TV, radios...etc

Here is a shortlist of the best products in this category.

Top digital cameras on Alibaba

Recently owning a digital camera became an essential thing in human being's life even with the existence of highly developed smartphones. We selected the most interesting offers of this product on Alibaba for you. 

Caméra vidéo numérique pour enfants Docshipper

Product's name : Children digital video camera
Description : Full HD Camera, Waterproof / Shockproof and with Rechargeable Battery Pack.


Price : from $37.00

caméra vidéo 33 Mega pixels Docshipper

Product's name : 33 Mega pixels digital camera
Description : It's a digital camera with a 33 megapixel, 2" - 3" inch screen and a full HD image resolution (1920x1080), all for a great experience and great photo quality.

Price : from $169.99

Appareil photo numérique Docshipper

Product's name : 12mp cheap dslr similar digital camera
Description : A camera that provides you with an x4 zoom and images of high-resolution SD that will astonish you. It has a 2.8-inch screen that is remarkably satisfying for an entry-level device.


Price: from $19,99

33 Mega pixels Dslr Camera Docshipper

Product's name: DSLR  33 Mega pixels Digital Camera 
Description: A full HD image resolution (1920x1080) digital camera that comes with a 33 megapixel, 2" - 3" inch screen for all for a lovely experience and great photo quality.


Price: from $169.99

Caméscope Sony Docshipper

Product's name: Camcorder Camera
Description: Sony FDR-AX700 is a 4K HDR camera with a 20.1MP-- 24.0MP megapixel, 2 inch screen and a rechargeable battery pack providing the best Sony experience.


Price: from $1,358.17

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Top PowerBanks on Alibaba

With everyone now plugged to their smartphones and every other rechargeable devices, owning a PowerBank is a like saving thing for when your battery dies in public. Here are few examples of the best purchases of this product.

Mini chargeur magnétique Docshipper

Product's name: Mini Magnetic Charger Power Bank
Description : A portable pocketsize device with a 3 in 1 magnetic cable and a capacity of 2600mah.


Price: from $7.60

mini batterie de rouge à lèvres Docshipper

Product's name : lipstick power bank
Description : A mini portable powerbank designed as a lipstick and more suitable for females. It has a battery that is 18650 Lithium with a 3000-4000(mAh) capacity.

Price: from $5.99

Mini banque d'alimentation mobile magnétique Docshipper

Product's name : Magnetic absorption wireless charger
Description: A wireless powerbank that you can easily stick to the back of your phone making it simple to carry around for charging purposes. It's capacity is 5000mAH and comes with 3 different colours.


Price: from $13.99

Chargeur magnétique grande capacité OK FLOVEME Docshipper

Product's name: OK FLOVEME High Capacity Charger Mini Portable Powerbank
Description: This powerbank with an appealing design comes in 3 different colours; blue, green and grey and the characteristics that are represented in 5000 mAH and 10000mAH capacity, weighting only 230g making it easy to carry.


Price: from $13.99

Double batterie solaire externe Docshipper 

Product's name : Solar External Battery Charger powerbank
Description: This powerbank works though solar energy and provides its users with a fast charging, high capacity (10000 mAH) and the waterproof privilege.

Price: from $3.95

Top 5 Toys & Hobbies best sellers on Alibaba 

The toys & hobbies category is on the best sales list with an average of 15% for this month.
There is a large number of goods offered in this category making it difficult to choose between all the pleasant toys for all different ages but we made it all easy for you and brought the top 5 best items.

Top balloons on Alibaba

On this section, balloons are listen among the most sold goods for this month. These are the best 5 ones.

Ballons sans latex Docshipper

Product's name: Latex free balloons
Description : For all your celebrations you can rely on these Latex free balloons coming in 15 different colour for a lovely decoration.

Price: from $0.02

Ballons publicitaires en latex personnalisés Docshipper

Product's name : Personalized latex advertising balloons
Description: This item comes in 10 different colours for your personalized celebrations such as birthday party, wedding...etc

Price: from $0.01

Ballons standards Docshipper

Product's name : Standard Balloons by YANGYUE
Description :Latex balloons that work for every event.

Price: from $0.05

Ballons standards Docshipper

Product's name : Letter balloons party decorations
Description : Letter balloons for birthday celebrations come in 16 inch and different colours.


Price: from $0.70


Product's name : Eco-friendly Pink Balloon Arch Garland
Description : Guirland latex balloons for every celebration and are recyclable.


Price: from $4.63

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Top Plushies on Alibaba

We selected for you the most purchased plushies on this platform.

Pieuvre réversible double face Docshipper

Product's name : Animal Emotion Double Side Flip Reversible Octopus
Description : A plush that you can flip to two emotions, either happy side or angry one.


Price: from $1.20

Ours en peluche Docshipper

Product's name : Light Brown Giant Teddy Bear
Description : A huggable teddy bear for children of the age of 14 or more.

Price: from $1.50

Peluche bébé éléphant Docshipper

Product's name : Cute Plush And Stuffed Baby Elephants Toys With Big Ears
Description : An elephant plush for new born babies available in 14 different colour.


Price: from $1.00


Product's name : Pokémon Plushies
Description : Plushies of all your favourite Pokémons such as Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander and more. Gotta catch them all!

Price: from $0.55

Peluche Cactus Docshipper

Product's name:  Electric cactus toy dancing plush
Description : Jiggly dancing toy designed in the form of a cactus for more fun at home.


Price: from $4.90

Top 5 Beauty & Personal care best sellers on Alibaba of July 2021

Moving now to another section on the list of best-selling categories on Alibaba, comes Beauty and Personal Care with an average of 30%. These products are essential for every human being and represent a need that must be satisfied. With the existence of an endless number of products offered in this category, we picked the top 5 to help you choose which one to sell.

Top Men skin care on Alibaba

Here is a short list the most purchased items in the Beauty & Personal care category.

Têtes de rasoir flottantes Docshipper

Product's name: Waterproof 5D Floating Head Men Razor
Description du produit : A waterproof razor for men with a floating head that is easy to recharge.


Price: from $10.93

Rasoir de sûreté portable Docshipper

Product's name: Portable safety razor
Description : A secure razor with double blades for males.

Price: from $3.80


Description: A collection of beard oils for men that very organic.


Price: from $1.00

Couteau de rasage à manche pliant Docshipper

Product's name : Metal Folding Shaving Razor
Description : Shaving razor that can easily be folded and used for barber use. It is available in 5 different colours.


Price: from $0.99

déodorant naturel biologique Docshipper

Product's name : Anti-fungal Aloe Vera natural organic deodorant roll on
Description :A natural and biological deodorant available with different perfumes such as roses, lemon. Etc



Price: from $0.30

Top Man care on Alibaba

Here is a list of Alibaba's top 5 most purchased man care products for July 2021.

Spray cuire chevelu Docshipper

Product's name : LANBENA herbal instant hair grow spray
Description : A product to help your hair grow faster with a shelf life of 3 years.

Price: from $2.13

Huile de croissance Docshipper

Product's name : Natural Organic Hair Growth Oil Serum.
Description : This serum 100% organic product helps making your hair grow faster and stronger.


Price: from $2.50

Equipement de plantation de follicules pileux Docshipper

Product's name :  Hair follicle planting equipment
Description : An easy way for hair planting that works for both men and women.

Price: from $100.00

Kit d'échantillons crème de main Docshipper

Product's name: Arganmidas Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner 
Description : Products made of argan oil for your travels.

Price: from $0.56

Lisseur de cheveux Docshipper

Product's name : Personalized hair straightener
Description: A private label hair straightener for house using. It facilitates the straightening for women with curly hair.

Price: from $6.00

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Top 5 House & Gardening best sellers on Alibaba of July 2021

This category did enter the race of the best selling categories on Alibaba with an average of 25%. It provides large number of different housing products that are used on a daily basis.

After some digging inside this platform, we brought to you the most purchased products in this category.

Top cleaning products on Alibaba

Here is a short list the 5 most purchased items in the house & garden category.

Capsules de détergent liquide Docshipper

Product's name: Detergent capsules
Description: OEM 3in1 Clothes Washing Apparel Detergent Pods Liquid Laundry Soap Capsules.


Price: from $0.0511

liquide de lavage ménager universel Docshipper

Product's name: Washing liquid
Description : household washing liquid foam cleaner for glass surfaces. Exists scented with lavender, lemon, etc.

Price: from $0.4087

Sac de déshumidification Docshipper

Poduct's name : Dehumidification Bag
Description : A great quality 2.5kg  Dehumidification Bag comes with negotiable delivery.


Price: from $0.8941

Diffuseur de parfum Docshipper

Product's name : Scent diffuser stick
Description : Natural Decoration Wood Rattan Reed Diffuser Stick.

Price: from $2.00

Éliminateur d'odeurs de salle de bain Docshipper

Product's name : Bathroom Odour Eliminator
Description : Bathroom odour eliminator 50ml. Liquid Fresh Air. One drop per use.


Price: from $0.80

Top Cookware on Alibaba

Here is a short list the 5 most purchased items in the Cookware category.

casserole en céramique spodumène Docshipper

Product's name : Ceramic casserole
Description : Hot selling 5.3L spodumene ceramic casserole available in black and can be gifted.


Price: from $27.00

marmite à soupe en aluminium Docshipper

Product's name : Aluminium sanding finished soup pot Kit
Description : A kit of cheap and hot factory stock pot made out of aluminium and available from the size of 16cm to 36cm.

Price: from $3.60


Product's name : Stainless Cooking pot kit
Description : Cookware manufacturers of hot stainless steel cooking kitchenware and non stick frying pan cookware sets.


Price: from $14.00

Autocuiseur haute pression Docshipper

Product's name : Hawkins Commercial Pressure Cooker
Description : A pressure cooker that is available in 3 different sizes (22 liter 30 liter 40 liter)

Price: from $20.00


Product's name: Bamboo Steamer Basket
Description : A multi-function Dumplings Fish Rice Steamer.


Price: from $0.71

Top 5 Packaging & Printing best sellers on Alibaba of July 2021

In July 2021, the packaging & printing category did enter the best selling race with an average of 10%. With the increase of people's will to launch their own products, this category provides a large number of packaging and printing that are personalized for every entrepreneur.

Top Jars on Alibaba

With the existence of numerous samples of Jars that could be used for different products, choosing the right one for yours could be a difficult mission but we made it easier for you by providing the top 5 most purchased ones.


Pot de crème Docshipper

Product's name : Cream pot
Description : Cream jar available in several different sizes (5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 25ml and 50ml), only in white.


Price: from $0.30


product's name : Cosmetic acrylic jar
Description: An acrylic jar designed in the avocado colour with a double wall.

Price: from $0.25

Pot de crème PET Docshipper

Product's name : Cream jar with bamboo wooden lids
Description : A frosted clear PET plastic cosmetic wax wooden container available in different sizes (150ml 250g 250ml 8oz 500ml )

Price: from $2.00

flacon carré de vernis à ongles Docshipper

Product's name: Nail polish bottle
Description : Square nail polish bottle with caps and orange yellow brush bottle of fancy nail polish. Available in OEM.

Price: from $0.38


Product's name : Bamboo round gift boxes
Description : A transparent jar used for dried fruits. It's made out of PET plastic and available either in aluminium or plastic for the lid.

Price: from $0.20

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Top Packaging on Alibaba

Here are the best 5 selections of the most purchased items on the packaging sub-category.

Boîtes rondes en bambou pour brosse à dent Docshipper

Product's name : Bamboo Round Toothbrush Boxes
Description: Bamboo round gift is an eco-friendly box for toothbrushes. They are bio-degradable and can be gifted.


Price: from $0.8484

Boîte de rangement de luxe en bois arabe Docshipper

Product's name : Luxury Arabic Wooden Storage Box
Description : It's a luxurious wooden box for storage that looks very elegant and a good packaging for gifts.

Price: from $1.50

Boîte ronde en bois pour aliments Docshipper

Product's name : Round wooden box for food
Description du produit : A round wooden box that is ideal for placing plates of cold cuts, cheese or fruits.


Price: from $0,40

Boîte en bois de jeune pin pour l'emballage du vin Docshipper

Product's name : single wine bottle pine wooden box
Description: A wooden packaging for a single bottle of wine.

Price: from $2.15

Boîtes cadeaux à vin en bois Docshipper

Product's name : Wooden wine gift boxes
Description du produit :Luxury wine box designed in a piano lacquered MDF wood with a drinking vessel that can be given at dinner or as a gift for a birthday.


Price: from $5.00

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