Find suppliers in wholesale markets in China [Complete Guide]

Find suppliers in wholesale markets in China [Complete Guide]

In today's global marketplace, China stands tall as one of the foremost producers and exporters of a wide array of products. With its thriving economy, vast labor force, and rich tradition of trade, China has carved out a significant role in shaping the world's supply chains. From electronics to textiles, from machinery to consumer goods, China's manufacturing prowess is truly impressive.

When we talk about sourcing products, China emerges as an exceptional destination. The numbers speak for themselves. Every year, the country generates an astonishing turnover from its exports, making it a powerhouse in global trade.

Market concentration is another key factor that sets China apart. Here, you'll find not just a single market or a few scattered shops, but entire districts and cities dedicated to specific industries. Whether you're in search of electronics, clothing, accessories, or any other product category, China has something to offer. 

This article is a complete and comprehensive guide composed of 10 pins and 11 wholesale markets to help you easily find a supplier in China wholesale market.

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10 biggest wholesale markets in China

In the upcoming part, we'll feature the 10 pins of China's wholesale market, emphasizing their importance as central hubs for trade and business activities. Sourcing products from China from these vibrant markets covers a wide range of goods, including electronics, fabrics, agricultural products, and industrial machinery, underscoring China's strong economy and its influence on the global stage.


Yiwu markets

The Yiwu International Trade Market is situated in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, eastern China. Yiwu is known as the “Commodity City” and is well-connected to major cities and transportation networks.

The market is one of the largest wholesale markets in the world. It comprises multiple buildings and sections, each specializing in different product categories. It’s divided into various districts, with each district catering to specific product categories such as textiles, accessories, electronics, toys, crafts, home goods, and more. This specialization allows buyers to easily locate and source the products they are interested in.

For the Yiwu wholesale market, according to the Yiwu market guide, here are some key figures to remember that made the market gain international recognition and become a key destination for buyers and traders.

Area 5 millions square meters
Main industries 17
Sub-industries 90,000
Products 42,000
Individual booths and stalls 75,000
Different Countries visitors 200


The Yiwu Market is home to booths and stalls operated by numerous suppliers and manufacturers. A significant portion of the products sold at the Yiwu Market are destined for export. It plays a crucial role in the global supply chain by connecting manufacturers with international buyers.

Moreover, Yiwu has embraced technology, and an online platform complements the physical market. This digital marketplace allows buyers to browse and connect with suppliers remotely, enhancing convenience and accessibility.


Guangdong Markets

“Guangdong Market” is a general term that could refer to various markets within the Guangdong Province of China, which is a major economic hub and a manufacturing powerhouse. 

It’s located in the southern part of China, with its capital city being Guangzhou. It shares borders with Hong Kong and Macau, making it a strategic gateway for international trade.

Guangdong is one of the most economically developed provinces in China and is often referred to as the “Factory of the World.” It plays a pivotal role in China's export-oriented manufacturing sector and has been a driving force behind China's economic growth.

Guangdong is home to a multitude of wholesale markets, especially in cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Foshan. These markets specialize in various products, catering to both domestic and international buyers. Moreover, ports like Guangzhou and Shenzhen are vital hubs for importing and exporting goods.

According to research HKTDC, here are some key figures in 2022 in the following table:

Exports value Imports value
$683 millions USD $396 millions USD


Guangzhou markets

Guangzhou is the capital city of Guangdong Province and is one of the major economic and trading hubs in southern China. It is strategically located on the Pearl River Delta, making it a key player in international trade.

Guangzhou has a rich history as a trading port dating back centuries. It was one of the earliest ports to engage in foreign trade and played a significant role in the historic Maritime Silk Road. It is globally home to a variety of wholesale markets that cater to different industries and products. These markets serve as crucial trading hubs for both domestic and international buyers.

The Guangzhou International Textile City

The Guangzhou International Textile city  is a prominent market specializing in textiles and fabrics. It offers a wide range of fabrics, clothing materials, accessories, and fashion items.

The Zhanxi Leather Market

Zhanxi Leather market is renowned for its leather goods, including bags, shoes, belts, and accessories. It is a prime destination for leather-related products.

Guangzhou in numbers

According to Major Social and Economic Indicators (2022), here are some key figures from 2022. 

Exports value Imports value
$84.95 billion USD $65.19 billion USD


Shandong markets

As for the Shandong Market, the city is a coastal province located in the eastern part of China, bordering the Yellow Sea to the east. It has a strategic position in the country's economic landscape and is known for its historical and cultural significance.

Shandong is one of China's economically developed provinces and plays a vital role in various industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, and trade.

Shandong has a diverse industrial base, encompassing sectors such as machinery, chemicals, textiles, electronics, and food processing. The province is also a major producer of agricultural products. 

Shandong key figures

According to Research HKTDC, here are some key numbers from 2021.  

Exports value Imports value
$200 millions USD $133 millions USD


Jiangxi markets

Jiangxi is an inland located in southeastern China. It has experienced economic growth and development in recent years by focusing on modernizing its industries. 

Nanchang, the capital city of Jiangxi, is an important economic and trade center. It has a growing industrial base and hosts various trade fairs and exhibitions.

Jiangxi has been working on improving its transportation network, including highways, railways, and airports, to facilitate trade and connectivity and trades. 

The city has numerous local markets that cater to various products, including agricultural produce, handicrafts, textiles, and consumer goods. These markets are significant for both local trade and tourism.

 Jiangxi key figures

According to OEC World, here are some key numbers from 2022.  

Exports value Imports value
$76.8 billion USD $24.5 billion USD


Hebei markets

Hebei is a northern coastal province in China, surrounding the capital city, Beijing. It has a strategic geographical location, bordering the Bohai Sea to the east.

It plays a crucial role in China's economy, given its proximity to Beijing and its role as a vital industrial and transportation hub.

Hebei has a significant manufacturing sector, producing a wide range of products, including steel, textiles, machinery, chemicals, and electronics. As well as the steel industry and agriculture. 

Hebei also benefits from its proximity to Beijing and its well-developed transportation network, including highways, railways, and ports. Its strategic location and industrial capabilities have led to active foreign trade relations, with a focus on exporting manufactured goods.

Hebei key figures

According to OEC World, here are some key numbers from 2022.  

Exports value Imports value
$51.2 billion USD $33.4 billion USD


Shenzhen markets

Shenzhen is a dynamic metropolis located in the southern part of China, neighboring Hong Kong, and is one of the most interesting city in China because of its history. 

It holds a special status as China's first Special Economic Zone (SEZ), established in 1980 to attract foreign investment and promote economic reforms.

Shenzhen has rapidly evolved from a fishing village into a global economic powerhouse and a major hub for technology, manufacturing, and trade. It's often referred to as the “Silicon Valley of China” due to its tech innovation. 

Its manufacturing sector spans various industries, including electronics, textiles, garments, plastics, and toys. Its manufacturing prowess is a driving force behind global supply chains.

Shenzhen is a key player in international trade, with bustling ports like Shekou and Yantian handling significant cargo volumes. It's a gateway for importing and exporting goods.

Shenzhen key figures

According to Statista, here are some key numbers from 2022.  

Exports value Imports value
$300.93 billion USD $200 billion USD


Jiangsu markets

Jiangsu is a coastal province situated in eastern China. It is one of the most developed and prosperous provinces in the country, with a strong economy and diverse industries.

Jiangsu has a well-rounded industrial base encompassing sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, services, and technology. It is known for its contributions to textiles, electronics, machinery, chemicals, and more.

This city is also a major player in China's foreign trade landscape, with active import and export activities through its ports and economic zones.

  • As the capital of Jiangsu Province, Nanjing is a prominent city with a rich historical and cultural heritage. It serves as an economic, educational, and administrative center.
  • Suzhou is renowned for its economic achievements and cultural attractions. It's a hub for industries like electronics, textiles, and manufacturing, as well as being famous for its classical gardens and traditional arts.

Jiangsu is a hub for advanced manufacturing, with a focus on high-tech industries, research, and development.

Its transportation infrastructure, including its ports, railways, and highways, supports the efficient movement of goods and contributes to its trade capabilities.

Jiangsu's markets reflect the province's economic dynamism, industrial diversification, and cultural richness. The province's strategic location, modern infrastructure, and focus on innovation have established it as a significant player in China's economic landscape and global trade.


Nanjing is a major commercial center in Jiangsu and has various wholesale markets for products like textiles, clothing, electronics, and more


Suzhou is known for its silk industry and has wholesale markets specializing in silk fabrics and related products.


Wuxi also has various wholesale markets, particularly for textiles, clothing, and fabrics.

Here are some key figures According to Resarch HKDC of the value of the wholesale markets in Jiangsu in 2021.

Exports value Imports value 
$368 millions USD $222 millions USD


Zhejiang markets

Zhejiang is a coastal province located in southeastern China, known for its robust economy and thriving private sector. 

Zhejiang has a strong tradition of private entrepreneurship and small-scale manufacturing. Many successful businesses and industries have emerged from the province.

  • Wenzhou, a city in Zhejiang, is famous for the "Wenzhou Model" of economic development, characterized by its private enterprises, vibrant markets, and entrepreneurial spirit.

The city of Zhejiang has embraced technology and e-commerce, with companies like Alibaba contributing to the province's economic growth and global influence.

 Zhejiang key figures

According to OEC World, here are some key numbers from 2022. 

Exports value Imports value
$516 billion USD $3189 billion USD


Hangzhou markets

Hangzhou is the capital city of Zhejiang Province, located in southeastern China. It holds strategic importance as a major economic, cultural, and technological hub.

Hangzhou is very interesting because it is a global e-commerce hub, hosting the headquarters of Alibaba Group, one of the world's largest e-commerce companies. This has led to the growth of various online and tech-related businesses in the city.

Hangzhou's diverse economy encompasses sectors such as textiles, electronics, machinery, chemicals, and services. The city's markets play a role in both domestic and international trade.

  • Historic association with silk production and the city is known for its Silk Market, where visitors can find a range of silk products and textiles.

Hangzhou key figures

According to Tianmu News, here are some key numbers from 2022.  

Exports value Imports value
$47 billion USD $17 billion USD

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Chinese wholesale markets by industry

Here are the 11 specialized suppliers catering to diverse needs, spanning electronics, clothing, home goods, and industrial materials. Each business owner should pay attention to how to find a reliable supplier in this huge marketplace.

Yiwu Cosmetics market

Yiwu cosmetics market

Yiwu cosmetics market offers a diverse range of cosmetics products, including skincare, makeup, haircare, fragrances, and personal care items. China is a leading global manufacturer of cosmetics products. 

The cosmetics wholesale market in Yiwu offers a wide range of beauty and personal care products, including makeup, skincare products, hair care products, beauty tools, perfumes, nail products, and more.

The market consists of numerous shops, stalls, and booths where wholesalers, retailers, and traders can browse and purchase products in bulk. It's a bustling and vibrant place where you can find a diverse selection of cosmetic products. The main point is that Yiwu's well-developed logistics and shipping infrastructure make it convenient for businesses to transport goods domestically and internationally.

China’s wholesale clothing market in Guangzhou

With more than 10 000 clothing wholesale shops and thousands of suppliers, Guangzhou is known of the Zhanxi Clothing Wholesale Market and the "Baima Clothing Wholesale Market." These markets offer a wide variety of clothing items, ranging from casual wear to formal attire, accessories, and more.

Zhanxi Fabric Market

Zhanxi Fabric Market

The largest fabric wholesale market in China is the Guangzhou International Textile City, often referred to as the Zhanxi Fabric Market. It offers an extensive selection of fabrics, ranging from traditional textiles to modern materials, catering to various industries such as fashion, apparel, home textiles, and more.

The concentration of suppliers in a single location streamlines the sourcing process, saving time and effort for businesses looking to find suitable fabrics for their production needs.

The main advantage here is that many suppliers in the market offer eco-friendly and sustainable fabric choices, aligning with the growing demand for environmentally conscious sourcing.

Also, Its strategic location, well-developed transportation infrastructure, and proximity to major ports make it a convenient hub for sourcing and distributing fabrics.

The market offers an extensive range of fabrics, including silk, cotton, wool, linen, synthetic materials, lace, embroidery, sequins, and more. You can find fabrics suitable for casual wear, formal attire, sportswear, and various other purposes.

China furniture wholesale market

China's furniture wholesale market offers a diverse selection of furniture items, including indoor and outdoor furniture, home furnishings, office furniture, hospitality furniture, and more. 

The country hosts several large furniture wholesale markets in cities like Foshan, Guangzhou, and Shanghai. These markets typically comprise multiple buildings or areas, each specializing in different types of furniture or materials.

Lecong International Furniture Market 

  • Lecong International Furniture Market  is one of the largest and most famous furniture markets in Foshan. It is often referred to as the “Furniture Wholesale Center” and is divided into many sections, each focusing on different types of furniture. 

The Louvre Furniture Exhibition Center

  • The Louvre Furniture Exhibition Center is a high-end furniture market that showcases luxurious and designer furniture pieces. It caters to buyers looking for more upscale and unique furniture designs.

Red Star Macalline Furniture Mall

  • Red Star Macalline Furniture Mall is one of the largest and most well-known furniture malls in Shanghai. It houses a vast array of furniture products, including home furniture, office furniture, and home decor items. Red Star Macalline is known for its modern and contemporary designs.

Sunshine International Home Furnishing Plaza

  • Sunshine International Home Furnishing Plaza is a popular destination for home furnishing products, including furniture, textiles, and accessories. It's located in the Hongqiao area of Shanghai and offers a variety of furniture styles.

Hongqiao Furniture Market

  • Hongqiao Furniture Market area and offers a mix of modern and classic furniture options. It's a good place to explore a range of furniture styles.

China hardware wholesale market

China hardware wholesale market

China's hardware wholesale markets offer an extensive array of hardware products, including tools, machinery, fasteners, construction materials, plumbing supplies, electrical equipment, and more.

They can be found in various cities and regions, with prominent ones located in cities like Guangzhou, Yiwu, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Ningbo.

China home decor wholesale market

China's home decor wholesale markets offer a diverse array of products, including furniture, textiles, decorative accessories, lighting, wall art, rugs, and more, catering to different interior design styles and consumer preferences.

China's home decor wholesale markets can be found in major cities like Guangzhou, Shanghai, Yiwu, Shenzhen, and Beijing, as well as in specialized clusters within specific regions.

Result of a competitive pricing: 

  • Efficient supply chains
  • Economies of scale
  • Competitive supplier landscape 

The sourcing process is also streamlined by the presence of many home decor vendors in a single market location.

Participating in trade shows, exhibitions, and industry events within China's home decor wholesale markets facilitates networking opportunities, connecting businesses with manufacturers, designers, and industry experts.

China jewelry wholesale market

China jewelry wholesale market

China's jewelry wholesale markets are regularly found in major cities such as Guangzhou, Yiwu, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing, known for their manufacturing prowess and trade networks.

Prices for a variety of jewelry products are frequently competitive as a result of effective supply chains, economies of scale, and a competitive supplier landscape.

Reputable suppliers in these areas follow quality control guidelines to guarantee that jewelry products satisfy standards set by the industry and continue to be of the desired caliber.

Shanghai International Jewelry Exchange Center

Shanghai International Jewelry Exchange Center is Located in Shanghai's Hongqiao area, this center focuses on diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals. It's a hub for both wholesale and retail jewelry trading.

Qingdao Jimo Jewelry City

Qingdao Jimo Jewelry City is Situated in Qingdao, this market specializes in freshwater pearls and pearl jewelry. It's a significant center for pearl trading and sourcing.

Shenyang Jewelry City

Shenyang Jewelry City is Located in Shenyang, Liaoning province, this market is known for its wide variety of jewelry products, ranging from traditional to modern designs.

Wuzhou International Gem and Jewelry Market

Wuzhou International Gem and Jewelry Market is found in Wuzhou, Guangxi province, this market is a major hub for synthetic gemstones and cubic zirconia. It's particularly known for its gemstone-related products.

China ladies’ clothes wholesale market

China ladies clothes wholesale market

China is a leader in worldwide fashion manufacturing, renowned for its successful production procedures, adaptable design processes, and economical manufacturing techniques.

Many clothing manufacturers in China provide customization services, allowing businesses to request specific designs, colors, sizes, and fabrics for women's clothing products.

Shenzhen Bao’an International Trade Center

Shenzhen has a bustling wholesale market for textiles and garments, and the Bao'an International Trade Center is a key location for sourcing ladies' fashion items.

Qipu Road Clothing Market – Shanghai

Qipu Road Clothing Market is a famous wholesale market in Shanghai. It's known for its affordable prices and a wide range of clothing options, including ladies' wear.

China Toys wholesale market

China toys wholesale market

China is a leader in toy production and is famous for its inventiveness, quality assurance, and efficient production techniques. Prices for a wide variety of toys are frequently favorable due to the competitive supplier landscape and economies of scale.

As for proximity, many toy wholesale markets are situated near manufacturing centers and transportation hubs, facilitating and allowing efficient shipping and distribution of toy products.

Toys and gifts market in Guangzhou is where you can find an extensive range of toys, gifts, stationery, and novelty items.

The Canton Fair, officially known as the China Import and Export Fair, is held biannually in Guangzhou. It is one of the largest trade fairs in the world, attracting a diverse range of exhibitors and buyers. Moreover, due to its historical trade significance, Guangzhou has a strong network of trade relations with countries worldwide. The city's diverse population and cultural exchange contribute to its international business environment.

Electronics wholesale market in China

China's electronics wholesale market offers a vast array of products:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Gadgets
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Accessories
  • Video equipment
  • Smart home devices

Electronic City and the Pacific Computer City 

Markets like the Guangzhou Electronic City and the Pacific Computer City are notable for their wide selection of electronics, gadgets, and computer accessories.

Tianhe Computer City 

Tianhe Computer City is a well-known electronics and IT market located in the Tianhe District of Guangzhou. It is a hub for computer-related products, including hardware, software, accessories, and gadgets. The market consists of several interconnected buildings with numerous shops and stalls offering a wide range of computer and technology items. It's a popular destination for businesses and individuals looking for computer components, laptops, peripherals, and more.

Pacific Computer City 

While there might not be a specific "Pacific Computer City" in Guangzhou, you could potentially be referring to a local commercial area that is known for computer and electronics products. Keep in mind that commercial names and areas might change or become more widely recognized after my last update.

Huaqiangbei Commercial Street 

It's worth mentioning Huaqiangbei Commercial Street in Shenzhen. This is a renowned electronics market that offers an overwhelming variety of electronic components, gadgets, and devices. It's often referred to as a hub for electronics and technology enthusiasts.

Imitation jewelry wholesale market in China

character of the counterfeit jewelry business is a result of these elements as well as China's superior manufacturing capabilities and effective trading ecology.

Yiwu International Trade Market

As said before, Yiwu International Trade Market is known for being one of the largest wholesale market in the country so naturally you will find imitation jewelry.

Guangzhou Liwan Plaza

Guangzhou Liwan Plaza is a prominent wholesale market in Guangzhou that specializes in jewelry and accessories. It is known for offering a wide range of imitation jewelry options.

Beijing Silk Street Market

Also known as Xiushui Street Market, this market in Beijing specializes in various products, including jewelry, clothing, and accessories. It's particularly known for its imitation jewelry and fashion accessories.

Within the picture below, you can discover other wholesale markets in China.

Wholesale markets distribution in China


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The advantages of China wholesale markets

  • Variety and Choice: China wholesale markets are known for its extensive range of furniture products. Buyers can find a wide variety of styles, designs, materials, and price points to suit their specific needs.
  • Competitive Pricing: China is a global manufacturing hub, which often leads to competitive pricing for products. Bulk purchasing from wholesale markets can result in cost savings, making it attractive for businesses looking to stock up on furniture inventory.
  • Customization Options: Many wholesale suppliers in China offer customization services. Buyers can often request modifications in design, dimensions, materials, and finishes meeting their unique requirements.
  • Export Expertise: Many Chinese furniture suppliers have experience in exporting their products globally. They understand the documentation, shipping, and logistics involved in international trade, making it easier for overseas buyers.
  • Networking Opportunities: The market provides a platform for buyers to network with cosmetics manufacturers and suppliers. Building relationships can lead to long-term partnerships and collaborations.

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