How to Improve The Shipping Process in International Trade?

How to Improve The Shipping Process in International Trade?

Still have concerns about improving the shipping process? This article is made for you...

As we all know, being in the international trade industry, it’s inevitable to find the ultimate optimization of the whole purchase-sell process. While for a part of the cycle, such as the shipping process, there're still chances to make it go more smoothly. Given the inquiries we've received these days, due to the impact of COVID-19, the varied regulations to each region have made the shipping process more complicated and troublesome.

No matter what kind of issue you're facing or will encounter in the future, don't be too stressed, anything couldn't kill you always makes you stronger! Keeping reading,  Let's figure the potential issues during the shipping process and tackle them one by one.

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the way to find the best supplier

How to find the best supplier?

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top amazon september

Top 50 Best Sellers Amazon [September 2021]

With a wide selection of items in big numbers, Amazon is one of the greatest places to start a business. In reality, it's frequently the phase at which your company's success is determined. However, it is possible that some items are of lower quality or even less interesting than we may expect.

And in order to help your business grow, DocShipper has prepared a list of the top 50 Amazon bestsellers for September 2021.

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useful tips choose product to sell in dropshipping

Useful tips for choosing a product to sell in dropshipping

The choice of the product in dropshipping is very important because it is a very popular business model and therefore, consequently, there is a lot of competition.

Dropshippers, to get noticed and be successful in the market, must choose very well the products they sell and how they market their products.

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everything about shipping costs for importing from china

Everything about shipping costs for importing from China

How does the transport from China to your company work?

When you decide to import products from China, you think that there are not many expenses on transport costs to be made and instead you have to evaluate many other costs that we will present in this article.

To calculate the transport costs you need to know how the transport from China to your company works and the different expenses you will have to do to make the transport.

What are the transport prices from the warehouse to the port?

When we talk about freight charges, we mean the shipping costs from the port of shipment to the port of destination in the buyer's country and are balanced on the local taxes paid in the destination port, but also on the volume and weight of the containers.

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What is a Marketplace?

The traditional Marketplace consisted of collecting numerous sellers and buyers in order to optimize the selected characteristics and also optimise the purchase procedures through e-procurement.
Nowadays, the Marketplace is witnessing a rapid and continuous evolvement joining the internet with a new concept. It is now defined as the client space that reserves websites for independent merchants. But nothing comes for free. Sellers on these platforms have to transfer commissions for the owners of the platform.
In this article, we will be explaining everything you need to know about the marketplace and the advantages it had to offer.

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Best ways to find a good supplier on ALIEXPRESS

Best ways to find a good supplier on Aliexpress

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the international trade July news

International trade July 2021 News [Procurement – Logistics – Compliance]

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TOP 50 best sellers Amazon Feb 2021

Top 50 best sellers Amazon [FEBRUARY 2021]

Top 5 categories for February 2021

In this article, DocShipper informs you about Amazon's Top 50 Best Sellers. We made the ranking of the best sales and sellers of Amazon for the month of February 2021. Indeed, these are the five best categories for the month of February 2021 following: Mobile Phones and Accessories, Home and Kitchen, Sports and Outdoor, Office Products, and Toys and Games.

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