Is alibaba legit Your Complete Guide To Avoid Alibaba Scammers

Is Alibaba legit? Your Complete Guide To Avoid Alibaba Scammers

As Alibaba continues to grow in this evolving world, maintaining its worldwide dominance among the other marketplaces and offering a wide variety of products at a competitive price, this might raise questions among certain people. While it seems too good to be true, many might be wondering if is Alibaba legit

In this article, we will delve deeper into e-commerce platform usage, discussing its legitimacy, relevance, and scams that might occur. Join us as we teach you all the tricks and tips about Alibaba so that you can securely make decisions on the platform while being fully informed.

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Wholesale Business using Alibaba

How to Start a Wholesale Business using Alibaba?

With annual revenue hovering around a staggering $135 billion, it's no wonder that Alibaba has become the leader of B2B e-commerce.

And Alibaba isn't only just a one-stop shop for wholesale buyers and sellers—it's also a launchpad for entrepreneurs looking to get their online wholesale businesses off the ground.

From small start-ups to established brands, Alibaba's marketplace is a platform where all kinds of B2B businesses can sell their products and acquire new clients easily.

So, if you're ready to start selling on Alibaba, read on for our top tips.

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The main Incoterms in the international trade field

The main Incoterms in the international trade field

In international sale contracts, the International Chamber of Commerce ("ICC") has produced a set of commercial/trade regulations known as the Incoterms.

The Incoterms are optional; the parties to a contract must expressly integrate them in order for them to have legal force. And that's one of the tasks that DocShipper carries out; using our specialist expertise, we make these operations easier for our clients.

Following a description of Incoterms' categorization, we'll go over some of the fundamental characteristics of both Incoterms used for all modes of transportation and those used solely for sea and inland canal transportation. We'll also go through the Incoterms 2020 regulatory adjustments.

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Top 50 best-sellers Alibaba [January 2022]

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Top 50 Best Sellers Amazon [January 2022]

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top 50 december

TOP 50 best sellers Amazon [December 2021]

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top 50 alibaba

TOP 50 best sellers Alibaba [December 2021]

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3PLs: Third Party Logistics Providers 📦

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) impacts on import/export business

Coronavirus or (COVID-19)  emerged from Wuhan in China in late December 2019. It spread very fast and in a short time all around the world. Up to this day it has claimed lots of human and economic casualtiesSo what's the impact of this crisis on imports/exports, suppliers, logistic services, SMEs ? how did Covid-19 affect China economy and its trade partners? and finally an effective vaccine for the virus?

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the way to find the best supplier

How to find the best supplier?

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