How to Improve The Shipping Process in International Trade?

How to Improve The Shipping Process in International Trade?

Still have concerns about improving the shipping process? This article is made for you...

As we all know, being in the international trade industry, it’s inevitable to find the ultimate optimization of the whole purchase-sell process. While for a part of the cycle, such as the shipping process, there're still chances to make it go more smoothly. Given the inquiries we've received these days, due to the impact of COVID-19, the varied regulations to each region have made the shipping process more complicated and troublesome.

No matter what kind of issue you're facing or will encounter in the future, don't be too stressed, anything couldn't kill you always makes you stronger! Keeping reading,  Let's figure the potential issues during the shipping process and tackle them one by one.

How is a normal shipping process like?


Before we start to tackle problems in the shipping process, let's review a bit of the whole normal shipping process.

Built on the basis that you've had the stable supplier in your importing place, once the offer between you and your clients has been settled, the supplier will manufacture the requested products on time and inform you. Then usually the courier service will transport the goods to the warehouse to pack into containers before going to the port, then hand over the prepared documents to the freight when loading the containers at the origin port. After the 3-4 months of ocean transporting, passing the border, there would be an export customs clearance there. The freight will arrive at the destination port. With the necessary documents, unpacked goods will be sent through the import customs clearance. Next, the goods will be transferred to the distribution center waiting for being delivered.

So in a nutshell, a normal shipping process will contain six phases:

Shipping process

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What regular problems do you encounter most in a shipping process?

As we mentioned above, there are six phases of shipping service. We'll start to find common issues from the most 3 crucial and complicated respects: settling shipping orders, customer searching and custom clearance. Clearly, the essence of three important phases is all about the communication- between suppliers, between clients and between relevant authorities. Don't be afraid of investing time on that, after all, the time is for consuming but only being valuable on something serving for the ultimate purpose.

 How to tackle the problems one by one in a shipping process?

The improvement is built on the basis of the right solutions regarding specific issues. As long as we've inspected the stakeholders and the regular problems happening in the shipping process, the priority is not to think from the surface, is to dig deeper to touch the behind reasons. Given what we've mentioned above, the main factors are all about COMMUNICATION and RESPONSIBILITY. Based on that, what we suggest is a rule: always assure that you make your point clear enough in a conversation, and find the person in charge when anything goes wrong.


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