How to find the best Electric Scooter supplier in china?

How to find the best Electric Scooter supplier in china?

When it comes to the springing up of industry, with no exceptions there are two reasons: technology advancement creates new demands, and in return, demands give impetus to technology advancement.

As the core technologies of the electric scooter industry, which are Electric Motors, Electronic Control, and Batteries, are all mature and well-established subsystems that have not seen a disruptive industrial change in recent years, basically, the recent development of the Electric Scooter is principally driven by the demand.

So exactly where does this demand come from? And what exactly can Docshipper help you?

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DocShipper Tip: Check on a random Electric Scooter App and find people around you who are using it, you will know the massive usage and the boom of this industry.

Dockless shared E-Scooter Boom

According to the statistics from Grand View Research, the e-scooters market value was approximately USD18.6 billion in 2019 globally and is assumed to rise to an estimated USD 20.0 billion in 2020. As is shown in the picture: market share of the car(blue)/e-scooter(orange)/bike(green), people in many countries put e-scooters in use. As the Dockless Shared Bicycle from China shoot to frame in the world since 2015, this conception of "sharing" is popular worldwide when it comes to the transportation industry. Intelligent businessmen began to combine these two popular markets, consequently, we have Dockless shared E-scooter nowadays worldwide.


DocShipper Alert : Although this so-called sharing economy in China developed at a fast speed in the beginning. The consequences which were brought by the dockless shared bike are severe as thousands of bikes are stolen or broken, which lying on the grass. So if you would like to invest in this business, remember there are risks to take as well.

Dockless shared E-scooter in the USA

Dockless shared E-scooter in USA

Sources: Lime, Lyft, Jump, Scoot, Spin provided launch dates, Bird launch dates from media reports.

As a matter of fact, there is an e-scooter boom in the USA which occupied about at least 71 cities since 2018 according to NBC News.  Among the top 10 major cities where the e-scooters are burst out in the streets, more than half of which are located in the US. Taking Denver for example, the premier significant report of this city about the Dockless Program suggests that people use dockless shared e-scooters through the control in their mobile phones nearly 5,000 times per day on average in Denver. On the purpose of boosting the fast-growing industry, this Program gives permission to companies like Lyft and Uber to provide e-scooters in the pavements and streets.



DocShipper Tip: According to an e-scooter brand, it targets the European markets as the main goal from this year, owing to the fact that the e-scooter is much more environmentally friendly than other transportations. As it's acknowledged that ecology is what to the Europeans matters most.

Renowned e-scooter brands

E-scooters brands in China

DocShipper Tip: These specific products, for instance, Mi Electric Scooter, are frequently out of stock in some regions, if you can't get the product you want, remember to contact with Docshipper to help you from A to Z.

Comparisons within different brands

As we have already listed various prestigious brands, Docshipper has made comparisons among some specific products belonging to the brands above. Remember to check them before your decision to pick one for yourself! Once you have any questions, contact us immediately.

comparisons within different brands e-scooters


Existing circumstances of e-scooter

Despite that electric scooter is trendy nowadays, it has been a contentious issue owing to the fact that it occasionally triggered transportation problems. According to a report in the US, 80% of accidents are due to falling from a scooter, considering the population who use e-scooter is a large entity, that's a massive number. And 12% of unfortunate incidents happen as a result is struck by a moving vehicle, the left 8% is due to strike by a moving object.

accidents cause by e-scooter

Source: vision-techniques

Noticing this phenomenon, governments start to initiate regulations as well as sanctions to get this back on track. Based on which the average maximum speed is 25km/h, with some adjustments when it comes to different countries, and other rules as no headphones as well as sidewalks prohibition, etc… Fines are varied according to different regions, so remember to check all the regulations before your purchase. If you have trouble finding the sanctions and rules, do not hesitate to contact us!
electric scooter laws around the world

Source: The Comprehensive Guide to Electric Scooter Laws


The supplier of E-Scooter in China

Direct supplier of e-scooter


Finding e-scooter online

Finding e-scooter with a sourcing agent

The company listed above are all outstanding Chinese electric scooter suppliers with experienced histories while at the same time affordable. Apparently it would be a fierce competition to win a cooperative relationship working with them, but don't be anxious about it, Docshipper can help you! Our Objective for the customer:  Focus on your marketing/sales, let us handle the rest. we built our business model about the fact to assist customer on all the product cycle involving sourcing services, shipping services as well as distribution services and are competent to assist you from A to Z. Contact us now!

Regulation for importing E-scooters

Regulation for importing E-scooters in the USA

Conditions for the e-scooters

Normally, the speed of e-scooter is required to be not exceeded than 20 mph, however, people can still import those who go beyond 20 mph under the condition that the products qualify some certain rules. Electric Scooters should not possess brake lights, turning signals, horn as well as mirrors and should be declared as Off-Road use instead of Public Roads.

Customs and other fills included

Firstly, the ISF Filing is obliged to be ready within 24 hours of loading on the vessel. Then the US Customs Entry Declaration required to be filed before your products are just about to give payment to the import duty and receive customs clearance. Remember to contact us if you can't figure these complicated procedures! Contact us.

Regulation for importing E-scooters in Europe

High duties imposition on Chinese electric products

Along with the trade war between the USA and China, Europe imposes steep duties on Chinese products for the motivation of anti-dumping. Among Chinese electric products, the recent duties have already reached around 79.3%, causing the price of electric products to go up sharply. Nonetheless, some specific exporters, accounting to half of all the exporters, obtain a lower duty, since they voluntarily offer information to the EU Commission to prove themselves. Importers should take this into consideration before purchasing.

Basic rules of E-scooter in Europe

To begin with, the maximum speed of the e-scooters should be less than 25 km/h, under the condition of driving it on the public roads. Since 1 July 2020, all the e-scooters show up on the streets should adhere to the rules which are possessing front and rear lights, a bell as to inform the pedestrians, and among all, a braking system is obligatory as well. The official website for more information.

How to ship electric scooter from China


Primarily, three measures of transportation can be taken in order to accomplish an international shipment. The cost of transportation from Asia to the EU adjusts from various approaches according to the figures above: Airfreight takes the shortest time while being the most expensive one; rail freight is of average cost and time; sea freight is the cheapest one but takes around three times than air freight. With a website like Ali Express and other platforms, nowadays it can be as convenient at the same time as competitive to collaborate with a Chinese supplier. Then how can we cope with these obstacles? A perceptive company will choose a way that is both affordable as well as speedy.


Docshipper Tip: Always remember that Docshipper is here to provide professional and customized response to deal with every impediments you encounter.

• Sea Freight
• Air Freight
• Rail Freight

Documents needed to import E-scooter from China

Import declaration form

This is a form used by importers to make an explanation to the customs about the attributes, quantities, and other details of products. Here we will go through the information in turns. 1) The quantity of e-scooters, which should inform the exact numbers in a very precise way. 2) The expense of the shipment, in which you have to figure out accurately since it concerns the taxes and the duties will be imposed when importing. 3) Freight Category. The specific freight of your e-scooters should be implied so as to be listed in different classifications of your cargo and the taxation as well. 4) Quality, since varied qualifications are expected when it comes to different countries. This will demonstrate if you achieve the determined quality standard.

Certificate of conformity

Certificate of conformity, sometimes quoted as "COC". As we mentioned above, there are certain quality standard are obligatory. As a result, importers need to provide COC to demonstrate that they have achieved the quality and safety requirements.


To import electric scooters from China, a packing-list is also a necessity, which should include the outer package, the weight and number in metric tons..Apart from that, the length, width and height of the coverage also needs clarifications.

packing list


Commercial invoice

This should be complied with as packing list, supporting the packing list as well. The subtotal, freight cost and insurance cost will also be included in this file. But here is a tip for you: Just copy and paste from your packing list will be a most advantageous way to steer clear of the mistakes.

Bill of Lading

This functions as a proof between the carrier and the shipper for the purpose of dealing with the rights and obligations of the parties during the carriage, which should include the importers' name and the name of the senders as well as the destination. It is a basis for dealing with various problems in the future.

connaissement maritime


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