How can i find the best supplier for iphone screens

How Can I Find the Best Supplier for iPhone Screens?

Whether you run a physical store or an internet business, a trustworthy supplier is more crucial than your end customers. This is because suppliers may play a crucial part in your supply chain and assure the reliability of your products.

As you all know, China manufactures the majority of minor things, including iPhone screens. We'll discuss how to locate a suitable Chinese iPhone screen supplier in today's article.

B2B or B2C platforms in China (Alibaba, Global sources, Made in China, DHgate, AliExpress, etc.) 

B2B platforms

There are three benefits to looking for suppliers on B2B or B2C platforms like AlibabaGlobal sources, Made in China, DHgate, and AliExpress.

Platforms can provide secure protection even if you don't know your suppliers well. As a result, you could conduct transactions on platforms with ease.

You can choose the best supplier based on customer reviews. By comparing several suppliers, you can determine the average price.

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Iphone cases exhibition

Clients can see the capabilities of Chinese suppliers at fairs like the Canton Fair and the Global Sources Exhibition in Hong Kong. Without a doubt, the greatest approach to assessing a supplier's professionalism is through face-to-face dialogue.

Use of social media 

social media

You can locate reliable iPhone screen suppliers on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter. You can quickly contact suppliers, lowering your communication costs and saving you time

In general, Chinese suppliers that post on social media typically have a long-term outlook for their company. As a result, they must take care of their company's reputation by strictly controlling product quality. 

Personal recommendation

It's great that you know someone who works in a related field like you and is ready to share information about their suppliers with you. Because the suppliers with whom your friend chooses to work are carefully considered.

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How do repair shops and local wholesalers select iPhone screen suppliers? 

Many repair shop managers wonder how to find the best supplier.

In general, these importers operate in four business modes, which are as follows: 

  • New auto repair shops 
  • Long-standing repair shops 
  • Mobile maintenance service repair shops 
  • Wholesalers

New auto repair shops 

Phone repair center

The primary goal of a new repair shop is to make a profit. As a result, you shouldn't keep a sizable quantity. You might choose local wholesalers and local online retailers who can provide you with prompt delivery and excellent after-sales service. The advantage of local wholesalers is that they have a large stock of various models. 

Furthermore, if you have any after-sales issues, you can return it and receive a replacement in a timely manner. 

However, there is one concern: the price may be higher. You will also make less money.

Long-standing repair shops 

The accumulation of customers is a significant advantage of long-established repair shops. 

The iPhone screen is a product that is easily damaged. Although a high-quality screen can be used for a longer period of time, it is still a type of easily consumable product. 

As a result, the owners can estimate the required inventory for some time based on the repair statistics each month. Then you can repair products without having to wait. 

You can keep a stock if you have a lot of customers. You have the option of importing screens from China. After all, screens purchased from manufacturers will be less expensive than those purchased from local wholesalers. 

Of course, some repair shop owners believe the prices are nearly identical. However, after a long time, the price difference will be significant.

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Repair shops that provide mobile maintenance services

Many businesses will provide "come to you" repair services to customers. Customers will be able to place orders online in this manner, and on-site maintenance will be offered at the selected location. This model is popular among many people because it can reduce the amount of time customers spend on the road. 


Typically, two types of repair shops select such modes:

  • Stores with a physical presence 
  • Stores that only offer mobile maintenance services 

As a result, brick-and-mortar stores may have the same options as long-established repair shops. And the best option for stores that only offer mobile maintenance services is the same as for new repair shops.

Local distributors 

As a local wholesaler with a favorable location, you can provide your clients with immediate product delivery. Buying iPhone screens from China is the ideal choice for you because you can only make money by selling products to your clients at a wholesale price. Only in this manner can you achieve a high-profit margin.


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How do you find professional and dependable iPhone screen suppliers? 

Iphone cases

China has hundreds of thousands of suppliers. How do you find a dependable supplier for long-term collaboration? 

Suppliers who meet the four criteria listed below are generally considered professional and suitable.

Affordable price 

The cost of the iPhone screen is fairly clear. And, rather than focusing solely on price when selecting suppliers, products with a reasonable price and higher quality can help you run your maintenance business smoothly.

Comfort level with iPhone screens 

Iphone screen protectoriPhone screen products have been available for over ten years. With the constant development and updating of the products, there is a wide range of products with varying quality levels. There is a phenomenon in which every supplier names the iPhone screen, which confuses consumers. 

For example, how do you tell the difference between screens with the grade In-cell in one store and screens with the grade AAA in another?

The simplest method is to inform suppliers of the product effect you require. Only by providing sufficient information to suppliers will you receive more accurate feedback. 

It doesn't matter if you don't know what product effect you require. You can have suppliers describe the quality of their products and similar screen products, both similar and different, and then you can choose the best one for you.

Remaining current 

Typically, you have a point of view: suppliers with 10 years of experience are unquestionably better and more powerful than those with 5 years of experience. Whi, it is not entirely correct in some small-item suppliers. 

The most important factor is to keep up with the times rather than sticking to tradition for more than ten years. When selecting a suitable supplier, the goal is not just the deal itself, but also to obtain additional support from them.

Whether you are opening a new online repair shop, you may want to find out if your suppliers can assist your enterprise with a lower Minimal Order Quantit

Reliable delivery methods 

door to door delivery

When it comes to shipping iPhone screens, DHL may be your first choice. Most clients have no problems receiving their goods. However, there may be some surprises.

So you can ask suppliers if they have other types of shipping methods, such as door-to-door shipping. Or you can contact us and use our 3PL service


To summarize, to conduct successful research of iPhone screen suppliers, start by searching on Google, use B2B platforms, go to exhibitions, keep an eye on social networks, and ask your friends for recommendations. Remember to check the professionalism of your suppliers by comparing their prices, asking for samples, and comparing their shipping methods.

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