Virtual reality will eventually become something as commonplace as mobile phones. Obviously, we're not going out on the street with virtual reality headsets, but we're going to change the way we interact on the network. Our moments of relaxation, which we currently use on a laptop or tablet to surf the net, will become moments of relaxation in a virtual world where we will have our own chair on which we will have arms connected, legs to be able to coordinate our movements in this new world. There are already gloves for interacting in the virtual world, like the famous scene from the movie Minority Report, where Tom Cruise uses his own hands to interact with holograms. Digital technology is growing exponentially and everything that now seems to be science fiction will come true sooner than we imagine.

Today, if you have to buy a product from an online store, you have to go to the category pages, then to the product page, and then add it to the cart. But do you think we are far from being able to enter the virtual stores, browse them, and take the products with our (virtual) hands? Obviously, the items will not be added to a basket as if you were in the supermarket in your neighborhood. The real experience will be enhanced in a virtual world. Purchasing products will be fun, automated customer service ...

The revolution began to democratize thanks to a project funded by Kickstarter and called Oculus. These were not the first virtual reality headsets, but the ones that had been most successful in getting themselves known. They have become the object to copy. And if the Chinese know how to do something, it is to copy and imitate the technological trends that are taking shape in the world.

Then Google Cardboard appeared. A simple foldable box, in which you can enter your mobile phone and by downloading the application, you can transform your mobile phone into a virtual reality headset. Obviously, the oculus in which the screen is integrated is not of the same quality and does not require any application to use the Google cardboard. And this is where the market starts to take shape, we have the high-end item to emulate called Oculus, and we have the most economical option called Google Cardboard. From there, the options and variants of Chinese manufacturers are almost endless. Let's make a list to see all the options.

Low-end virtual reality headset

The Chinese Google Cardboard

The Google Cardboard can be purchased on your website or through Amazon for 7.99 USD, shipping included if you are Amazon Premium.

The same Google box can be found on AliExpress for only 1.49 USD / unit, shipping costs also included.

It is the cheapest and most perfect option to experience what virtual reality is without having to spend a lot of money. But there is no doubt that the experience is not the same as if you were wearing glasses with a design perfectly suited to your face. To get a slightly better experience, we need to invest a few more dollars and make the jump to mid-range products ...

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We find on the 2 e-commerce reference: Amazon and AliExpress.

Mid-range virtual reality headset

China virtual reality headset for mobile


Here we are already entering a field where more variety exists. We continue with the range of products that use the mobile screen for virtual reality. And we operate in a range of 15 to 50 USD. Depending on the quality of the materials and extras included in the product (remote control, headphones, etc.). We must be very careful and check carefully whether the product includes a remote control or does not include it. In many cases, we will see the remote control on the product photo, but it does not appear anywhere in the description. Check carefully because the price difference is usually around $ 5.


BOBO VR (with Bluetooth remote control)

It is undoubtedly the number one sales in the range of virtual reality headset where you have to use your own mobile. It uses polarized lenses and includes a Bluetooth remote control so you can control the cell phone without having to get rid of it. The seller is completely reliable because more than 4,000 units have been sold to date and he obtained a score of 4.8 out of 5 on more than 1400 votes.

Remember that the order will take between 20 and 30 days if you live in Europe and between 35 and 40 days if you live in North America.

You should not have any customs problems because the product is less than 150 USD and you will therefore not pay any tariff or VAT. Although, as we have already mentioned in this blog, customs apply random checks and it is possible that, for the same article, one package is stopped and another identical one is not.

If you want the version without remote control, you can buy it on this link. Honestly, for a small price difference, the most practical is to use the remote control without removing your glasses. I recommend the version with remote control.

You can find the product on the following link: BOBO VR virtual reality headset (Aliexpress)



VR SHINECON (with Bluetooth remote control)

In the same price range, we find these virtual reality headsets with a black design. The VR Shinecon model is valid for mobiles with screens from 3.5 to 6 inches and, as for BOBO VR, we must insert our mobile to enjoy virtual reality.

To use this type of headset, you must download from the app store if you are using an iPhone or from the Google Play Store if you are using an Android device, the application that will transform videos and images optimized for the virtual reality headset.

These products work like permanent binoculars, in which you can adjust the distance of the lens to improve vision or the distance between the eyes. It also has rubber bands where we can perfectly adjust the glasses to the contour of our face.

The vast majority of mid-range glasses have a magnetic button, which is a simple magnet that is detected by most smartphones and makes it easier for you to interact with the viewfinder. Almost all virtual reality applications support this button.

We must keep in mind that the delivery time of these virtual reality headsets from China is between 20 and 40 days. This model is in the price limit so that the customs can stop it and you have to pay the corresponding VAT, but you will not have to pay any customs fees the price must be higher than 150 USD.

You can find the product on the following link: VR Shinecon virtual reality headset (Aliexpress)

VR-Shinecon-headset virtual reality

High-end virtual reality headset


It is the product category that has the most potential. These are the virtual reality headsets with an integrated screen and connected to your PC.

To meet these requirements, high-end virtual reality headsets must have a Windows personal computer and at least one NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD 290 card, which can generate the necessary 400 million pixels per second. A traditional game at 1080p and 60Hz uses 124 million pixels per second, while virtual reality headsets operate at resolutions of 2160 Ă— 1200 at 90Hz, in addition to the coordination of two screens (one for each eye). Let's see what the options are right now.


Deepoon E3

The DĂ‹EPOON brand aims to position itself on the high-end virtual reality market in China. There are 3 models on the market, the 3rd (the E3) being released recently. But let's focus on the model that differentiates them from the rest of virtual reality headsets. It is the only manufacturer in China that currently offers immersive virtual reality headsets similar to those of the Oculus. As we see on the Aliexpress site, sales are currently very low and the number of comments is insufficient to get a good idea of the quality of the glasses.

We must be aware of the developments in this company as they can set the trend in this area.

Do you want to go directly to the ad? Click on the following link: Deepoon VR (Aliexpress)

deepoon-headset virtual reality



In December 2014, this company ran a campaign on Kickstarter and managed to raise more than 260,000 USD thanks to its Antvr kit. The company has its own virtual reality headset, but the best part is that it stands out from the rest and relies on other tools that complement VR, such as joysticks and weapons for video games. This is undoubtedly one of the companies to follow because the style of the products is very well worked.

ANTVR-Aliexpress headset virtual reality


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Two fundamental aspects of this type of mid-range product that will make your virtual reality experience even more rewarding:

  • For a real experience, your cell phone must have a gyroscope. In other words, it should detect the movement of your head. With the Antutu app, we can check if our mobile phone is equipped with a gyroscope.
  • The screen resolution. Medium / low range mobile phones have a fairly limited screen resolution, so don't expect the same experience if you have a $20 laptops as if you have an iPhone or Samsung.

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