choosing between OEM and ODM

Choosing Between OEM and ODM: A Decision-Maker’s Guide

If you are planning on launching a new product or making improvements on an existing one but you don't have enough expertise, budget, or time to manufacture all the needed components, you might consider using an OEM or ODM service.

In the manufacturing industry, OEM and ODM are two distinct processes. OEM involves designing and producing a product for another company's brand, while ODM consists in designing and manufacturing a product for another company's brand. This article will explore the differences between OEM and ODM and their respective advantages and considerations for companies choosing between the two.

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MOQ guide

All you need to know about Minimum Order Quantity MOQ and how to negotiate it

In any business, inventory is usually a business's greatest advantage. You would like to have sufficient of it to ensure that you are able to meet demand, although not a great deal that you simply cannot sell through it. Buying raw materials or even inventory is not constantly as easy. You don't only have to locate a company that sells the proper supplies at the proper price tag, but also one which enables you to purchase an ideal quantity of products.

A lot of companies institute the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) to help you to commit to purchasing plenty so that they could be cost-effective in production and create an income. It is exactly why you purchase a dozen eggs at a time instead of an individual egg at the same time. Negotiating MOQs with your suppliers can be difficult, which is why at DocShipper we offer a sourcing service that includes negotiating with suppliers. 

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find manufacturer product online store

How to Find Manufacturers for your eCommerce products?

Starting an eCommerce business can be an exciting and rewarding venture, but finding the suitable suppliers can be daunting. Your suppliers are critical in ensuring that your products are high-quality and delivered on time, which can directly impact your business's success.

With so many options available, it's important to know how to navigate the supplier search process and find the right partners for your business.

In this blog post, we'll walk you through the key steps to finding suppliers for your eCommerce products, including how to determine your product needs, identify potential suppliers, evaluate and compare suppliers, and negotiate and finalize supplier relationships.

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10 Best gifts for Valentine’s Day on Alibaba

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show your partner how much you appreciate them. 

However, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift that suits their tastes and needs.

Fortunately, Alibaba has a wide selection of Valentine's Day gifts, including everything from classics like the mug to more creative and original options.

Here, DocShipper introduces the top 10 Valentine's Day gifts available on Alibaba. 


Let's discover together the best choices to celebrate the love day.

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Top 50 Amazon best selling Items in January 2023

Amazon is the world's largest online marketplace. Anything you're looking for will be available on Amazon! As a sourcing expert, DocShipper gives you a list of the Top 50 Amazon bestsellers of January. In terms of quality, size, delivery time, and many other factors, online shopping can be risky, however DocShipper experts will be glad to assist you during your whole sourcing process by providing you with quality advices and tips to find the most suitable supplier and product according to your needs.

50 quality products are offered to you by DocShipper for January 2023 to help yu to roadmap your sourcing and acquisition process from Amazon!

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procurement supply chain trends

13 new procurement and sourcing trends shaping 2023 and beyond

It’s the beginning of 2023, and it is time to consider the trends that will be integrated into the procurement world this year. This article will also talk about 2022’s issues and the changes made to lead these trends in 2023. 

The pandemic had a huge impact on history, the consequences are still present, and they probably expose other consequences such as the escalating fuel costs on supply chain logistics. 

These facts are well known in Docshipper, who is a procurement agent dedicated to helping companies and individuals with their sourcing needs, and the company is able to manage the entire product cycle from A to Z on behalf of our international clients.

We have collected 13 new procurement and sourcing trends to project yourself into 2023 ! 

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13 Trending Products to buy from Alibaba in 2023

Alibaba is a huge marketplace where you can find anything at unbeatable prices. That is why so many retailers source their products from Asian manufacturers on Alibaba which is the leader in Asia. It is easier to generate profit from low-cost items purchased.

As sourcing experts, we understand how difficult it can be to find a good product that is both profitable and trendy in such a large marketplace. We looked for popular products that you can easily resell for a profit in 2023 to help you with this critical stage.

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E-commerce How do I Source Products to Sell Online

E-commerce: How do I Source Products to Sell Online?

Sourcing products to sell can be a real challenge may it be through online or offline channels. You have to make the right decisions in business because you never know how much a mistake can cost you and your business. Therefore, you must choose carefully who you do your business with. It might affect your running costs and profits.

Many businesses hire eCommerce development services to do their bidding for them. The experts guide online store owners on how to navigate through the uncharted waters of the eCommerce industry. And to attain success in business, you must be able to sell your product online. But from where you can source these products?

Well, a wide range of options is available for you to choose from. But you have to keep one thing in mind and that is, whatever channel and supplier you choose to source products to sell online, it must comply with your business values and mission statement. Then and only then will your business grow otherwise, you will be facing a lot of troubles and setbacks.

Now, what are those options you ask? Well, in this article, we are going to discuss them. So, analyze each one thoroughly and choose wisely.  But first, let us discuss what product sourcing means.

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[Top 20] Best Christmas Gifts and Decorations on Alibaba

[Top 20] Best Christmas Gifts and Decorations on Alibaba

Christmas is just around the corner, now that it is officially December. Preparing for the Christmas season involves not only putting up the Christmas tree, but also putting garlands around the mantels and creating cheerful tables. If you're just starting to put together your Christmas gift list, it can seem daunting. We've put together a guide to the best decorating items and gifts for everyone on your list to simplify your Christmas shopping. Keep reading below to start crossing items off your Christmas gift list!

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Why Alibaba's Cheap Prices aren't real

Are Alibaba’s cheap prices legit? 6 reasons they’re not

The marketplace has grown significantly as a recent phenomenon and is now a crucial aspect of the world's consumer environment. Each of the main online retailers has its own platform.

Among the major global players in e-commerce, we find the Chinese giant Alibaba which offers a multitude of products at cheap prices and allows you to connect directly with the supplier or manufacturer in China.

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